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Marcus Barney Net Worth $8 Million

What Is Marcus Barney’s Net Worth?

Marcus Barney is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and financial strategist who has a net worth of $8 million. He owns and operates Recession Proof, a business focused on financial literacy.

He mainly makes his money by selling a range of online courses, most notably Recession Proof Extreme, which costs several thousand dollars per user.

Marcus Barney refers to himself as HIM500, which is his moniker on social media.

He started out in business when he was eighteen and suffered a setback in his real estate dealings in the 2008 crash. 

This inspired him to become a successful businessman by leveraging credit differently.

As such, Barney has used his influence on social platforms and offline connections to launch his own business, Recession Proof. 

He explains that his company “gives people a shortcut and blueprint of how you can excel faster. I want to create bigger business models to help others create multi-million-dollar empires like I have been able to do.” 

While he almost certainly practices what he preaches and made money by leveraging credit, he has also made significant gains by selling online courses, as we explore below.

Recession-Proof & Financial Literacy


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Self-profiled as a ‘financial strategist,’ Marcus Barney is passionate about helping people fund their businesses by turning credit into cash.

He describes this process as “financial literacy,” which is undoubtedly a good thing. 

As a financial strategist, Marcus Barney was initially motivated to change the fact that approximately 60% of businesses fail in their first five years.

He believes that the leading cause of the business collapse is a result of inadequate financial resources. 

He claims his innovative approach to money management has helped thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs access a total of $20 million to launch their businesses. 

His Recession Proof Extreme course is charged at $3,497 per user, which certainly explains why Barney has become a successful businessman in his own right.

Alongside his financial literacy business, Marcus Barney is also CEO of Barney Aviation Group, which charters out private jets. 

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Social Media Presence – HIM500

Marcus Barney has accumulated a big following on social media, with hundreds of thousands of followers on his Instagram page, where he boldly claims, “You can’t Google what I teach.” 

His social media presence is insightful, as it offers a glimpse into the lifestyle that Barney and his family leads.

He regularly posts images of himself traveling in private jets and luxury cars, as well as appearances at high-profile sporting events. 

On YouTube, his videos have received more than half a million views, which are mainly teasers for his courses, as well as some educational insight into his money-making approach. 



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Marcus Barney (HIM500) is married to Turquoise (HER500), and they have two daughters.

Turquoise has become prominent in the same space as her husband and published an e-book detailing how to launch a virtual tax business.

Barney is a keen sports fan and is regularly seen at basketball and boxing matches.

He also supports charitable projects.

For instance, in the summer of 2021, he provided more than 300 less fortunate kids with full backpacks and new shoes.

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Net Worth


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So, how much is HIM500 worth?

On numerous occasions during interviews, Marcus Barney has described himself as a “multi-millionaire.”

He has created a rags-to-riches persona, presenting himself as a former cell phone salesman who suffered big time during the financial crash of 08, only for him to turn his life around and make his fortune. 

He claims that he built his initial wealth by leveraging credit differently (which he teaches in his courses), but there’s little doubt that he now makes most of his money by selling his courses. 

A cursory glance at his website shows that signing up for one of Barney’s courses will cost anywhere between $400 and $4,000 per user, with no refunds available. 

Barney also travels throughout the US, speaking at conferences and seminars about financial literacy, which is another income stream that pays handsomely. 

As mentioned above, Barney also makes money from Barney Aviation, and he is also a social media influencer, which will contribute to his net worth. 

Bearing in mind that Barney has built multiple influence streams and has stated on numerous occasions that he is a self-made multi-millionaire, it’s impossible to refute his claims. 

Therefore, Recession Proof CEO Marcus Barney has an estimated net worth of $8 million. 

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