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Sharrieff Shah Net Worth 2024

Sharrieff Shah Net Worth – $2 million

What are Sharrieff Shah’s net worth and salary?


Sharrieff Shah, Sr. is an American athlete, lawyer, coach, and agent.

He is best known as the special teams coordinator for the University of Utah.

He is married to Jen Shah, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

With his wife’s fame and success, many people are curious about how much money coach Shah makes and what his net worth is.

We will talk about Sharrieff Shah’s net worth and salary in detail.

We will also look at his career as a coach and how he came to be associated with Jen Shah.

The Origin Story

Shah was born in LA, California, on January 29th, 1971.

Little is known of his childhood, though it is known that he attended Susan Miller Dorsey High School.

Sharrieff Shah Net Worth


The school has a number of other famous graduates, including Robert Kardashian Sr. and Keyshawn Johnson.

Shah matriculated at the University Of Salt Lake City, Utah.

He earned an astonishing three degrees from the university.

College Football Career

Shah appeared for the “Utes” (the University of Utah’s football team) as a strong safety for the first three years of his time at the university.

Unfortunately, a serious neck injury three games into his senior year put an end to his college football career – and to any aspirations he might have had of pursuing a professional footballing career.

Shah acquitted himself admirably during his time playing for the Utes.

Of particular note was his 1991 appearance against Oregon State University; he was responsible for 13 tackles, two forced fumbles, three sacks, and five tackles for loss.

Shah is still in the University of Utah’s top five in four categories for a single game: sacks, tackles for loss, forced fumbles, and total lost yards.

Shah was also an accomplished runner during his time in college, qualifying for the WAC Indoor Track and Field Championships for each of the three years in which he was able to compete.


Following his time at the University of Utah, Shah continued his studies and earned three degrees in total: a bachelor’s degree in political science (graduated 1993), a master’s degree in exercise and sports science (1995), and a Juris Doctor (2001).

Following his studies, Shah practice law in Utah for the next 12 years.

He specialized in commercial litigation initially; later, he switched his focus to automobile accidents and medical malpractice.

He also represented (and helped train) a number of NFL players.

Shah also moonlighted as a football sideline analyst for local radio and TV during his time as a lawyer.  

Coach at the University of Utah

In 2012, Shah returned to the world of college football when he was hired as the cornerbacks coach at Utah.

From 2016 through 2018, he also acted as the co-special teams coordinator, becoming the sole coordinator prior to the start of the 2019 season.


Sharrieff Shah married his wife, Jen Shah, in 1994 after the two had dated throughout college.

Jen Shah

Jen Shah leaving Manhattan federal court – @Getty

Jen Shah converted to her husband’s religion of Islam after they had married, abandoning her family’s religion of Mormonism.

Jen received a six-and-a-half-year prison term in January 2023.


Shah and his wife have two children – Sharrieff Jr. and Omar.

Sharrieff Jr. was conceived while the couple was still in college, and was born in March of 1994. His uncle is uncle Karim Abdul Jabbar.

Their second son, Omar, was born in 2003.

Shah has stuck by his wife throughout her recent legal troubles; the reality TV star was arrested in 2021 for conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

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Sharrieff Shah – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Sharrieff Shah worth? Shah accrued most of his wealth from his career as a lawyer as well as from working as an American football coach. His work ethic and dedication have earned him respect from players and coaches alike. Therefore, Sharrieff Shah has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Sharrieff has held several positions at the University of Utah, including cornerbacks coach and special teams coordinator.

Sharrieff Shah’s annual salary at the University of Utah is around $450,000.

In addition to his coaching salary, it is possible that Sharrieff earns income from various endorsement deals that he has signed over the years.

In June 2020, Shah and his wife sold a property located in Sandy, Utah, for $213,000. The couple initially purchased the house in 2004 for $302,069.

They used to rent a $3.9 million home in Salt Lake City. However, the two now rent another property in Park City, which costs $8,000 monthly.

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