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John Correia Net Worth $1 Million

What is John Correia’s net worth?

John Correia is the founder and CEO of the organization, Active Self Protection and has a net worth of $1 million. He is also the head firearms instructor.

He is an American US Navy veteran and a retired pastor in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Correia has a deep-rooted passion for firearms, so he took it upon himself to become a licensed trainer to share his passion with other enthusiasts. 

In 2011, Correia founded Active Self Protection and began teaching his customers how to safely and effectively use a firearm.

His goal was also to develop their attitude and skills and teach them how to defend themselves and their families from harmful and vulnerable situations.

During and after his time in the US Navy, he acquired a 96-hour Master’s Degree in communications in 2006.

He also has nine years of classroom experience teaching post-secondary university students.

This was all following seven years he spent in the United States Navy, specializing in narrated defensive encounters used by several LE Agencies and Academies.

He was honorably discharged for reasons undisclosed.

He became a renowned trainer on account of his myriad of credentials training.

Black Belt

Correia earned a black belt in a derivative of American Kenpo karate known as UMAS.

He’s been training in this sport since 2006, with the goal to be under instruction for at least 100 hours a year every year.

In addition to giving 1-On-1 training sessions, he dispenses his knowledge on much larger platforms with the goal of reaching a broader audience.

As such, he is a regular presenter at national martial arts gatherings across America. They specialize in focusing on skills for firearms carriers in addition to specialized firearms skills for martial artists.

In response to being known as a renowned firearms trainer, the crowds fill the room when he’s one of the guest speakers.

He spends time answering questions and talking to his adoring firearms enthusiasts and takes the time to get to know them.

His personable demeanor is an added bonus that plays a part in his growing popularity in the firearms arena.

Since he’s been in the US Navy, he racked up a cocktail of certifications that not only certified him to do what he does but made him a revered and respected instructor.

He’s a “Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor,” “NRA Certified Pistol Instructor in Home Firearm Safety,” “UTM Professional Training Organization certified,” “State of Arizona certified Armed Guard instructor,” “ Firearms Instructor Development graduate,” “Personal Protection Outside the Home,” among countless others.

His many certifications not only make him a sought-after trainer but a nationally recognized NRA-speaking pundit.

As mentioned earlier, Correia does small-scale events locally across the nation, but he is regularly invited to give speeches at nationally renowned events. He was invited to speak at the NRA Carry Guard Expo. 

In 2019, he was invited to speak at USCCA Expo again, and the NRA Personal Protection Expo.

2020 was a busy year for him, and he traveled across the nation multiple times to commit to many more public speaking obligations. 

Being a natural teacher and instructor, he wanted to infuse his knowledge into an even bigger landscape of firearm enthusiasts, and to do this, he did what many others have done-authored articles in influential magazines.

He has a shooting-related article published in Concealment Magazine #18, “You Never Forget Your First Time.” It’s published on, which is a website that attracts firearm owners and enthusiasts.

Wife & Children

John Correia is married to his wife, Laura.

“My wife was very anti-gun when we got married,” he said in a Reddit AMA. “I was extremely afraid of guns going into my teenage years,” Laura told Daily Mail in 2014. She went on to say: “Now I feel very competent, I feel safe.”

The couple has four children.

“She has fought for our marriage and our kids, was the reason I met Jesus,” Correia wrote on his Instagram in June 2022 about his wife.

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“Prayer is a gift from God to us to make us like Him and build our relationship.”

“God sometimes picks us up and shakes us real.”

Net Worth

So, how much is John Correia worth? Correia earned most of his wealth from founding and managing Active Self Protection. John says he is “an evidence-based self-defense trainer.” Therefore, John Correia has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

John has also worked as a Senior Pastor at West Greenway Bible Church, and as an Adjunct Professor at Arizona Christian University. Plus, he’s a former US Navy officer.

He’s also recognized as a social media influencer in the firearms space. He has a YouTube channel titled “Active Self Protection.” The channel is centered around narrating defensive encounters that are caught on surveillance video. The purpose is to teach lessons on self-defense for all age groups.

His Instagram account is just as successful, with over 80K followers. 

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