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Krista Horton Net Worth $2 Million

What Is Krista Horton’s Net Worth?

Krista Horton is a parenting blogger who has a net worth of $2 million. Well, it all started with Krista, from Bakersfield, California, simply loving and embracing her identity as a wife and mom.

Today, she is famous for the same is influencing individuals and families across the world with her stories and lovely little family.

So, what they say is right – loving yourself really is the first step to getting there!

Krista Horton, widely known as “Top Knot Mama,” is an everyday social media influencer and famous blogger from the US.

She lives with her husband and three lovely kids in Bakersfield, California. The two first met when Bryce was 16 and Krista was 18. 


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Krista’s husband – Bryce Horton, is an account manager and a big part of Krista’s daily influencer stories as the “Manfluencer.”

They have three children together with their eldest son – Boston, aka “Boss,” daughter – Kollyns, more famously known as “Kolly girl,” and baby boy – Kampbell, called “Kamp.”

Mama Horton is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a love for interior décor, diets, fitness, and travel.

She is a mama at home and loves sharing her stories and that of her kids with her over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

Where Did It All Start?


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Mama Horton’s influencer journey on social media began with her love for her family.

As a mom, she loves matching outfits with her kids, and this is actually where it all began.

As a blogger, she liked updating her followers about her life, and it was in 2012 that her Instagram posts started receiving a lot of likes.

Her followers liked what she posted and wanted more.

She married in 2013, and the couple soon had their first son.

Krista would ask her husband Bryce to take pictures of her matching with her kids, and soon, it became her thing.

She started putting up pictures with her eldest son – Boston, in matching outfits, and these pictures of a mom and her kid made her followers go gaga over their cute twinning.

She was unaware of the potential behind these social media posts, and upon discovering her talent in it, there was no stopping this strong mom from being a successful Instagram influencer.

How Is It Going?


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With Horton making a name for herself on the gram, products and brands approached her for collaborations and partnerships.

She took on the best of her opportunities and started earning through her posts.

What started out as her hobby became her passion and business.

Gradually, her followers started increasing, and so did her likes.

She was encouraged to keep up with her interest and spread it around.

Today, her Instagram is her primary source of income, and she loves doing what she does.

She enjoys being in the comfort of her own home with her family, spending time with her children, and, at the same time, inspiring people all over the world.

Along with her Instagram account, she also runs her blog, and an online store with her favorite looks and presets. She loves sharing pictures of her children and the entire family doing fun and adventurous things together.

She writes about her travel experiences, fashion, recipes, and a lot more on her blogs.

Horton admits that with more focus on Instagram, her blog kind of goes unattended, but she is still strong at her game.

She also runs an interior décor business along with her sister-in-law and spends some part of her day handling clients and planning business.

Ever since her posts began hitting the limelight, she has been inspiring many people about family and is admired by fans all over.

Krista Loves Her Job


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Ever since she discovered the ways of earning through an influencer journey, she has given it her all.

Krista spends most of her days planning for and posting on social media, mainly Instagram. She deals with numerous shops and brands from the comfort of her bed and loves this over the conventional 9-to-5 job.

She is thankful for her job as she can ensure that she has enough family time and gets to share endless happiness.

Her financial freedom and freelance work allow her to travel with her loved ones.

Krista’s husband Bryce also joins in and assists Mama Horton with her tasks and documenting the children.

They get to be real with their family drama, mess, and all the love and care, which is why people love the Horton family.

She doesn’t see this as just a business but considers it a close routine in her day-to-day life.

What started as her just sharing cute pictures of Boston, 8 years ago, was never expected to turn out into an Instagram empire this big.

She started her journey when “influencers” weren’t so much a thing.

To date, she has improved a lot, takes better pictures, has better interaction, knows the best skills, and manages both work and family.

Her work and her stories come to her naturally, which is what her followers love the most about her.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Krista Horton worth? And how much does Krista Horton make? Horton accrued most of her wealth from sponsors via her Instagram account. Therefore, Krista Horton has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Her business is flourishing, and the numbers rise each day.

Krista also earns commissions from affiliate links on her website,

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