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Mike Finnegan Net Worth | Wife

Mike Finnegan Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is Mike Finnegan’s net worth? Who is Mike Finnegan’s wife?


Mike Finnegan is known as a lot of things—self-professed motorhead, crazy adrenaline seeker, semi-pro racer, fabricator, influencer, and star of the hit internet series, Finnegan’s Garage.

While Finnegan might put a lot of himself out there on social media for the world to see, he’s actually pretty reserved when it comes to his family, his children, and his history.

But here’s what we were able to dig up on this outgoing and creative speed demon.

The Origin Story

Mike Finnegan was born on the 27th of January 1975.

He has a close-knit relationship with his parents—who have been married for more than 50 years—and with his brother and sister.

Mike’s father once shared a story of his son’s early days of working on trucks—or more specifically, of him tearing a truck apart.

Mike’s dad recalls lending his son the money to buy a truck, then coming home one night to see that Mike had it dismantled and the pieces strewn around the garage.

Understandably, he was furious.

The following week, Mike pulled up in the same truck—all reassembled and working better than it had been before.


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That’s when the family realized that Mike had a real skill—something that would take him far.

After leaving high school, Finnegan invested the next four years of his life, earning an Associate of Arts in Journalism and Orange County Community College.

He graduated in 2000 and scored a job at Trucking Magazine.

Unconvinced that he had what it took to stand out from his competition at the interview, Finnegan put his money where his mouth was. He pulled up for the interview in a mini truck he had built himself.

The senior staffers at Trucking Magazine were sold—they figured that if he could build a truck, he could definitely write about them.


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Mike Finnegan proposed to his long-term partner—and mom of his two kids—and the pair were married on 18th September 2005.

As a gift for their 10th anniversary in 2015, Finnegan upgraded her beloved ’69 Chevrolet El Camino’s engine.

For this family, actions really do speak louder than words—the couple often works together, with Finnegan’s wife as comfortable on the shop floor as she is in front of the camera or chilling with her family.

The couple has two sons together, but Finnegan keeps a tight rein on the boys’ social media presence.

The family lives in Georgia, where they have built their own home.

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A Big Break…Or A Lucky Break?


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Finnegan has often said that his start with Roadkill—an auto-themed online show produced by the MotorTrend Group—was pure luck.

He’d just taken up a new role at Hot Rod and been on a cross-country trip with David Freiburger.

Freiburger, his boss at MotorTrend Group, had filmed the entire trip, and the pair spent days editing and sorting footage.

What came out of that labor of love was a half-hour YouTube show that gained massive attention on the streaming platform.

Freiburger and Finnegan continued the show, with both men being involved with Motor Trend Group for at least a decade.

Finnegan may call it luck, but in 2015, the show had such a major following that American auto manufacturer—Dodge—chose to sponsor it.

Roadkill episodes amassed a million views in just a few days, with some of the most popular episodes gaining 5+ million views in total.

By 2021—9 years since the show’s inception—it was still going strong. Ten: The Enthusiast Network moved it to On-Demand viewing as part of the Motor Trend streaming service.

Paid monthly subscription meant even more success for the Roadkill show.

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Faster With Finnegan


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After a decade of success in the auto field, and with his status as an auto influencer holding strong, Mike launched Faster with Finnegan.

The show features Finnegan and his buddies modifying their vehicle of choice and often features other big names from the industry—like Cleetus McFarland.

Mike Finnegan – Net Worth

So, how much is Mike Finnegan worth? Finnegan earned most of his wealth from producing the show Roadkill, ads on his YouTube channel, and serving as an editor at Hot Rod Magazine. On YouTube, Finnegan has over 120 million views, meaning about $360k in revenue. Mike sells merch on — Therefore, YouTube star Mike Finnegan has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Want to get to know Mike Finnegan a little better? Check out what he got his wife for their anniversary!

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