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Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas Net Worth

Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas Net Worth – $1 million

What is Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas’ net worth?


Sage Thomas (frequently referred to by his nickname of ‘Donkmaster’) is an American race-car competitor and reality TV personality.

He is best known for his appearances on the Vice TV show ‘Donkmaster.’

The Origin Story

Thomas was born in Savannah, Georgia, but was raised in Orangeburg and Hardeeville, South Carolina.

His parents were a chef and a schoolteacher.

Thomas didn’t live with his father, who was based in Florida.

Thomas would spend the summers with his father, however.

It was during these summers that Thomas began to notice the cars known as “Donks,” which refers to the 1971-1976 Impala or Caprice.

Thomas’ interest in Donks continued into his teens; he got a job in a local car wash in Orangeburg and greatly admired the drivers that brought their Donks into the car wash.

Thomas noted that the men driving these vehicles always attracted a lot of female attention, which further boosted his interest in them.

Early Career

Thomas’ interest in Donks was encouraged by his Uncle Buggy, and, under his instruction, he built his first Donk at the age of 16.

Donk articulated that completing this project gave him a ‘high’ that nothing else could replicate, and it fueled his ongoing love of Donks both esthetically and as sports cars.

Thomas began to watch DVDs of famous Floridian Donk riders, such as ‘Murff Dog.’

The success of such riders inspired Thomas, and he continued to increase his fleet of Donks (known as the ‘Skittle Pack’).

Before getting into pure Donk racing, however, Thomas stuck to drag racing for around ten years.

National Donk Racing Association

Thomas founded the NRDA (National Donk Racing Association) circa 2015.

Sage stated that he started the association because there was no codified regulatory body that was ensuring safety standards in the sport, which can be quite dangerous.

Due to the high center of gravity and the weight of Donks, they can be challenging to properly pilot and are easily crashed.

The NRDA brought in universal safety standards, like roll cages and harnesses, in order to ensure the safety of all participants.

Legal Troubles

Thomas was jailed in 2018 for trafficking cannabis.

According to Thomas himself, he was caught transporting over 100 pounds of marijuana, which landed him a jail sentence of seven months.

Following his release from prison, he went back to work in his custom auto shop back in Orangeburg.

Personal Life

Thomas has 5 children in total: a 15-year-old, an 11-year-old, 9-year-old twins, and a 6-year-old.

Thomas has talked about how thinking about his kids got him through his seven-month prison term.

It is not known if Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas is currently married, single, or in a relationship.

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Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas – Net Worth

So, how much is Sage Thomas worth?

Thomas earned most of his wealth from managing “In and Out Customs,” appearing in the racing series “Donkmaster,” sponsorships, and from his involvement in the Donk racing scene.

Thomas opened his own auto shop – In and Out Customs – in 2014.

The auto shop is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and has catered to several celebrities over the years, including Tim Jennings and Karlous Miller. The shop is closed to the general public and is appointment only.

Therefore, Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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