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Nurse Blake Net Worth | Husband

Nurse Blake Net Worth – $1.5 million

Blake Lynch, aka Nurse Blake, was born in Orlando, Florida, on May 14, 1991.

He’s now a registered nurse, advocate, content creator, and motivational speaker. Let’s explore everything we know about Nurse Blake.

Nurse Blake’s passion for the medical field came from his father working as a respiratory therapist for thirty years. Additionally, witnessing the care and attention his grandfather received while in hospice care, inspired him to do the same for others.

Blake started his nursing journey in 2012 as a patient transporter at the age of 17.

His responsibility was to transport patients around the hospital. He also served as a surgical assistant and clinical ICU tech.

He was later accepted into nursing school at the University of Central Florida.

Nurse Blake Net Worth

After graduating in 2014, he received his bachelor’s degree in Nursing. He got his first job in the nursing field and began working the night shift at the medical-surgical unit.

Banned4Life Campaign


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When he attempted to donate blood for a friend and was turned away because of his sexual orientation, Nurse Blake started the Banned4Life Campaign to combat the FDA and their outdated policies related to gay men.

After two years, with the help and support of other nurses and nursing students, Blake was finally able to convince the FDA to lift the lifetime ban on gay men from donating blood.

Social Media Career

In April 2017, Blake began creating funny and inspirational videos for nurses and nursing students.

One day while driving home from work, Nurse Blake had a panic attack. He realized that as a healthcare worker, he needed an outlet.

Blake started with the joke by creating a fashionable scrub and romper combination and called it the “scromper.”

After posting the video on social media, it quickly went viral.


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A community of supportive nurses and nursing students grew around his content.

He uses his platform to spread joy and laughter amongst his followers as well as advocate on behalf of healthcare workers.

At the time of writing, Nurse Blake has 948K followers on Instagram, 188K subscribers on YouTube, and 1.7M followers on Facebook.

From the success of his social media fame, Nurse Blake became a comedic performer and hosted a 50-city PTO Tour.


Nurse Blake is currently married to his husband, Brett Donnelly, since 2016.

He’s claimed that his husband is his biggest supporter and has always stood beside him.

Currently, his husband is a huge part of his content creation career, and he frequently assists Blake with recording videos and creating content.



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In 2019, Nurse Blake launched NurseCon, an organization focused on caring for nurses and nursing students.

He first launched NurseCon at Sea convention in 2019. NurseCon at Sea is a massive nursing conference held on a cruise ship.

The purpose of NurseCon is to create an environment that is fun and engaging and allows nurses and nursing students to come together to share ideas and learn from one another.

In 2021, he launched the NurseCon app. This app offers continuing nursing education courses for free with on-demand videos. All of the content was developed by qualified nursing educators.

The Nurse Blake Podcast


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In 2021, Blake started a podcast called The Nurse Blake Podcast.

On this show, he and his husband, Brett, discuss topics related to the nursing industry, relationship advice, safe staffing ratios, and more.

Nurse Blake brings his medical take on matters, while his husband brings the perspective of a non-healthcare worker who is married to a nurse.



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On May 24, 2022, Nurse Blake and Timmy Bauer published the children’s book “I Want to Be A Nurse When I Grow Up.”

He also has a free Nurse Blake activity book on his website that compliments the children’s book.

Nurse Blake – Net Worth

So, how much is Nurse Blake worth?

Lynch earned most of his wealth from working as a registered nurse since 2014, stand-up comedy, founding and managing NurseCon, and selling copies of his book (“I Want to Be A Nurse When I Grow Up”). The bold sold an estimated 35,000 copies on Amazon.

“I never expected graduating from nursing school that I would be able to do stand-up and comedy for theaters full of nurses and nursing students, but I definitely think it just goes to show the power of our community,” Lynch revealed in an interview.

Therefore, Nurse Blake has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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How much is Nurse Blake worth?

Nurse Blake has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Who is Nurse Blake’s husband?

Brett Donnelly.

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