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Neyleen Ashley Net Worth | Biography

Neyleen Ashley Net Worth – $1 million

What is Neyleen Ashley’s net worth?


Neyleen Ashley is a Miami-based American model, social media, and TikTok star.

The Origin Story

Neyleen Ashley Calejo was born in 1988, in Miami, Florida, United States.

Ashley was born to Cuban parents, and as she grew older, she embraced her heritage.

She started her modeling career like most other digital-age models through social media platforms.

Her career began on Instagram, where she would post regular content of amateur modeling pictures.

Neyleen quickly built a following, growing to over 2.5 million followers over time.

She is a mom of two, so her content is a hybrid of family and brand-promoting modeling photos.

The Path To Success


Her life wasn’t always as lavish as it appears through the lens of social media.

In fact, Neyleen was a teen mom who struggled to find her bearings as she juggled motherhood, finances, and a career.

Ashley is open about her experience with her fans so they can understand her humble beginning.

She posted a photo of her with her two teen sons and captioned it with a synopsis of her journey.

Started as a teen mom, now I’m here… wow god is so good,” Ashley wrote.


Like all other emerging social media stars and models, the mom of two created a TikTok account to further broaden her brand and create entertaining content.

As her content went from still frames on Instagram to live clips on TikTok, Neyleen began to notice an influx of negative comments about her image and career choice.

Despite the haters, she perseveres with grace.

She was interviewed by Truly and went into detail about her struggles with online bullying and harassment.

No matter what I’m doing, I always get judgment. People assume I’m like a blonde bimbo; they call me plastic. They tell me they want me to choke on my silicone implants. But the pros outweigh the cons.”

At the time of writing, Neyleen has a growing fanbase on TikTok that eventually grew to over 1.5 million followers.

Despite her account being used for provocative content, it is still family-friendly because she creates content with her two sons.

Ashley appears to be very close with her two boys based on the videos she shares of the trio.

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New Streams of Income


When OnlyFans emerged in the American market, Ashley capitalized on the opportunity to use it to inflate her income significantly.

Neyleen mentioned that she wanted a career that would pay enough to give her sons the life they deserve, and this seemed like the golden star.

She had built a brand as a social media model and had the following, so all she needed to do was to create paid content to turn it into a stable, lucrative career.

Neyleen created an account in 2019, and her content hit the ground running.

During the 2022 interview with truly, Neyleen detailed her journey on the platform and how she manages her life as a content creator and model. 

I started OnlyFans like three years ago, and what motivated me to join was honestly the freedom that it gave me. Since I’m pretty much by myself, it was hard for me to be able to rely on anyone for help. So, I found that you know, with showing my body and giving up my self-worth, in a way, was worth it to be because I was able to be there for my family and my kids.”

Despite the fame and fortune that she found on OnlyFans, she is dedicated to pursuing academic credentials to better her career.

Neyleen Ashley Net Worth

Lele Pons & Neyleen Ashley – @Getty

Ashley always involves her kids in her business because she wants them to know that making money on social media is not as easy as it looks. She wants to instill in them the meaning of hard work.

Since her boys are teenagers and aware of what OnlyFans is, Ashley is open with them to help them understand how the platform is the reason she can give them the life they have.

So my kids, we have a very open relationship, so they know that I have OnlyFans. They’ve never like seen me taking sexy pictures for like OnlyFans. I usually do that while they’re in school.


In early January 2021, Neyleen Ashley was photographed spending time with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kris Humphries.

Neyleen Ashley – Net Worth

So, how much is Neyleen Ashley worth? Ashley accrued most of her wealth from her modeling career, posting on TikTok, brand deals via her Instagram, and from OnlyFans. Therefore, Neyleen Ashley has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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