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John Bobbitt Net Worth | Where is John Bobbitt now?

John Bobbitt Net Worth – $300,000

What is John Wayne Bobbitt’s net worth? Where is John Bobbitt now?


John Wayne Bobbitt is an American worker whose call to fame was having his penis severed by his wife, Lorena Bobbitt.

He later went to trial for multiple offenses of abuse and was acquitted.

His trial rose to national attention and was viewed by millions.

The Origin Story

John Bobbitt was born in 1967 and went on to marry his now ex-wife Lorena Bobbitt, born in 1969.

The couple married in 1989 and had an unhappy outcome.

Where is John Bobbitt now

John Wayne Bobbitt sits on the set of the Montel Williams Show – @Getty

The Incident

In June of 1993, Lorena Bobbitt severed John Bobbitt’s genitals in a fit of rage.

She called the police and notified them where to find the body part.

The member was surgically reattached to John, but following the incident, John was charged with rape and was accused of years of assault by his then-wife.

The surgery took nine and a half hours, and he was still no longer the same afterward.

During the trial, many details of their relationship came to the surface.

Lorena accused John of constant physical, mental, and psychological abuse by her husband over the course of their marriage.

She went on to testify to multiple instances of abuse and rape. Lorena and her legal team also presented witnesses to account for bruises on Lorena at various instances in time.

John was later acquitted by a jury on marital rape.


The jury consisted of 9 women and three men, although John was reported to have inconsistent stories on the events that took place the night of the incident.

In Lorena’s trial for assault, after 7 hours of deliberation, the jury also acquitted Lorena on the account of Lorena acting in an irresistible impulse to harm John.

The trial reached mainstream news, and John was later acquitted on the charges, and Lorena was acquitted of the assault charge.

In 1995, the couple divorced, and John went on to attempt to capitalize on his newfound fame.


Lorena went on to attempt a low profile following her role in a national news story.


Trial of Lorena Bobbitt – @Getty

She changed her name to her maiden’s name, Gallo, and later visited her native country Ecuador.

She famously met with the president of Ecuador for a private dinner during her visit.

She was arrested later for punching her mother in the face while watching TV. She was acquitted by a jury following the trial, however.

Lorena Gallo also went on to make various appearances on talk shows throughout her life following the incident.

John, on the other hand, looked to capitalize on his fame and attempted to start a band called The Severed Parts.

He tried to form the band to generate money in order to pay his medical and legal bills, which were substantial.

The band was unsuccessful, so John went on to star in pornography films centered around the fact that his penis was formerly severed.

John Wayne Bobbitt - ex-husband of Lorena Bobbitt

John Wayne Bobbitt receives an “Oscar” at the P##n Oscars Ceremony in Cannes, France – @Getty

He moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was convicted of battery for striking an exotic dancer.

Following a stint in jail, John would continue a life of petty crime.

John is also noted for appearing in a WWE event at one point.

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John Bobbitt – Net Worth

So, how much is John Bobbitt worth? His net worth is largely a result of the band he formed after his trial. Although it was unsuccessful, it did net Bobbitt a decent amount of money. Therefore, American worker John Bobbitt has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

He also appeared in a variety of films and adult films, providing him extra income.

He was noted to be involved in a $140,000 theft incident of clothing and was convicted of the crime.

John has generated income through a variety of ways as a result of his fame and utilized the likes of criminal activity to grow his net worth.


He has also appeared in WWE events providing him recognition and additional income.

While living in Las Vegas, Bobbitt has held a variety of different positions and jobs. Some notable jobs he has held were a pizza delivery driver and a minister at a drive-through marriage chapel.

He has somewhat successfully utilized his fame from a gruesome trial to generate a good living for himself.

His criminal activity, and even jail time for violating probation, have certainly been a detriment to his financial status.

Where is John Bobbitt now?

Based on the latest information available, John Bobbitt is residing in North Las Vegas. He reportedly spends his time searching for a treasure hidden by Forrest Fenn in the Rockies.

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