Keala Kanae – Net Worth, Courses, Scam?

Keala Kanae is an entrepreneur who is best known as the co-founder of AWOL Academy, an online marketing mentorship and education platform aimed at small businesses.

Kanae’s mission is to help as many people as he can to reach their financial income targets through online marketing.


Keala was born in Honolulu, the capital and largest city of Hawaii.

His mother was a house cleaner and his father was a longshoreman.

His parents split when he was 13.

In 2006, Keala earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Hawaii. He said:

“I spent six years of my life in school and had $20,000 worth of debt, and no one had taught me about finance.”

In 2012, Kanae was working in a coffee shop in Hawaii for minimum wage.

Keala recalled during a recent interview:

“There I was, living in my mom’s spare bedroom and shopping for my girlfriend in a cardboard box.” 

The entrepreneur went on to say:

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The elite summit was a real eye-opener to what's really achieveable in anyone's life and business. I had the honor of seeing Keala again this month. His vision resonates so well with me and it's allowed me to improve my relationships, see the beauty in my surroundings, and love life by breaking through old beliefs and reframing my mindset 🧠 Up until this year, I had a fear of talking to people who I thought were better than me. People like college professors, public speakers, superhumans, heroes, leaders, and the list goes on. I didn't feel worthy of speaking with them and I was afraid of doing something embarrassing. Facing my fears by showing up to a conversation with somebody who has the results that I seek has been a true life changer because the little bits of experience shared tend to be exactly what I need to move forward 💎 It's so easy to say that we're all human but actually talking to a perceived superhuman made me realize that there's nothing stopping me from being one too. Imagine how we could learn and grow from each other if we weren't afraid to talk to each other ✌️

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“And I had failed for 11 years as an entrepreneur before that. I just said, ‘F### this!’”

He started to learn internet marketing in September 2012.

In a short amount of time, he went from making $300 per week as a coffee barista to $10,000 per week as an online marketer.


In late 2015, Keala and Kameron George founded AWOL (short for “Another Way of Life”). In 2019, the company was re-branded as Fullstaq Marketer.

Keala said that the rebranding is due to a mutual buyout agreement with his former partner of the program.

The company is headquartered in Las Vegas.

According to his Linkedin profile:

“I’ve combined my professional experience of 3 years of online marketing, creating and designing sales funnels, affiliate marketing, and packaged (almost) everything I know.”

He once said:

“I’ve helped tens of thousands of people all around the world start their own online businesses and change their lives forever.”

The company has several paid courses, including:

#1 Masters Academy – $5,497

It provides training on investments to help you maximize your profits, strategic tax planning, and money management.

#2 Traffic Academy – $2,997

It is designed to help you get more targeted traffic to your website.

#3 Conversion Academy – $1,797

It details you how to sell through email marketing.

#4 Internet Income Explained – $49

This module will introduce you to the fundamental knowledge of how online sales processes and digital marketing work. It contains four videos.

#5 Pro Academy – $99

It has step-by-step instructions on setting up a sales funnel with your website.

Note – if you are not satisfied with any of these courses, you can get your money back 100 percent within the first 14 days.


Many people wonder if AWOL Academy is a scam.

Basically, in these courses, you get what was advertised – information to become a better internet marketer.

Mikael Thringbo, a former employee at AWOL Academy, wrote on Quora:

“Keala’s AWOL is NOT a scam. It is an excellent training course for someone who wants to become an internet marketer.”

Thringbo continued:

“It can be expensive, but many many people who are willing to put the work in have found it extremely valuable.”

The company has a mix of positive and negative reviews. For example, one reviewer wrote on Sitejabbaer:

“The webinar is not a live stream, but a video. They deliberately try to deceive viewers with a fake chat to convince them to buy a $99 product.”

Another one wrote:

“Their training has helped me to finally quit my job! Took me about 4 months after buying their course as there’s a lot to learn and test, but finally I did it.”

He added:

“Couldn’t be happier with the training and support I received from them.”

Some online users are calling it a scam since the prices for the courses are incredibly high compared to other similar courses online.

In addition, the traffic method AWOL Academy is teaching is mainly focused on paid ads. This actually means you will need to spend more money on ads to get traffic to your website.

Some people also have a problem with their irritating YouTube ads.


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How to scale to 6-figures (or 7) per month: Over the last few weeks, I’ve chatted with multiple friends who wanted my thoughts on how to scale their business in 2020 to 6-figures per month or more. Truthfully, I’m always a bit surprised at how little people know about their numbers. Without data, scaling is little more than wishful thinking. Have the right data though, and it’s like a treasure map to the promised land. Here’s a hypothetical example using my business as a model. I’ll keep the numbers round to make this easy and obviously yours will be different… So, let’s say we want to scale to $500,000 per month. First, revenue in my business is the function of a sales call. So we work the numbers backwards: 1. I know that my average earnings per sales call is $2,000. Therefore, I need to have 250 calls this month. 2. Now, my show up rate for scheduled calls is 80% so 20% of appointments don’t show. Therefore, 250/0.80 = 312.5 In other words, I need to generate 313 appointments in order to have 250 completed calls. 3. Of the people who are eligible to book a call (front end buyers), 90% do so. Therefore, 313/0.90 = 347.7 In other words, I need to generate 348 front end buyers (those eligible to have a sales call) in order to have 313 appointments which will lead to 250 completed calls and my $500K goal. 4. Of the people who register for my webinar, 1% of those will convert to a front end customer and be eligible to schedule a call. Therefore, 348/0.01 = 34,800 34,800/30 = 1,160 In other words, I need 34,800 webinar registrants this month (1,160 per day) to hit my goal. And THAT is what I’ll focus on. Get 1,160 webinar registrants per day, will lead to 348 buyers this month, which will lead to 313 booked appointments, which leads to 250 completed calls and my $500K goal. THAT, my friends, is an actual f***ing plan. To put it plainly, most Entrpreneurs aren’t even playing the game of business. They’re playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Don’t be one of them. Hope this helps you crush 2020!

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“Based on how I built my own company, we teach our clients to do the same.”

“As a business owner at the current times, don’t let the social media frenzy trick you … email marketing isn’t dead.”

“I’m always looking for the least obvious ways to drive traffic to my clients’ websites.”

“Today, you can build a business without a product to sell.”


He was featured in Huffington Post and Forbes.

Keala Kanae – Net Worth

Kanae earned most of his wealth from the courses he sells on his company’s website. The courses are – Masters Academy, Pro Academy, Traffic Academy, Internet Income Explained, and Conversion Academy.

According to reports, his company generates annual revenues of around $50 million. Therefore, Keala Kanae has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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