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Joe Santagato Net Worth $2 Million

What Is Joe Santagato’s Net Worth?

Joe Santagato is an American comedic-style YouTuber, actor, podcaster, and social media personality who has a net worth of $2 million. He is best known for his parody acts on his YouTube channel. He is the co-creator of the popular Hasbro games “Speak Out: Santagato Edition” and “Hearing Things.”

Joseph Patrick Santagato was born on February 25, 1992, in Astoria, Queens, New York, United States.

He and his three older siblings were raised by their mother Elizabeth and father, Joseph.

Santagato is of paternal Italian ethnicity and maternal Irish ethnicity.

Joe was a moderately sporty child and grew interested in basketball while attending St. Francis Preparatory School.

He was accepted to play on the team and was a Bench Warmer and Wide Receiver for the varsity championship-winning football team.

During his time out of school, he hung out with creative friends, and they would produce videos, song parodies, and short sketches.

He always took his career seriously and wanted to pursue a lucrative career but was unsure of his path.

He ultimately decided to apply to college and attended Queensborough Community College. While he enjoyed his time as a freshman, he chose to drop out as he knew pursuing a conventional career would not fulfill his dreams.


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His parents supported his decision but encouraged him to find a job to support himself while creating a plan for his future.

Joe worked part-time as a pizza delivery person and waiter, which sustained his needs at the time.

He was still close to his childhood friends at this time, and one of them suggested he create a YouTube channel to start producing videos.

His friend knew he was creatively talented, and since digital media was an unconventional career, that seemed to appeal to Joe.


Shortly after finding employment in 2010, he decided to set up a YouTube channel named “Santagato TV.”

The name of his channel was ultimately changed to “Joe Santagato.”

On October 21, 2011, he created a second channel called “Santagato Studios.” 

He quickly learned that creating content was something he was passionate about, so he also made a Vine account. However, the account is no longer active due to the company shutting down.

While his YouTube channel was in its infant stages, he was working as an editor and producer for Elite Daily, an American online news company.

He worked there for a few years, and when his YouTube videos began to grow, and the monetization would earn him enough money, he resigned from his position and continued to focus on his channel.

His online popularity snowballed, and some A-list celebrities recognized his name.

In 2016, American actor and professional wrestler, The Rock, contacted him to collaborate with his channel, “Rock The Promo.”

Joe accepted, and as a result of the collaboration, his popularity flourished even further.



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In August 2016, he was asked to collaborate with the creators of the Hasbro game Speak Out. Before the offer took place, Joe had a series on his channel titled “Watch Ya’ Mouth.”

His overly successful videos inspired Hasbro to invite him to collaborate since the game would resemble the content of his series. He accepted the request, and they named the game Speak Out: Joe Santagato Edition.

It includes phrases chosen by Joe, most of them being more forthright than the game’s original version. Unknowingly, the game went on to be a household hit.

Following the collaboration, they moved forward with a paid partnership where Joe would regularly promote Hasbro’s board game, Hearing Things. Another series on Joe’s channel inspired the game, “What’ya Say.”

The game’s premise is for one player to place soundproof headphones on their ears and try to make out what the other game players are saying by reading their lips.

The game turned out to be another massive hit.

Following his recent high-profile collaborations, he decided that his career would be centered around many more because he enjoyed the teamwork and creative output that comes with it.



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Therefore in October 2017, Joe collaborated with two of his former colleagues from Elite Daily. They worked on a project that would publicly introduce Wing, a new American telecommunications company.

Joe was drawn to this project because of the company’s unique business model. It offered cell phone service to American consumers, and what differentiated them from their competitors was that it reimbursed unused data at the end of each month.

This was the selling point that drove Joe to take on the project.

In 2020, Joe wanted to broaden his digital presence and try something new, so he started the podcast “The Basement Yard.”

One of his childhood best friends is the show’s co-host, and they regularly invite guests to talk about a broad range of topics. In addition to this, Joe often gets invited to other popular podcasts, and they often talk about the same type of comedic-style content.

Around the same time he entered the podcast space, Joe created the website, but it was short-lived, and the site is currently down. It was an additional portal for him to promote his brand and sell merchandise.

Pay The Price

In 2021, Joe and Greg Dybec launched Pay The Price — a trivia party game. To launch the game, they raised $120,000 on Kickstarter.

It’s now available on Amazon and


Joe Santagato is dating his girlfriend Sammy Rickey.


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She is the founder of Three The Label a home decor brand.

Net Worth

So, how much is Joe Santagato worth? Santagato earned most of his wealth from his podcast, ads on YouTube, merch, and his collaborations with Elite Daily. On YouTube, Joe has over 501 million views–about $1.5 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, Joe Santagato has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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