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Eugene Lee Yang Net Worth | Boyfriend

Eugene Lee Yang Net Worth – $2 million

What is Eugene Lee Yang’s net worth? Who is Eugene Lee Yang’s boyfriend?


It is no secret that in order to be a successful internet celebrity, you must have an engaging and entertaining personality.

This is why many people pay attention to Eugene Lee Yang – who has millions of followers on Instagram.

In this article, we will find out how much money this internet sensation has made and what the daily lifestyle of such a popular person looks like.

The Origin Story

Eugene is indeed an American actor/producer/author/director/activist, probably most famous for being a part of the YouTube group The Try Guys.

And he’s renowned for his participation with The Trevor Project.

Eugene’s fame has expanded beyond Instagram and Facebook towards other social media platforms, which includes Twitter.

With millions of followers on Instagram, he has shared his most recent career pursuits, as well as many other postings, with his admirers there.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, you may discover Eugene online.

To promote his profession, he has primarily utilized these social media sites.

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what is the net worth of Eugene Lee Yang


Eugene celebrates his birthday on every 18th of January since the year 1986.

He is of South Korean American heritage from Pflugerville, Texas. ”I was a very insecure, self-conscious kid,” Yang told The New York Times.

Yang holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California.

He was involved in various artistic pursuits in school, including drawing, visual arts, chorus, drama, and dancing.

Eugene went to USC (University of Southern California) in the year 2008. There, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Production.

Six short films he created and directed during his tenure at USC covered a wide range of social and political issues.


Eugene Lee Yang Net Worth


As an online video producer and creative content creator for BuzzFeed, Eugene gained notoriety when he teamed up with his three friends and coworkers.

Eugene works as an independent music video and marketing director for Menagerie Productions, in addition to his employment at BuzzFeed.

He has also written, directed, and produced numerous feature videos, including “Ma città, mon histoire” in 2009, “Wandering Star” in 2012, as well as “Comfort Girls” in 2014.

An acquaintance referred Eugene to BuzzFeed because of his early successes.

“The Try Guys” was created by him and three of his coworkers at BuzzFeed. He began as a video producer but subsequently appeared in front of the camera.

On June 16, 2018, the four partners departed BuzzFeed to create their independent production business, 2nd Try LLC, via which they’ve secured the rights to The Try Guys’ videos and upcoming work, although BuzzFeed remains the owner of The Try Guys’ name and brand.

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In 2019, Eugene disclosed he was seeing Matthew McLean. There have been numerous red carpets on which Eugene and Matthew appeared together since then, and they have worked along on clips for the “The Try Guys” YouTube channel.

Eugene Lee Yang and boyfriend Matthew McLean


Eugene and McLean had been living together for six years prior to the revelation of their relationship.

Matthew claimed that he met Eugene in the gym in episode 20 of “TryPods,” the official “The Try Guys” podcast.

He’s a manager at EY, according to his LinkedIn page, but in his spare time, he likes traveling, trying new foods, and posting pictures of himself in trendy clothing on Social media such as Instagram. During the 88th episode of “TryPods,” McLean stated that he had side jobs as a young man, notably as an apprentice at a funeral house.

Eugene Lee Yang – Net Worth

So, how much is Eugene Lee Yang worth? Yang earned most of his wealth from working for Buzzfeed as well as from being a co-founder of The Try Guys and 2nd Try alongside Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfeld. Therefore, American filmmaker Eugene Lee Yang has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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