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How much does Susan Lucci weigh?

How much does Susan Lucci weigh?


Making a career as an actor in Hollywood is notoriously difficult in the short term, let alone the long term.

Hollywood is notoriously fickle and highly competitive, so to enjoy a career spanning more than five decades is nothing short of remarkable and is something that very few will manage.

One such individual who has achieved such a feat is none other than American treasure Susan Lucci, who has been active as an actor since the late 1960s.

Susan Victoria Lucci was born on December 23, 1943.

She is a US actress, TV host, author, entrepreneur, and general entertainer who is perhaps best known for the role of Erica Kane on the ABC drama All My Children.

Lucci appeared in the show for the entirety of its run from 1970 all the way through to 2011.

Erica Kane is considered a TV icon, and it was this role that helped Susan to become the highest-paid daytime TV actor.

Susan is an incredibly talented woman with legions of adoring fans who want to know all manner of facts about her.

One commonly asked question is, ‘how much does Susan Lucci weigh’? Well, that, along with much more, will soon become clear.

Here’s a look at several interesting facts about Susan Lucci.

Lucci can operate a race car

susan lucci weight and height

January 01, 1982 – @Getty

Don’t worry; we’ll get to how much Susan Lucci weighs a little later on, but first, here’s an interesting fact you probably hadn’t heard before that may come as quite a surprise to many of you.

Susan Lucci, a woman who is now in her 70s but looks absolutely fantastic, by the way, can actually drive a race car.

Susan took lessons from 1985 Indy 500 winner Danny Sullivan, who gave her lessons for a storyline on All My Children.

Erica Kane was a badass woman who took no BS and could clearly handle herself. There aren’t many people out there who can drive a race car, that’s for sure.

Lucci used to live in Norway

susan lucci how tall

Susan Lucci attends the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards at Pasadena Convention Center – @Getty

Though she was born in Scarsdale, New York, and spent many of her childhood years in and around New York, Susan had a brief spell where she lived in Norway.

Susan has European blood in her veins as her father was part Italian, and her mother was of Swedish descent.

At 16 years of age, Susan went to live in Norway for three months as a foreign exchange student.

She reportedly loved her time there and learned how to fish and catch shrimp.

She has even stated that every winter, she keeps warm by wearing her traditional Nordic sweater and hat that her Norwegian “mother” knitted for her.

She could have been Miss Universe

susan lucci height and weight

Susan Lucci walks the runway for The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection – @Getty

Just one look at Susan Lucci, and you can see just what a beautiful and glamorous woman she is.

She radiates beauty and charm, so it’s no wonder why she could very well have nearly become Miss Universe.

When she was a senior in college, Susan entered the Miss Universe beauty pageant, and, not surprisingly, she faired incredibly well.

So well, in fact, that she became a New York state finalist in the competition.

Many believed that Susan had all of the tools necessary to win, yet sadly, this was not to be.

Susan, unfortunately, was forced to drop out of the competition because the final was held on the same day as her comprehensive exams, where she had to sit to graduate.

Susan’s father insisted that she must sit her exams and graduate, so she opted to drop out of the Miss Universe final so that she could sit her exams and graduate college.

While this was a shame, considering the fact that Susan was once the highest-paid actor on daytime TV and is a household name, it’s fair to say that she’s done okay for herself.

Lucci had a serious health scare in 2018

how tall is susan lucci

Susan Lucci during Soapnet Presents The Soap Opera Digest Awards – Arrivals at ABC Prospect Studios – @Getty

Despite the fact that Susan looks incredible, works out, eats right, and keeps slim and slender, in 2018, she had a very serious health scare that almost took her life.

Susan underwent heart surgery in which she underwent an emergency procedure to place two arterial stents in her heart after it was found that she had blocked arteries following extreme chest pain.

Susan didn’t share her health scare with the general public until 2019, just before the annual Go Red for Women fashion event in February, held by the American Heart Association.

She is a keen knitter

susan lucci age height & weight


In her downtime, Susan loves nothing more than knitting.

She recently revealed that she wanted to enjoy the things she used to do when she was younger, one of which was knitting.

Susan said that she finds it very relaxing and grounding and that she loves to spend her winter evenings knitting on the sofa by candlelight.

Susan is a pizza and ice cream fan

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Susan Lucci attends the Adapt Leadership Awards Gala 2018 at Cipriani 42nd Street – @Getty

Even though she has an incredibly slender figure, Susan has a passion for pizza and ice cream.

She has stated that she loves nothing more than tucking into a thin-crust margherita pizza with Italian sausage, followed by a bowl of Coconut Almond Joy ice cream, which was her favorite flavor when she was a child.

She has her own beauty range

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Susan Lucci during 31st Annual American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Allen Awards at Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York – @Getty

Susan is a very beautiful woman and a very capable businesswoman.

It should come as no surprise to learn, then, that she has enjoyed a lot of success away from the cameras.

One of her business ventures is The Susan Lucci Collection, which is her line of hair care, skin care, perfumes, and lingerie.

susan lucci height weight

Susan Lucci attends the “Devious Maids” Fan Event at the Bryant Park Hotel – @Getty

So, how much does Susan Lucci weigh?

Because of her slim and slender figure and amazing flexibility, which she showcased on Dancing with the Stars, many of her fans have asked how much she weighs. So, how much does Susan Lucci weigh? Susan Lucci stands at just 5ft 1 inches in height and weighs, on average, just 105 pounds in weight, or 47kg for our European readers.


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