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Brittish Williams Net Worth $1 Million

What is Brittish Williams’ net worth?

Brittish Williams is an American reality TV star who has a net worth of $1 million. She is most notably known for her role in Basketball Wives of LA in 2014.

Williams is the CEO of House Of Hair and Gossip Girl.

She also has her own clothing line named “House of Labels.”

Williams was engaged to Lorenzo Gordon, a professional basketball player from St Louis. 

The Origin Story

Brittish Williams was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America, on December 28, 1989.

She attended high school at Clayton High School and later went on to study journalism and communications at St. Louis University.

She met her ex-fiancé in a White Castle parking lot and dated for two years before becoming engaged.

Lorenzo Gordon is an overseas professional basketball player who has found massive success in the Israeli National League.

His status as a professional basketball player allowed Williams access to an opportunity on reality television.

She starred in a show based on The Real Housewives of LA called Basketball Wives of LA. Her relationship with Lorenzo Gordon was documented as a rocky one.


She later went on to have a child with Gordon and continues to raise their daughter as well as run her various business ventures.

On May 13, 2018, Williams had her first daughter named Dash Dior Gordon.

Relationship with Lorenzo Gordon

Lorenzo Gordon and Williams have had their relationship in the spotlight since they appeared on reality television.

A major breakthrough on the show was when Brittish discovered Gordon had been cheating on her.

Williams found out the news not from Gordon, but from her own grandmother.

She instantly ended the relationship with Lorenzo Gordon.

Gordon was persistent in his chase of Williams and went on to propose to the reality TV star and entrepreneur on live television, to which she said yes.

A wedding date was never selected, and the couple went on to have a child together.

They never married and inevitably split up in 2019.


Williams found success from her fame and from her business savvy mindset and continues to generate her own fortune following the split from overseas basketball star Lorenzo Gordon. 

Fraud Sentence

Williams was sentenced to four years in prison for committing fraud. This includes tax fraud, bank fraud, and insurance fraud. She pleaded guilty to the charges.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Brittish Williams worth?

She received a degree in communications and journalism from St. Louis University.

Williams later went on to star in the reality television TV show Basketball Wives of LA.

She met the criteria for this show because, at the time, she was in a relationship with professional basketball player Lorenzo Gordon.

Brittish not only earned money from her affiliation with the show, but she also gained fame of her own.

She utilized her fame to create a variety of income streams and businesses.

Her following on Instagram has grown to over 342,000 followers allowing her to advertise her various businesses and endorsement deals.

She owns and operates an online clothing store with the brand slogan Gossip Girl stemming from her appearances on reality television. Her clothing brand, “House of Labels,” also is owned by Williams and increases her income.

Williams is a savvy businesswoman, and she is the CEO of a company called Lux Trucking Logistics. She owns and manages the business and has operated it successfully for a number of years.


Not only does the business provide a high level of yearly income, but it also increases her net worth as she has full ownership of the company.

She also receives a large sum of child support from her former fiancé Lorenzo Gordon. She raises their daughter along with running her business venture.

Through her social media, it is clear that Williams continues to live a lavish lifestyle. She has posed with many expensive cars and clothes, and even since the split from her longtime partner, who arguably brought her to fame, she remains successful.

Her time with Lorenzo Gordon most likely limited her own spending and allowed her to maintain her assets for a long period of time.

Based on her entrepreneurial endeavors and her appearances on reality television, she has amassed a small fortune for herself.

She sustains her wealth by operating a multitude of businesses and opportunities.

Therefore, Brittish Williams has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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