Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

What is Ryan Upchurch’s net worth?


YouTube comedian turned American country rapper, singer/songwriter, and rock n roll star – there’s not much that Ryan Upchurch can’t do.

While he got his start making videos about redneck life to make people laugh, he has since created massive amounts of music ranging in a genre that has rocket launched his path to stardom.

This guy’s going places. Read on to learn about his childhood, career, marriage, kids, hobbies, and more.

The Origin Story

On May 24th of 1991, Ryan Edward Upchurch was born just outside of Nashville in Ashland City, Tennessee.

And let us tell you, he is proud of his Cheatham County origins!

He keeps any information about his parents under pretty tight wraps, but it is known that he has at least one sibling – Austen.

Austen even starred in the music video for one of his brother’s big hits, “Summer Love.”

Ryan went to high school at Hodgson Vo-Tech Highschool, Industrial Mechanic/Millwright program. He was really a star in his program, ranking 3rd in his class and maintaining a GPA of 3.94!

Like many millennial musicians, Ryan got his start on YouTube. In his early internet personality days, he was more of a comedy channel than a music channel. Ryan’s fans found him hilarious!

He even sold merch displaying his catchphrase, “raise hell and eat cornbread.” This brand line of his (RHEC) has since been picked up and sponsored by Redneck Nation.

Now most widely known as a country rapper and singer, Ryan simply goes by the name “Upchurch.” And while his early music was almost entirely rap, he has since widened his scope to include country songs and even some rock n’ roll.

After accruing some demand from his YouTube subscribers to release music, Upchurch released the EP Cheatham County on May 12th of 2015.

At the beginning of the next year (2016), he released his first full album titled Heart of America. It reached spot 24 on the US rap charts, and he sold 1,800 copies!

He went on to release the album Chicken Willie in the same year, and climbed to #11 on the US rap charts, selling over 3,500 copies.

Again in 2016, Upchurch released his third album, Bad Mutha Fucka, and again reached the 11th spot on US rap charts.

In 2017, he released the album Son of the South (which reached #29 on US country charts) and the album King of Dixie (which reached #10 on US country charts) as Upchurch, as well as releasing the EP Summer of Love as Ryan Upchurch, which sold over 400,000 copies.

In 2018, he released four more albums as Upchurch – Creeker (#5 on US country charts and Upchurch’s first rock album), The Oven (with Demun Jones), Supernatural (#6 on US country charts, and his biggest album to date selling over 16.8 thousand copies), and River Rat.

He also released the EP Project X, Vol. 1 (with Bottleneck) the same year.

2019 brought the release of three more full albums, titled Creeker II (#7 on US country charts), Parachute (#6 on US country charts), and Hooligan (with Adam Calhoun).

In 2020, things slowed a bit, and Upchurch only released one album, Everlasting Country (#6 on US country charts).

In 2021, he’s released four albums, Hideas: The Album, Mud to Gold, Upchurch Remixed (with DJ Cliffy D), and Same Ol Same Ol.

Upchurch has official music videos for over 40 of his songs, which isn’t surprising considering video is was started his career.

His music video for the song “Outlaw” even features major country music star, Luke Combs.

These are Upchurch’s 3 charted non-album single songs:

  • “Southern Land” (with Taylor Ray Holbrook) was released in 2016 and reached 44 on US country charts;
  • “Shoulda Named It After Me” (with Colt Ford) was released in 2018 and reached 46 on US country charts; and
  • “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” (with Katie Noel) was released in 2019 and reached 47 on US country charts.

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In September of 2020, Ryan Upchurch married his wife, Taylor Eileen Smith, after popping the question in July of 2020.

The two are beautiful together, and seem very happy!

Taylor has a daughter named Raelynn Ann, who they lovingly call Rae.

It seems that Rae is not Ryan’s daughter but a child from a previous relationship of Taylor’s – however, this is not proven.

There is a picture of Ryan holding Rae when she was just a newborn, so him being the father isn’t necessarily out of the question.

Ryan’s previous relationship with Brianna Vanvleet was a whirlwind.

They dated for years, starting in 2015. Ryan was in love with her and was even rumored to have been engaged to her at one point, but the couple didn’t work out.

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He loves tattoos, and he has several tattoos on his body, including his arms and hands.

He even wrote on his Twitter account:

”Cheap tattoos are not good, good tattoos are not cheap.”

Luke Combs is featured in his music video for the song “Outlaw.” 

The music artist is passionate about ending bullying. Ryan is the head ambassador and spokesman for R.I.S.E. & Stand, a non-profit organization that is focused on ending all acts of cruelty.

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Ryan Upchurch – Net Worth

Upchurch earns most of his wealth from the music he creates. For instance, his first album – ”Heart of America” sold more than 1,300 copies in the first seven days of release.

His album – ”Son of the South,” debuted at No. 29 with over 48,200 copies sold, whereas ”Summer Love” debuted at No. 33 in the Top Country Albums chart with more than 3,710 copies sold. 

In 2016, he released an album titled – ”Chicken Willie,” which topped Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, selling more than 2,810 copies in its first week.

Other albums include – Same Ol Same Ol, Everlasting Country, Parachute, and more.

Ryan has a popular clothing line. 

Ryan earns money from ads on his YouTube channel. At the time of writing, the channel had over 1.72 billion views. This means about $5 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, American rapper Ryan Upchurch has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

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  1. Ryan is the most talented rapper song writer country artist rocker on the planet. He has done all of this never forgetting his roots and our southern flag and without any record industry support because they won’t accept his flag. The best part is his lyrics are real. You have to live it before you can write about it and he speaks for all of us in the country hood. There’ll never be another he’s one off. The best there is.


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