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Is Luana Lucci related to Susan Lucci?

Are Luana Lucci and Susan Lucci related?

Short answerDespite sharing the same surname, there is no familial connection between Luana Lucci and Susan Lucci. They are distinct individuals with separate personal lives and careers.


In life, hearing people who have the same surname as one another can be quite interesting.

We often assume that if we meet two people who share the same surname, then surely, they must be related. However, as you no doubt have found in your own day-to-day life, this is often not the case.

When we hear of two celebrities who share the same surname, we automatically assume they must be related to one another.

After all, the celebrity world is filled with the siblings and relations of celebrities, making it big thanks to the boost their family members can offer. One example of this can be found in Luana Lucci and Susan Lucci.

Is Luana Lucci related to Susan Lucci, though? Let’s take a look and work out whether or not these two well-known stars are related to one another.

Who is Luana Lucci?


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Luana Lucci is a Brazilian flight attendant who also doubles as a popular model on social media.

With well over 25,000 subscribers on Instagram alone, Luana Lucci has built a career for herself through her social media personality.

Not too much, though, is known about Luana away from her social media and professional work. We do know, though, that the Brazilian was born sometime in 1999.

Although her social media personality is very bright and energizing, she is not very open about her life away from IG and social media.

Instead, she keeps her personal life very private. For example, very little is known about her early life, whether she has siblings or even who her parents are.

Like many social media stars, Lucci has committed to keeping her family out of the limelight so they can focus on their own lives.

This means that many questions about Lucci are not known. One question we can answer for you, though, is whether or not Luana Lucci is related to Susan Lucci.


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Luana has made a name for herself on social media due to her striking physical features and her upbeat, friendly personality. H

er main career, though, stems from being a flight attendant in Brazil.

From time to time, she shares some information about her life as a flight attendant and what this kind of work can entail.

This kind of personalized sharing has often been seen as a great way for the Brazilian to share a bit more ‘serious’ information about her personal life.

For the most part, though, people know who she is thanks to her upbeat and energizing personality.

Like many in the social media world, she has become famous for being bubbly, friendly, and always trying to show off her upbeat nature. If you are looking for someone to follow on social media who will make you smile, Luana might be worth following on IG!

Does Luana Lucci have a boyfriend?


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Yes, Lucci has a boyfriend – and if you watch daytime soap TV in the USA, you might know who he is.

Her boyfriend is a man called Chad Duell, who is best known for his role in the US soap opera General Hospital.

He plays Michael Corinthos and is one of the most well-known actors involved in The General Hospital.

The couple came together in 2022 and have been in a solid relationship for over a year.

In fact, their relationship has been further cemented by the fact that the two had a child in 2023. So, if you are wondering whether Luana Lucci is single, she is not.

Who is Susan Lucci?

who is susan lucci's siblings

Susan Lucci during 31st Annual American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Allen Awards at Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York – @Getty

Susan Lucci is an actress and author.

Born on December 23rd, 1946, Susan Lucci is one of the most well-known stars of her generation.

Again, if you watch US daytime TV, you will probably know who Susan is. Her most prominent role on TV comes as part of All My Children, a show she was involved in for over 40 years!

On the show, she played Erica Kane, a character who was in the show from 1970 all the way through to 2011.

Her acting career has been extremely successful, culminating in some major award wins.

Kane is one of the most well-known characters on All My Children, and it is Lucci’s acting chops that have ensured the character remains a memorable part of daytime TV despite the show itself finishing over ten years ago.

Unlike Luana Lucci, though, Susan Lucci was born in the United States of America.

She was born in Scarsdale, New York, and grew up with multicultural parents.

Her mother has Swedish ancestry, while her father is of an Italian background.

susan lucci parents

Susan Lucci attends the Adapt Leadership Awards Gala 2018 at Cipriani 42nd Street – @Getty

She spent much of her early life in New York before going to Tarrytown to study at Marymount College in the late 1960s. It was at this point that she managed to get her big break on TV – the aforementioned All My Children.

Aside from her work as Kane, though, Lucci has led a highly successful life as an author and entrepreneur.

For example, she has a very successful and popular line within the cosmetics industry.

This includes popular make-up products, as well as fragrances that sell like hotcakes. The Susan Lucci assortment is one of the most popular celebrity-certified lines in the whole of America.

She also runs a successful branch of the Susan Lucci assortment that focuses on selling high-class underwear.

So, Susan Lucci has a very diverse career history. As well as appearing on TV, she has made a successful career for herself in the writing world as her memoirs and books have sold well.

In terms of TV, she also was a member of big-name TV show casts such as Dallas and Armed Force Spouses.

Is Susan Lucci married?

Susan Lucci and husband

Susan Lucci and husband Helmut Huber during American Women in Radio & Television’s 30th Annual Gracie Allen Awards – @Getty

Yes, Susan was married. She married her husband, Helmut Huber, in September 1969.

Huber was a chef and an expert in the food service industry. Together, they had a long and happy marriage that lasted until Huber sadly passed away in March 2022.

