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GeorgeNotFound Net Worth | Color Blind

What is GeorgeNotFound’s net worth? Is GeorgeNotFound color blind?


GeorgeNotFound is a British YouTuber who has risen to fame as one of the social media streaming platform’s most popular Minecraft influencers.

By 2020, the young millennial had amassed almost 10.01 million YouTube followers and another 3.5 million on Twitter.

Given that he only started posted videos in mid-2019, this young viral sensation must be doing something right.

So what is it?

The Origin Story

George Henry Davidson was born in Brighton, on the southern coast of the UK, on November 1st, 1996.

The young gamer had been a fan of Minecraft since its 2009 release and spent most of his youth fine-tuning his skills before he ever launched his first video.

George didn’t spend his whole childhood locked in his room playing video games—he attended university in 2014 and graduated several years later with a degree in computer science.

In late 2019, George posted his first video to YouTube—a timelapse entitled “Minecraft Endermen Destruction.”

Most of George’s videos revolve around Minecraft challenges or battles between him and one of his key collaborative partners, Dream.

Is GeorgeNotFound color blind?

In April of 2020, George shared with his 2.3 million Twitter followers that he suffers from protanopia—also known as red-green color blindness. “For everyone asking; yes, I am colour blind lol,” he said.

He purchased a pair of colorblind glasses, which are designed to help protanopia sufferers to distinguish red from green, and posted his reaction to the glasses in September of 2020.

George has confessed that he can’t drive, and by the time he was 24 years old, he still didn’t have a driver’s license.

While he may not have a driver’s license, he has something even better…


George got his first pet, a cat named Luca, in April 2019.

Sadly, his cat got sick the following year and was euthanized shortly thereafter. George shared his devastation with his fans and followers.

In August the following year, he got a Hungarian Vizsla puppy named Dog.

Several months later, he also got a new kitten.

A Sharp Rise To Fame

Minecraft is one of the world’s most successful video games of all time—and so it makes sense that those creating content around it are in huge demand.

This stands true for GeorgeNotFound, who had amassed 8 million social media fans and followers in 24 months.

George is particularly well-known for his Minecraft challenge videos, many of which have gone viral within the gaming community.

This prolific gaming content creator is involved in multiple Minecraft Championships—including the exclusive, invitation-only events—and regularly attends alongside Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, and Dream.

GeorgeNotFound is also a member of the elite Minecraft Dream SMP server.

In April 2021, GeorgeNotFound was the owner of the 37th Most Followed Twitch channel in the world and ranked in the top 500 US-based YouTube channels. 

In February 2021, George’s incredible popularity wasn’t enough to save him from a TikTok ban.

The gaming celeb, who had almost 4 million followers to his account at the time, was the second Minecraft streamer to be banned in as many days—and both bans followed hot on the heels of That Vegan Teacher calling them out.

That Vegan Teacher was banned 2 days before George.

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Minecraft Championships

Athletes have the Olympics, the NFL has the Superbowl…and gamers have the Noxcrew Minecraft Championship.

Thanks to his collaborations with some of the world’s most influential gamers, GeorgeNotFound has had some decidedly not-shabby results.

In the 6th MC Championship, Team Lime Llamas—which featured George, Dream, Mefs, and TheEret—placed 3rd overall, with George taking out 12th place as an individual.

Three seasons later, his team placed 2nd overall, and his team took the #1 spot for the first time at MC Championship #12.

Team Green Guardians, which included George’s friend Wilbur Soot, Ph1Lza, and TapL, moved on to the Dodgebolt round and took out first place.

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GeorgeNotFound is 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall. 

GeorgeNotFound – Net Worth

Davidson earned most of his wealth from ads on his YouTube channel, selling merch on, and streaming on Twitch.

On YouTube, George has over 538 million views, meaning about $1.5 million in revenue before taxes.

On Twitch, Davidson has over 4.8 million followers and more then 3k subs.

Therefore, YouTuber GeorgeNotFound has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Watch GeorgeNotFound react when he gets his colorblind glasses.

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