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Rob Bailey Net Worth $4 Million

What is Rob Bailey’s net worth?

Robert “Rob” Bailey is an American photographer, musician, and bodybuilder who has a net worth of $4 million. He is best known as the husband of the famous female bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey.

Bailey was born on May 27th, 1983.

His exact place of birth is unknown, and little is known at all of his early life.

Bailey attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia but decided to drop out before completing his studies.

He instead went into web design and later worked for the shopping channel QVC as a graphic designer.

“I dropped out of college, I went to art school, I dropped out of art school, and I started working for QVC, the home shopping channel,” Rob said in an interview in April 2021. He added: “Really weird place for me to work.”

Meeting Dana Linn

Rob Bailey Net Worth

Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey – @Getty

Bailey met his future wife, then named Dana Linn, during a workout session at the local gym.

Bailey immediately recognized the potential in the young woman, who espoused a desire to own her own gym and establish her own health and fitness empire.

Bailey put his all into advancing his future wife’s career.

His time at QVC served him well; he used many of the marketing tricks he had picked up in order to build his wife’s profile, and he was soon able to ensure that Dana Linn Bailey’s name was one well-known in bodybuilding circles.

Flag Nor Fail

Bailey has put his marketing skills in a joint venture with his wife known as “Flag Nor Fail.”

The fitness apparel brand caters not only to gym-goers and bodybuilders but also to outdoors enthusiasts, and has established itself as one of the foremost apparel companies in the industry.

The company also produces fitness supplements designed to help users build muscle mass.

Warhouse Gym

What is Rob Bailey's net worth


Bailey and his wife were finally able to achieve their dream of opening their own gym in 2015.

The couple opened Warhouse Gym in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The gym was notable for its state-of-the-art equipment and the fact that it was open 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, Warhouse Gym was hit particularly hard by recent events.

In October 2020, the couple announced via their Instagram page that they had been forced to close the gym’s doors for good.

The ongoing lockdowns during 2020 had hit the gym particularly hard, and the Baileys were forced to liquidate the business and sell off all equipment, as well as refund existing members.

Both Baileys were particularly emotional about the unexpected reversal of fortune regarding the gym.

Music Career

In addition to his bodybuilding and merchandising business, Bailey is also an avid musician.

He has worked with producer Charlie Hustle to produce raw and eclectic music, which mixes hip-hop, hardcore rock, and dubstep with Bailey’s signature growling voice.

At one point, Bailey and Hustle placed first on iTunes’ chart for electronic music.

Bailey has since founded a band called Land and Ammo.

The two-piece consists of Bailey himself on vocals and Jake Hill on guitar and backing vocals and enjoys moderate success on its tours, with their first ever live gig, an ‘intimate acoustic setting’ in Las Vegas, NV, selling out well ahead of the date.

Interestingly, Under Armour, the American sportswear company, used in one of their videos one of Bailey’s songs. “This was crazy to me,” Rov said. “They’re using my songs in real commercials.” ESPN also used one of his songs as a theme song.


Dana Linn Bailey --- wife of Rob Bailey


Bailey has been married to his university sweetheart, the bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey, since 2013.

The couple is still together at the time of writing and resides in Whitefish, Montana.

They have no children.

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Pilot Licence

Bailey has a pilot license.

“I love feeling like I’m in control,” Bailey revealed recently. “I love freedom. I love being in control of my own destiny. I love abundance, so like if I want to be able to travel somewhere, I want to be able to do something. If there’s anything in my way, I want to try to mitigate that, stop it, and wipe it away so that I can just be as free as possible.”

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Rob Bailey worth? What does Rob Bailey do for a living?

Rob earned most of his wealth from managing Warhouse Gym and Flag Nor Fail, as well as from his music career.

Bailey also makes money from coaching fitness enthusiasts. More details on Rob’s website — More importantly, Rob and his wife own exclusive Air BnB properties.

Therefore, Rob Bailey has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Note – Rob’s wealth is cumulated with his wife’s.

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