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How is Jason Hawk doing with his cancer?

How is Jason Hawk doing with his cancer?


Jason Hawk is the reason many reality TV fans even tune into the History Channel.

We fantasize about what life would be like out in the wilderness, living off the fat of the land and surviving whatever nature has to throw at us.

We fantasize about it as we watch people like Jason Hawk take on the elements on the History Channel hit series, Mountain Men.

As we’ve watched Jason and his family brave a life in the Ozarks, many viewers have become quite attached to the tenacious and hard-working survivalist.

His debut on the show back in season 5 helped the show maintain its top spot in viewer rankings, too.

No electricity, no running water, no central heating to keep the family warm—it sounds like a nightmare for many of us.

But Hawk has navigated his way through some hairy situations so far, and fans have been rooting for him every step of the way.

Then, in 2020, Jason’s family put out an announcement that shook the Mountain Men fandom to its core: Jason Hawk was battling cancer.

Now, one of the top Google searches for the dogged and determined Mountain Man is: how is Jason Hawk doing with his cancer?

Here’s what we were able to uncover about the resilient family man with a will of steel—and his battle so far.


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How did Jason Hawk find out he had cancer?

As much as Jason Hawk and his family live life off grid and on their own terms, sometimes even they need a little help.

Such was the case when Jason Hawk’s wife, Mary—who has been at his side since the pair met in 2008—took to GoFundMe to ask for a little bit of financial help from friends, family, and fans around the world.

In her post on the crowdfunding site, she explained that Jason had been diagnosed with cancer after dealing with pain for over a year.

The diagnosis came after months of invasive tests, and the results were clear: he was dealing with advanced stage, isolated cancer.


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What kind of treatment did Jason Hawk get for cancer?

Hawk has never been one to back down from a challenge, and it looks like he took this bull by the horns and went through his cancer treatment like a boss.

Jason’s oncology specialists recommended a full six-week course of intensive chemotherapy.

The reality TV survivalist then faced radiation therapy five days a week for months and another bout of chemotherapy.

All up, Jason faced down 32 weeks of non-stop treatment to fight back the tumor.

“If the tumor has shrunk sufficiently after the chemo,” explained Mary, a herbalist, “Jason will have surgery.”

The pair hoped that—all going according to plan—Hawk would be able to get back to business as usual after that.

Jason had a lot to motivate him through what was gearing up to be a bleak and challenging season in his life.

Not only was he an avid survivalist, but he was also a master blade smith, an artist, and a family man.

Hawk often seemed most inspired and excited when he was showing his kids—Kamui, River, and Maddie—the ways of their world.


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How is Jason Hawk doing with his cancer treatment?

In late January of 2021, fans and supporters received an update from Jason’s wife—and thanks for the generous donations they had received so far.

As testament to his popularity with friends, family, and total strangers, Hawk’s GoFundMe raised more than $35,000.

While that fell short of the $130,000 total cost of his treatment, it was a breathtaking amount of money for people to donate.

And it was enough to cover his medical bills to that point.

Jason started his second cycle of chemotherapy in mid-January.

According to Mary, this round was a struggle for him, and he spent much of his first week resting and recuperating.

By the second week, the pain had eased, and he felt well enough to head to the couple’s shop.

He spent time clearing out old projects, tidying up paperwork, and “dreaming about where to take the business from here.”

Mary thanked everyone for their support, letters, and words of encouragement.

By May of 2021, Jason Hawk had completed his treatment.

While his recovery would naturally take time, fans celebrated when they saw their Mountain Men favorite return to blade smithing—and posting his new projects on Instagram—at the end of 2021.


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Will Jason Hawk be back on Mountain Men?

While Jason Hawk is thriving in his health and business in 2022, it doesn’t look like the former reality television star is in any hurry to get back on television.

The Hawk family’s contract with the History Channel was not renewed following Jason’s diagnosis—as shared by Mary on the GoFundMe page.

They are focusing on their own business, Jason Hawk’s Outlaw Forge Works.

How is Jason Hawk doing today?

Jason continues to inspire his followers through his work in hand-forging blades, which he has been doing for over two decades. His Instagram account showcases his passion for crafting frontier knives, neo-tribal knives, leather goods, and accessories.

In the summer of 2023, Jason and his wife adopted a dog, Dobby. The name of the dog was inspired due to the dog’s resemblance to the Harry Potter character.


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Sherry Williams

Thursday 21st of September 2023

Hope your having a wonderful time with your family in the Ozarks. Hope you and your family are doing well. Miss seeing you guys on the mountain men. Hopefully you and your family will return to the mountain men!

Doug Molock

Tuesday 19th of September 2023

Praying for you Jason!!🙏🙏 Hopefully, you are doing better!! I wish you nothing but the best God can give you! Knowing with your craft, all will be taken care of!!

Patricia Acosta

Wednesday 5th of July 2023

Hi Jason and family, been wondering how you have been doing with your health and just read you're back doing what you love, to God be the Glory, praying for you and your family for continual strength and speedy recovery, miss you all in the show but your health and happiness with your family are more important, May God continue to bless you and your family, yours truly The Acosta Family

Dora Robinson

Wednesday 24th of May 2023

You and Mary are in our prayers would love to see you come back on the show but your health is more important. Take care and we may not personally know you but we love you.

Edith Budro

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

I sure hope and pray he is making a total recovery. I grew up in the Ozarks. We lived off grid while I was growing up. I identify with his style of living.