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Kendu Isaacs Net Worth $4 Million

What Is Kendu Isaacs’ Net Worth?

Кеndu Іѕаасѕ іѕ a popular American producer and artist manager who has a net worth of $4 million. He’s probably best known for being the ex-husband of Mary J Blige.

The credibility he’s earned from his work with powerful celebrity names has gained him a large following on social media and an incredible net worth.

Kendu was born on August 14th, 1968, in Manhattan, New York, to his parents, Barbara and Martin.

He attributes his fame and wealth to his parents to this day.

He kept his personal life and family life as private as possible, so not much is known about his life growing up or even in his early adult years.

Kendu eventually rose to fame when he entered a high-profile divorce with singer Mary J Blige between 2017 and 2018.


Currently, Kendu is thought to be jobless as much of his career came from Mary’s career, but his best jobs as a producer are known from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tamar & Vince, and Betty and Coretta.

Kendu Isaacs and wife Mary J Blige


He has worked as an American music producer and artist manager for most of his career.

He intentionally kept his presence in the background and out of the limelight as much as possible, which didn’t allow for widespread fame as many producers have.

One of his first appearances on television was in 2003 on an episode of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The show went on to win many awards and is still a hit show today.

At the same time, he had recently gained some attention as he was romantically linked to Mary J Blige.

In his music-producing career, there was a period of time when Kendu represented several music artists while managing K.I. Management, based out of Berlin.

He then went on to work for Matriarch Entertainment from 2008 to 2016.

This is where he executive produced the Lifetime film “Betty and Coretta,” which featured his ex-wife Maureen and Angela Bassett.

Throughout his years at Matriarch Entertainment, he helped his then-wife, Mary J Blige, on numerous projects.

Kendu Isaacs with ex-wife Mary J Blige


During his marriage to Mary, he earned 10 percent of her gross income as her manager. Kendu conducted all her major business deals and handled her finances.

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Romantic Relationships

Kendu Isaacs rose to fame after news got out that he and Mary J Blige were divorcing.

They were first linked together in 2000, and he helped her overcome many addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and sex.

They soon after fell in love and got married in 2003 in a small ceremony at her home.

He has three children from previous relationships, and Mary was said to have had great relationships with all three.

Kendu was also Mary’s manager throughout their relationship and partnered with her on several deals.


kendu isaacs new wife


After over a decade of marriage, Mary J Blige filed for divorce in 2016, and the two-faced a tumultuous breakup.

She cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce documents.

Mary accused Kendu of cheating on her with an up-and-coming artist named Starshell, who Mary took under her wing to mentor. ”There was someone else that was his queen,” Mary said.

As a result of the divorce, Kendu became jobless as he had managed and worked with Mary for most of his career.

Before Kendu was married to Mary J Blige, he was married to Maurine for eight years.

They had two children during their marriage, Jordan and Nas.

They ultimately divorced in 1999.

Kendu has another daughter, Briana Latrise, from a former relationship when he was a teenager. Briana is known for the TV show “Growing up Hip Hop.”

Kendu has been romantically linked to other female celebrities, many of them coming from his celebrity management company.

Some of the names he has been linked to are fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons, singer Lauryn Hill, rapper Queen Latifah, and actress Nia Long.

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what is the net worth of Kendu Isaacs


Net Worth

So, how much is Kendu Isaacs worth? Isaacs received 10% of all Blige’s contracts as her manager during their time together, but that ended between 2017 and 2018 when they divorced. He rose to fame and became widely known because of their divorce and requested $30,000 in temporary spousal support from Mary. He was granted the money. Therefore, record producer Kendu Isaacs has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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