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Is Krysten Ritter related to John Ritter?

Are Krysten Ritter and John Ritter related?

Short answerDespite the speculation due to their shared surname, Krysten Ritter confirmed via Twitter on September 15, 2015, that she is not related to John Ritter.


If you work in the world of Hollywood or the entertainment industry in general, you can’t help but be scrutinized by the general public.

Being famous means that every aspect of your life is analyzed and scrutinized, and like it or not, that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Even entertainers who are perhaps not as successful or as well known as some other Hollywood A-listers out there will find themselves in gossip columns and magazines, and being subjected to the most bizarre of rumors and stories.

If you share the same last name as a famous individual in Hollywood or the entertainment biz, for example, you will likely find that people put two and two together and end up with seven.

Specifically, if you have the same last name as somebody famous, people will assume you’re related.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Krysten Ritter.

Krysten Ritter shares the same last name as the late John Ritter, but is Krysten Ritter related to John Ritter?

Let’s learn more about them and get to the truth once and for all.

Who was John Ritter?

krysten ritter john ritter

John Ritter (1948 – 2003) attends the 44th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium – @Getty

Born September 17th, 1948, and sadly passing away September 11th, 2003,

John Southworth Ritter was the son of Tex Ritter, the Singing Cowboy star, and was a very popular and very successful American actor.

John was renowned for a number of prominent TV and movie roles and was a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award winner for his role as Jack Tripper in the hit ABC comedy Three’s Company.

John was a real legend of Hollywood and appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows over the course of his illustrious career.

He was also a very established stage actor and appeared in a number of Broadway shows and productions.

Some of Ritter’s most notable works include roles in Problem Child 1 and 2, Bad Santa, Sling Blade, and 8 Simple Rules, for which he was nominated for four separate Daytime Emmy Awards.

krysten ritter john ritter related

John Ritter during “Tadpole” Premiere – New York – After Party at W Hotel in New York City – @Getty

Sadly, in 2003, while he was rehearsing for 8 Simple Rules, John began to experience chest pain and was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack.

His condition worsened, and sadly, John would pass away from aortic dissection.

He was just 54 at the time.

His death shook Hollywood, and to this day, he is very sadly missed and is considered to be a true Hollywood icon.

Who is Krysten Ritter?

krysten ritter dad

Krysten Ritter attends the #NETFLIXFYSEE event for “Jessica Jones” at Netflix FYSEE – @Getty

Is Krysten Ritter related to John Ritter? Well, we’ll get to that shortly, but first, we’re going to learn more about who Krysten Ritter is.

Krysten Alyce Ritter was born on December 16th, 1981.

She is a very successful US model and actress and rose to fame in the late 2000s and 2010s.

Born in Pennsylvania, she has English, Scottish, and German blood in her body.

Before she got into acting, she showed an interest in fashion and modeling.

While appearing in a local fashion show at a shopping mall in Wyoming when she was just 15, she was scouted by a prestigious modeling agency.

Her discovery would open up a whole new world of opportunities for Krysten, who would travel to Philadelphia and New York to model.

She would go on to sign for the Elite Model Management agency in New York, appearing in magazines, photo shoots, TV ads, and more besides, all over the globe.

After a Wendy’s TV commercial, Krysten caught the eye of higher-ups in Hollywood. She would begin to land small roles in TV movies, with her most notable appearance being in Mona Lisa Smile in 2003.

Soon after, she would land bigger roles, including the recurring character Gia Goodman in season two of Veronica Mars.

It was, however, a role in an epic AMC drama in the late 2000s that really put Krysten on the map.

How is Krysten best known?

is krysten ritter john ritter's daughter

Krysten Ritter attends The Paley Center For Media Presents: An Evening With Jessica Jones at The Paley Center – @Getty

Krysten Ritter has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, yet most people know her as drug-addict Jane Margolis, in season two of the hit AMC drama Breaking Bad in 2009 and 2010.

Jane is a drug addict who becomes involved in a romantic relationship with Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul.

Despite not being a prominent character, she serves a huge role in the show and is instrumental in Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) transformation into the sinister alter-ego of Heisenberg.

Spoilers ahead, but there is a particularly gruesome scene in which Jane and Jesse are both overdosing on drugs and are choking on their vomit in bed.

Walt helps Jesse but watches Jane choke to death when he could have placed her in the recovery position to prevent her choking.

Her death and this act of coldness have a knock-on effect for the rest of the show.

Krysten has appeared in numerous other TV shows, movies, and commercials, but to most, she is recognizable as Jane from Breaking Bad and later the Breaking Bad spin-off/sequel movie El-Camino.

Are Krysten Ritter and John Ritter related


So, is Krysten Ritter related to John Ritter?

As you can see, both Krysten Ritter and John Ritter forged names for themselves in the world of Hollywood and enjoyed success as actors. Add to that, the fact that they also share the same last name, and you can understand why people assume that Krysten Ritter is related to John Ritter. But is this the case?

Is Krysten Ritter related to John Ritter? Well, unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. Some people have claimed that he was her father, her uncle, or even her grandfather, but that is not the case at all. The two work/worked in Hollywood as actors and shared the same last name, but that is where the connection ends.

So, in answering the question if Krysten Ritter is related to John Ritter, we can say with confidence that the answer to that question is a resounding no.


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