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Sharon Ramsey Net Worth & Husband

What is Sharon Ramsey’s net worth? Who is Sharon Ramsey’s husband?


Behind every successful individual is a loving partner who gives them the support they need during tough times.

If you ever meet someone successful and tell you they never made a mistake, they lie.

Everyone has made mistakes in their life, and most people who have become successful have, at one stage, faced potential ruin in their business.

For that reason, the people behind them are so important: they encourage them to keep going and persevere through the tough times. One person who can absolutely say they were supported is Dave Ramsey.

Backed by his loving wife, Sharon Ramsey, Dave has enjoyed a stellar career.

Without his wife’s love and backing, it is likely that Dave would be nowhere near as well-known to the world as he is today.

The Origin Story

Sharon Ramsey Net Worth

Dave and Sharon Ramsey arrive to Eagles Perform First-Ever Concert At Grand Ole Opry – Arrivals at Grand Ole Opry House on October 29, 2017 in Nashville – @Getty

As mentioned above, Sharon Ramsey is the wife of the famous Dave Ramsey.

The couple has been together for a long time, and Sharon’s work has played a leading role in helping the Ramsey family name become so well-known across the USA.

Though Sharon is not known to be the financial expert that her husband is, she has been the bedrock that provided Dave with the foundations needed to build his successful career.

Sharon is a critical part of the Ramsey family’s success, having played a key role in praising the children and supporting Dave and his business ventures in ways the public never sees but Dave has benefitted from.

The couple have been married since the 1980s and have been a key part of each other’s lives.

They have always been there for one another, and Sharon has played a massive role in giving Dave the help and support he needed to succeed.

They have overcome financial hurdles together, overcome tough times, and built a successful business life and empire for themselves and their children.

The result is that the Ramsey name is one of the most associated with financial expertise across America.

Sharon, though, is one of those important background influences.

She does not put herself at the forefront of her husband’s business or become too involved.

She is, though, known for being the emotional cog in the family and has played a massive role in helping the Ramsey family build their name, grow their business, and become more successful as time passes.

Having stood by her husband through the hard times and the good, she has shown numerous times across their marriage that she is a strong, committed, and caring person who wants the best for her family.  

Whether it was supporting her husband after a business venture gone wrong or supporting her kids as they made their way through the complex world of American finance, Sharon Ramsey has been a vital part in helping to build one of the most successful families in America.


Her husband is the famous Dave Ramsey, a successful financial expert and author.

Dave Ramsey

@Getty Images

He is also a prominent radio host and has been involved in assisting people across America with his financial insight and advice.

Having made a huge sum of money in his life, Dave is one of the best-placed people in America to give people support on their finances.

However, Dave has made some mistakes like anyone else in the finance industry. This has led to him needing support and validation when things have gone wrong, and his wife’s expert advice and passion have helped ensure that Sharon Ramsey and Dave Ramsey have found so much success in life.

Thanks to his wife’s tireless support, Dave has managed to build a career for himself that has given his children a successful future, too.

Despite having overcome some serious financial challenges in his life, it is the ability to rely on the emotional support of his wife that has guaranteed that Dave Ramsey has kept his position as one of the most important financial experts in America today.


The Ramseys have three children in their lives. They are called Denise, Rachel, and Daniel.

All three have followed Dave and Sharon into the financial world, which has paid off massively as life continues.

Indeed, Rachel is known for her successful range of financial books and has, alongside her father, authored successful books such as her best-seller Smart Money and Smart Kids.

Rachel regularly appears as a financial guru and insight provider on the Dave Ramsey Show. In this flagship show, Dave provides financial advice to people in America looking for insight and help.

Not as much detail is known about the other Ramsey children.

Still, it is believed that they have followed in their father’s footsteps to develop the financial nous and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges in American life today.

Sharon Ramsey – Net Worth

Sharon Ramsey and her husband have an estimated net worth of $200m. However, while figures have been alluded to over the years that Dave has worked in the finance industry, direct statistics have never been shared. 

This is more impressive because Dave made poor choices as a youngster.

In his mid-20s, Dave was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Without Sharon’s support, it is likely that he would never have recovered from the pain that bankruptcy can cause to one’s reputation.

Ever since, though, he has created a business empire that is believed to turn over tens of millions of dollars annually.

This often comes through things like book sales, his work on the radio, and his coursework provided through the Financial Peace University program.

His books have sold millions of copies, as have those he has sold alongside his successful children.

So, the Ramsey family has come through much financial hardship to eventually build a business empire that inspires Americans nationwide to do more with their money.

Without his wife’s kindness and support, there is no way that Dave Ramsey could have built up his empire.


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