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Lyna Perez Net Worth | Boyfriend

Lyna Perez Net Worth – $1 million

What is Lyna Perez’s net worth? Is Lyna Perez dating anyone now?


Lyna Perez is a self-described lingerie model and an Instagram influencer who posts photos of herself in various lingerie and swimwear.

She also posed for Playboy magazine and did paid promotions for Bang energy drinks.

But is there anything to set this dazzling Miami beauty apart from the thousands of other self-styled Instagram models in the world? Let’s see.

The Origin Story

Lyna Perez was born on the 4th of November, 1992, in Miami, Florida.

The American beauty knew she wanted to be a model at just 14 years of age, and after working with a friend on a photography project a few years later, she made the leap.

Initially, her photos were amateur and involved nothing more than some almost-n###ty and pouty faces, but over time her following on Instagram grew.

By 2021, she had amassed more than six million followers on the photo-sharing platform.

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That Promo Life


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Lyna Perez may be known as an Instagram model, but most of her following is driven by her topless poses and her link to Playboy magazine.

She often posts interesting captions below her images, designed to encourage engagement with her millions of followers.

As Lyna’s following grew, she began working as a brand ambassador to earn money from her position as an influencer.

One of her key promotional gigs is with Bang Energy, a US-based drinks brand.

One of her most viewed Instagram live posts shows her wearing Bang Energy clothing and posing by a pool before drinking the brand’s product.

She has also promoted Meg Liz swimwear and Bang Revolution apparel on her Instagram profile.

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Twerking As A Growth Strategy


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In late 2019, Lyna capitalized on her athletic figure with a series of quirky captions like ‘Bachelor’s Degree in twerking’ alongside footage of her shaking her butt.

In early 2020, Lyna Perez played Instagram’s trending challenge: Rate my bikini.

As a growth strategy for her brand, it worked in the short term, helping Perez grow her following.

She also initiated a series called Hoechella—a play on the words ‘hoe’ and ‘Coachella’—to showcase her body in sheer, revealing outfits.

While her strategy for increasing her fanbase may have been successful, it looks like her money-making ventures are geared towards subscription-only content.


There is no information about Lyna Perez’s boyfriend.

At the time of writing, Lyna Perez is probably single.

Lyna Perez – Net Worth


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So, how much is Lyna Perez worth?

Perez earned most of her wealth from sponsors, working as a model, and selling exclusive content on her website.

One of Perez’s main sponsors is the American brand of energy drinks — “Bang Energy.” 

Therefore, model Lyna Perez has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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