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What happened to Doughboy on Street Outlaws?

What happened to Doughboy on Street Outlaws Memphis?


When Street Outlaws premiered on the Discovery channel back in 2013, it instantly became a hit with auto racing fans across the US—and eventually, across the planet.

The show follows competitors from Oklahoma City—where the show started—as well as Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis, and several Texas street racing hot spots.

With nine regular seasons, No Prep Kings, a video game, and the Fastest in America spin-off shows, Street Outlaws has had a long time to win hearts worldwide.

And as the drivers of the cast put the pedal to the metal to represent their crew, many of them gained a major fan following.

It may have started with the OKC icons like Big Chief and Daddy Dave, but soon the Memphis crew was seeing a lot of love.


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Who are the stars of Street Outlaws Memphis?

As the team’s official leader, JJ Da Boss soon became a favorite with his brutal honesty and ruthlessness on the streets.

He may be a big name in Memphis street racing, but JJ is a family man as well—he’s got 11 kids and a few grandkids so far.

As a loyal teammate, good friend, and expert mentor to many on the street circuit, it’s no wonder he’s gained a major fan base.

The tenacious little pocket rocket known as Precious Cooper, who came up in the ninth season of the show and quickly clocked up some solid wins on the circuit, is also impressing Discovery channel viewers.

 Then there’s JJ Da Boss’s wife Tricia “Midget” Day, who grew up with Precious Cooper and holds her own going head-to-head against some of the best street racers in Tennessee.

Even with a bunch of kids at home, she still finds time to dominate in her ’66 Chevy Nova.

Another racer that caught viewers’ attention early on in his reality television career was Doughboy.

Doughboy rose through the ranks with the Memphis crew and earned a reputation as a skilled driver, competitive racer, and all-around badass on the streets.

Then he disappeared from the show. He stopped updating his social media.

Fans want to know: what happened to Doughboy on Street Outlaws? Here’s the answer.


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Who is Doughboy on Street Outlaws?

Doughboy is the son of Street Outlaws Memphis big boss man, Jonathan Day—AKA JJ Da Boss.

And no, Tricia “Midget” Day is not his mom—JJ’s wife is actually 10 years younger than he is, and was only 7 years old when JJ welcomed his first child with someone else.

Doughboy was born on December 31, 1990, in his dad’s hometown outside Memphis, Tennessee.

He is the oldest of JJ’s 11 children, and his real name is Joshua Day.

He married his wife, fellow street racer Chelsea, in September of 2015, and the pair have two children—a son named Kamden and a daughter named Novaleigh.

Doughboy first appeared on Street Outlaws: Memphis in only its second episode, and he rapidly amassed some die-hard fans.

In mid-2021, those fans noticed that Doughboy wasn’t on the show anymore.

Tracking his social media, it appeared that he hadn’t even posted on Instagram since April of 2019.

While the show must go on, Doughboy didn’t appear in the next 12 episodes until 2022.


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What happened to Doughboy from Street Outlaws?

Doughboy Day’s absence from the hit Discovery show throughout season 5 generated a lot of attention and led to some pretty unhappy viewers.

The cast, crew, and show producers remained tight-lipped on Doughboy’s whereabouts, leading fans to speculate that something terrible had happened.

Viewers also drew attention to the fact that in show footage and social media posts by the Street Outlaws: Memphis crew, Doughboy’s wife, Chelsea, and the pair’s two children are often around.

The trio appear to spend a lot of time at JJ and Tricia’s home—but Doughboy is never in the shots.

When news surfaced that Chelsea and their children were living with JJ Da Boss and Tricia, fans became even more suspicious.

Theories were varied—with many fans on Reddit suggesting that Doughboy was possibly in jail following some earlier legal issues. One user set the record straight on that theory, explaining that “you can check the jail records and he’s not in jail.”

Others thought the legal issues he had previously referred to were following the often circulated Cali fight, in which Doughboy appeared to play a major role. After this, the theory was that Discovery / Pilgrim did not want him on the show.

Due to contractual obligations, this also meant he could not be shown in any social media channels endorsed by the show—like other cast members’ Instagram feeds, for example.

As a long-time member of the larger Day family—and Precious Cooper’s sister—Chelsea continues racing and is involved with the rest of the crew.

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Where is Doughboy from Street Outlaws, really?

Possibly tiring of all the gossip that detracted from the Street Outlaws: Memphis show—and the racing itself—JJ Da Boss eventually explained in a video excerpt that Doughboy was having back trouble.

He explained that Doughboy had an injured disk in his back.

Given that the eldest of the Day children had sustained serious injuries in a car accident back in season 2 of the show, it might make sense that he is currently out of action.

As if to confirm this, some fans noted that they spotted Doughboy at the end of season 5, episode 7, in the background.

This has not been confirmed by show execs but it goes a long way to dispelling some of the rumors going around.


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