The couple has been married for over 50 years by the time that Huber tragically passed away.

The couple had two children together – Luza and Andreas. This might answer your question, then, as to whether or not Luana Lucci is related to Susan Lucci!

Is Luana Lucci related to Susan Lucci?

No, there is no familial connection between Luana Lucci and Susan Lucci. Despite sharing the same surname, neither has a link to the other. The surname Lucci is of Italian ancestry, so we assume that Susan Lucci got this from her father’s side of the family. Meanwhile, Luana Lucci is Brazilian – in Brazil, there is a fairly large Italian diaspora. As such, Italianised surnames are fairly common in Brazil and across South America.

There is no apparent connection between the two people.

Many people have assumed that Luana Lucci is the daughter of Susan Lucci, but this is not the case. As far as we know, the two people have never even met one another!

Surnames are shared all across the celebrity world, so it should come as no surprise that some people have assumed – wrongly, this time – that the two people share a family connection with one another.

While that would have been quite interesting, it does not appear to be the case in any way, shape, or form.

One only has to look at the family tree of Susan Lucci, though, to see that having a Brazilian-born daughter would be quite strange indeed.

Given her family history is so well-known, it would have been odd if she suddenly had a daughter from South America.

Susan Lucci has always been someone who has been quite open about her family life and her experiences in the world. Therefore, it would be surprising if she had managed to keep the fact she had a Brazilian daughter born in 1999 secret from the world for so long.

Are Luana Lucci and Susan Lucci related

Susan Lucci walks the runway for The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection – @Getty

At this moment in time, there is absolutely no proof to say that Luana Lucci is related to Susan Lucci.

Perhaps in time, some shocking connection might appear between the two, but as far as we know, the sole connecting link between these two people is their surname.

Why do people think Luana Lucci is related to Susan Lucci?

The surname really is the only connection. Again, when you meet two people in life who share the same surname, it is easy to imagine they must be related. As has been found out so often, though, this is not always the case – in fact, it is rarely the case.

With regard to the surname Lucci, four countries in the world have over 400 people with the surname. Italy, you might not be surprised to know, is the highest.

Meanwhile, the USA has over 2,000 people with the surname Lucci.

Argentina and Brazil combined have over 1,200 people who share this same surname. Now, we are pretty certain that of all the people called Lucci, there is no likelihood that they are all related to each other!

The surname, then, is the most prominent link. Today, people can be quite cynical when looking at how celebrities make their name. When someone with the same surname as someone already famous appears, cynical people will naturally assume that there might be some connection.

That the family has given that person a ‘head start’ on the road to fame.

Yes, nepotism appears to be fairly common when it comes to the celebrity world. Those interested in celebrity culture will be all too aware of the various ‘family dynasty’ names out there. However, in the case of the Lucci ‘dynasty,’ there is no such dynasty to speak of.

Could Luana Lucci be Susan Lucci’s daughter?

Could Luana Lucci be Susan Lucci’s daughter

Susan Lucci attends the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards at Pasadena Convention Center – @Getty

In her personal life, Susan Lucci has two children.

This includes her daughter, Liza, who is an actress in her own right, and her son, Andreas, who tends to keep out of the public spotlight.

Considering that her daughter, Liza, was born in 1975, having a daughter born in 1999 to the late Helmut Huber would have been quite a shock. Therefore, any assumptions that Luana Lucci is the daughter of Susan Lucci are just that: assumptions.

There is absolutely no proof of this – it is simply a rumor that appears online.

So, if you are wondering whether or not there is a familial connection between the two Lucci’s, there is not.

They share a surname that is popular around the world – especially in Italy, the USA, and South America.

While it would be interesting indeed if they were, in fact, related, there is absolutely nothing said from either individual – or even from the usual ‘celebrity sources’ – to indicate that the couple shares anything other than the same surname.

Do Luana and Susan Lucci have a relationship?

Do Luana and Susan Lucci have a relationship

Susan Lucci – January 01, 1982 – @Getty

Even to this point, when wondering if Luana Lucci is related to Susan Lucci, there is no known affiliation or relationship between the two people.

As far as the public knows, the duo have never even met one another in a public or private setting.

The fact that both are popular and famous for their own careers has led fans of either – or both – to assume that there must be some kind of family connection here.

As has been shown, though, Susan Lucci has a clearly established family tree – and none of her family appear to hail from Brazil.

While Luana Lucci now lives in Los Angeles with her partner and the father of her child, she has no family connection to Susan Lucci in any way, shape, or form.

As it stands, the only thing that binds these two people together is the shared surname and media interest in whether or not they are related to one another.

So, is Luana Lucci related to Susan Lucci? No. They are not related – at least, not to any available evidence would point to. The age gap and the fact that they are not of the same nationality would mean it would be very surprising indeed if it turned out that Luana and Susan Lucci were, in fact, related to one another.

It could turn out they are extremely distant relatives, but so far, absolutely nothing points to this being the case.


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