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Dana Linn Bailey Net Worth

Dana Linn Bailey Net Worth – $4 million

What is Dana Linn Bailey’s net worth? Who is Dana Linn Bailey’s husband?


Dana Linn Bailey is a bodybuilder most renowned for her participation in IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Figure and Fitness competitions.

Bailey is the winner of the first Ms. Physique Olympia. 

The Origin Story

She was born on May 30th, 1980, in Reading, Pennsylvania.

She was an avid sports and fitness enthusiast from a young age; she took an interest in several sports, such as swimming, football, basketball, and field hockey.

Bailey often credits her interest in fitness to her parents, whom she said encouraged her to be competitive and active from an early age.

By the time she began studying at West Chester University, she was an avid soccer player – a sport she pursued at a collegiate level.

Throughout her time at West Chester, she represented them as a defender on the starting team.

Early Bodybuilding Career

What is Dana Linn Bailey's net worth

Juliana Malacarne and Dana Linn Bailey – @Getty

Bailey was unable to pursue a career in soccer after university, so she began to explore the world of bodybuilding.

She started attending the gym religiously; it was there she met her husband-to-be, Rob Bailey.

Bailey soon began to develop her physique and, encouraged by her progress, she pushed herself harder and harder.

Her first figure competition was in 2006, at the Lehigh Valley Championships.

At first, she taught physical fitness at a high school alongside training for competitions; she ultimately left this profession in order to focus on bodybuilding full-time.

Professional Competition and IFBB

Bailey participated in her first competitive figure competition in 2011 – the 2011 Junior USAs.

She placed first overall and was awarded her IFBB pro card.

She was also the first woman to take part professionally in the IFBB.

Over the next eight years, Bailey established herself as a powerhouse on the competitive physique scene.

She took part in at least one competition per year, placing first in two and second in four.

Following the 2019 Brute Showdown Women’s Edition, she retired from competitive bodybuilding.

“It’s a very hard sport, so if you’re you don’t toughen up, and you’re not good with having people give their opinions, then this can break you,” Bailey said in an interview with Generation Iron.

Gym Owner and YouTube Star

dana linn bailey age


Following her retirement from competitive bodybuilding, Bailey and her husband opened a commercial gym in her hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania.

The gym is open 365 days a year and is fully outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment from noted fitness brands.

Update – the Baileys closed the gym in 2020.

Bailey has also made a name for herself as a YouTube fitness coach.

She has almost 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and has been described as possibly the “most famous” female fitness coach on YouTube.

In addition to running her gym, Bailey makes dozens of appearances at fitness expos and competitions each year.

She is also heavily involved with the fitness apparel brand “Flag Nor Fail,” for which she produces several supplements alongside her husband. Bailey also participates in the creation of new merchandise for the brand.


Dana Linn Bailey and husband Rob Bailey


Dana Linn Bailey remains married to Rob Bailey, whom she met shortly after university and who remains her committed partner in both marriage and business.

She continues to live in her hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania.

She and her husband do not have any children.


“Motivation that’s probably the question I get the most I don’t know if you get it the most, but my answer to where do you find motivation is usually you don’t need it there’s motivation isn’t the factor that gets me to the gym its discipline.”

“Finding a goal, finding your purpose, which will create habits that you do repetitively over time, which gives you your discipline. Habits create discipline, so once you form routine form, habits, it creates discipline. You don’t need motivation. Motivation is just like the cherry on top.”

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Dana Linn Bailey – Net Worth

how much is Dana Linn Bailey worth


So, how much is Dana Linn Bailey worth? Fans are wondering.

Bailey earned most of her wealth from her career as an IFBB Pro fitness and figure competitor, ads on her YouTube channel, brand deals, and her fitness app — DLB Daily.

“Bodybuilding is for sure the hardest sport I’ve ever done,” Dana said. “I saw the gym as my own competition.”

Having an active plan on Bailey’s app costs $7 per month or $70 per year.

On YouTube, Dana has over 110 million views — about $330k in revenue.

Bailey was sponsored by the clothing brand FLAG NOR FAIL, supplements company Run Everything, food delivery service TRIFECTA, and more.

Dana and her husband own a five-bedroom house. Bailey says they don’t need such a big house, but “they bought it for the views.” More details about the house you can find here.

Therefore, Dana Linn Bailey has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Note – Dana Linn Bailey’s wealth is cumulated with her husband’s.

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