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Joie Chavis Net Worth | Where is Joie Chavis from?

Joie Chavis Net Worth – $1 million

What is Joie Chavis’ net worth? Where is Joie Chavis from?


Joie Chavis is an influencer, model, dancer, and entrepreneur.

Here, we will look into her biography, career, relationship, children, and net worth in detail.

The Origin Story

Born in Torrance, California, Chavis gained fame as a dancer, entrepreneur, and model in recent years.

As per the description provided on her platform, Joie in Life, she presents herself as a mompreneur.

Other than that, Chavis is a fitness and beauty personality.

Besides, through her interviews and vlogs, it is clear that she is an easy-going, fun, and loving individual.

Even though Chavis makes content on fitness, she states that she was not much into working out while she was young. However, she was a cheerleader while at school and was also into volleyball.

Because of her engagement in sports, she started working out, as it was an essential part of her training.

Chavis presents working out as a therapeutic process through her vlogs.


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When it comes to Chavis’ personal life, she states that her children are her number one priority.

Chavis also mentions that she doesn’t have a lot of friends.

As per her vlog, where she answers the assumptions made by her followers on Instagram, Chavis states she has only five to six close friends.

Chavis adds she is someone who provides her friends with advice whenever necessary.

She also mentions that she is a workaholic who works all the time, even while on vacation.

Chavis is endeavoring to represent the importance of being a mother through her social media handles and website.

Chavis is a person who is on a journey to bring in a healthy, happy, and well-rounded lifestyle for everyone, especially for women.

She creates content on different platforms that depict the need to find joy in life.

Other than that, Chavis provides her audience with a glimpse of her personal life through her content.

Beginning of the Career

Joie Chavis Net Worth


Joie Chavis, before she gained fame through social media, started working when she was 15.

She is also a dancer who worked as a choreographer and continues to dance professionally.

She has performed with several artists, including Elric Bellinger, Janelle Monae, Future, Tank, and others.

It is evident from her social media and Internet presence in general that she is a skilled dancer. Chavis performs several dance styles and makes videos on social media and YouTube.

Social Media and Rise to Fame


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Joie Chavis acquired popularity as a celebrity through her social media.

She is a content creator who is active on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Chavis brings quality and uniqueness to her content.

On her Instagram handle, she brings in life by taking her followers along with her through her life.

Chavis showcases her personal life, travel, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle on Instagram through her content.

When we look at the engagement rates on Instagram, it is high. In one of her vlogs, Chavis stated that she is much more fun in person than on social media.

Chavis also mentions that she gets affected like any other person when it comes to hate comments. Chavis added that she could also visit the profile of the commentators and write hateful things. But she never did anything of that sort.

When it comes to Chavis’ content, especially on Instagram, she brings in variety and uniqueness. Here, she does reels with her daughter. It is something that most of her followers enjoy, along with her other content.

Through her content, Chavis ensures that she keeps up with the trends on social media too. Other than Instagram, she also has a good follower base on TikTok and Pinterest.

Vlogging and YouTube


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Chavis joined YouTube in 2018. She creates vlogs, fitness, dance, skincare, and makeup-related videos on YouTube. One of her videos that gained a lot of attention is where Chavis explains how she lost 50+ pounds after postpartum.

When it comes to Chavis’ workout videos, she focuses on those exercises you can try at home. She states that these workouts can be as effective as hitting a gym.

For her skincare-related content, Chavis has videos on her morning and nighttime routine.

She also speaks about different beauty products worth buying as well. Chavis creates cooking videos on her YouTube channel as well. When it comes to her vlogs, she focuses on presenting her days.

Joie in Life to Bring Joy in Life


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Joie in Life, launched in May 2019, is a health and fitness brand for women belonging to different walks of life.

Here, Chavis offers workout programs, famously a four-week sculpt. It is for toning and slimming down your body.

She provides discount codes to buy equipment from her store suitable for workouts along with her program.

There is a private Facebook group as well as part of this program by Chavis. Here, people can share their personal stories of progress.

Other than that, this platform comes with a JNL blog, which has content related to working out, dieting, and creating a healthy routine.

Joie in Life also has an apparel store for athletic, swimwear and also offers fitness equipment.

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Boyfriend & Kids


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Chavis had been in relationships with Bow Wow and Future previously.

Joie Chavis has two children with each one of her earlier partners.

Shai Moss is Chavis’s daughter with Bow Wow and is around ten years old. With Future, she has Hendrix Wilburn, who is two years old.

Chavis, in one of her vlogs, stated that she has trust issues. But, she added that she would like to get married and have kids.

Chavis wanted to be in love again. However, she will be keeping her life very private and will only introduce someone once she gets married.

Recently, there have been rumors related to Diddy and Joie Chavis dating. However, they haven’t provided any clarity on their relationship status as of now.

Joie Chavis – Net Worth

So, how much is Joie Chavis worth? “I am not a gold digger,” Chavis said during one of her YouTube videos. She has been accused of being one because of her association with famous people. Therefore, social media personality Joie Chavis has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Chavis makes clear that she doesn’t take any child support and provides for her kids. She states she makes enough money for herself, so she doesn’t have to rely on others.

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