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Chase Eilers Net Worth & Wife (Danielle)

What is Chase Eilers’ net worth? Who is Chase Eilers’ wife?


When it comes to social media, an increasing number of people have large followings.

At first, though, it can be hard to determine why certain individuals appear so popular.

One example of this is Danielle Eilers.

She is an Instagram personality who has some 600,000 followers and has become famous for her comedic posts.

Most of her work revolves around her hilarious family tropes.

Watch even a few of her videos, and we are pretty certain that you will recognize a few of your family members in these videos. However, her skits are also usually quite personal, so they tend to involve a bit of insight into her own life as well as the life of her family.

It is through these videos, then, that we have learned of Danielle’s husband, Chase Eilers.

While Danielle is a pretty open person and tends to have no problem sharing her business with the world, Chase is a different story.

You get precious little feedback if you run a Google search for Chase Eilers.


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He only exists through Danielle’s messages that relate to him.

While Danielle makes fun of things like our fathers always being the house mechanic, Chase appears to just be in the background.

So, who is Chase Eilers?

What’s his story?

Let’s give you some brief background information based on the limited information about Chase.

The Origin Story

Chase Eilers is the husband of social media personality and internet comedian Danielle Eilers.

He studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and grew up in (and appears to live in) Lexington.

Chase has a social media presence, too, but he has around 8,000 followers and has not posted much on his social media accounts in recent times.


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He claims on his social media account that he is ‘seeking to have a stronger relationship with God,’ but there is no mention of much else about him other than the odd post of his daughters (see below).

It could be assumed that Chase has worked previously for the family company, the Eilers Machine and Welding company, of which Danielle is the HR chief.

Some speculations suggest that Chase is the President of this company – according to his LinkedIn, anyway.

However, we know nothing about Chase Eilers and his personal life outside of this. The only reason he is a known name is because of his famous wife – and, if you read below, a personal situation that he appears to have caused.

Does Eilers Have Kids?


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Yes, Chase and Danielle Eilers have children together. They have two daughters named Olive and Eve. The kids tend to appear quite a lot in the social media videos that Danielle sticks up, so the world knows a little more about the kids than the husband, Chase.

However, given that the kids are both very young, Danielle has done a pretty good job hiding their history from the world.

Many social media influencers today are happy to have their families at the forefront and center of the showbiz part of their lives.

Danielle, though, has done as much as she can to protect her family from the glare of the media spotlight.

Some find that a little ironic, given how much her fame is built upon her hilarious family-based sketches.

Still, we can all agree that having young kids plastered all over social media is not always the best thing for them.

As such, having them hidden away can make some sense – while they appear occasionally in videos or content, we know very little about the girls.

And that is the way that it should be. Given what you are about to read below, it makes sense that Danielle looks to do as much as she can to keep her kids out of the glare of the media. For example, her personal life has already been plastered on the internet…

Are Chase Eilers And Danielle Eilers Still Together?


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This is where things get a little awkward.

As social media influencers, Danielle and Chase often find their names being brought up in online rumors.

For example, Reddit’s social media platform is infamous for having an influencer-specific region where people gossip about people like the Eilers family.

So, that is why plenty of rumors exist that Danielle and Chase are no longer an item.

According to Reddit rumors, Danielle found out that Chase had been cheating on her in Nebraska.

This has led to Danielle, apparently, moving out and moving back to Dallas to be with her sister, who is the famous Daryl Ann Denner.

Some cryptic social media posts claimed that Danielle was now back in Dallas with her family, but they were no longer accessible. However, it is believed that Chase did cheat, and now the couple is in a bad place in terms of their relationship.

If you look at Danielle’s IG, you no longer see any real mention of Chase whatsoever, and she has very quickly appeared to move into a new house – with Chase nowhere to be seen.

So, from the looks of it, Chase and Danielle Eilers are no longer an item.

It looks like Chase has been caught cheating, and this would likely mean the end of their relationship.

Ever since these first rumors appeared online, we have seen precious little about Chase in any kind of media – he is, for all intents and purposes, out of the picture.


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According to some sources, Chase and Danielle filed for divorce in late 2022. However, precious little information has been posted or put out into the public domain since then – we know nothing about what happened other than, from the looks of it, Chase and Danielle Eilers are no longer together.

Whether the rumors are true or not, we do not know: what appears to be the case is a relative breakdown in the relationship that has seen the Eilers family split up.

Danielle, though, is still listed as the Vice President of the company and as the Head of the HR Department.

So, who knows? The family has either found a way to move forward amicably or kept things out of the public eye.

Either way, we wish them all luck in their lives, whatever happens next.

Chase Eilers – Net Worth

So, how much is Chase Eilers worth? Eilers has amassed a substantial net worth primarily through his role as President at Eilers Machine & Welding, Inc. Although the exact amount of his net worth is not publicly disclosed, his company’s annual revenue was reported to be $4 million in 2023. Therefore, Chase Eilers has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


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