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Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth | Husband

Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth – $12 million

What is Brooke Ashley Hall’s net worth? Who is Brooke Ashley Hall’s husband?


Brooke Ashley Hall is an American internet personality and influencer. She is best known for her popular Tiktok and Instagram accounts.

The Origin Story

Hall was born in the USA on April 19th, 1993.

It is not known in which part of the USA she was born, or where she was raised.

Similarly, little is known of her parents, or whether or not she has any siblings.

Hall developed an interest in makeup and fitness from an early age. This would go on to influence her future career a great deal.

Hall did not attend college; at approximately the age of 16, she gave birth to her first child, and focused on raising him rather than pursuing further education.


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Hall has a huge following on Instagram, with around one million followers.

Despite having only established her account in 2021, she has quickly found success on the platform, as attested by the huge number of followers she commands.

Hall’s content is a mixture of fashion and beauty tips, makeup tutorials, shopping recommendations, and slice-of-life videos that give in insight into Hall’s home life.

Hall’s husband, the noted boxer Marco Hall, often features in her Instagram content.

She also posts many clips of her family vacations, and her children feature in many of these.


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Hall’s TikTok account is incredibly popular, with 13.8 million followers at the time of writing.

Similarly to her Instagram account, Hall publishes a lot of content that revolves around lifestyle and beauty.

She also posts a lot of videos featuring her family, particularly with regard to their various vacations.

Another popular type of video featured on her account is the lip-sync videos that enjoy great popularity in general on Tiktok, as well as short videos in which Hall dances.  

Hall’s Tiktok videos have amassed a total of 576 million likes at the time of writing, making her account extremely popular.

“We’ve always loved fashion and things like that, but we never knew that like we would gather such a huge audience on the TikTok platform,” Hall said in February 2021.


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Hall and her husband have enjoyed massive success with their YouTube channel, the Beverly Halls.

At the time of writing, the channel enjoyed 6.49 million subscribers, and had published an astonishing 3,400 videos since 2014.

In contrast to Hall’s personal Instagram/Tiktok accounts, the Beverly Halls YouTube channel is much more focused on pranks, challenges, and slice-of-life content than fashion, makeup, and beauty tips.

The videos prominently feature the couple’s three children, with many of the videos being led by the children themselves rather than their parents.

In these videos, the children are often seen to be pranking their parents or engaging in challenges.

The Halls are known for their prolific output on their YouTube channel, and document everything that happens within their family – even things that might otherwise remain private for others.

In 2023, a series of videos documented the heart problems of their eldest child, Braylon, and his hospitalization and recovery.


Brooke Ashley Hall and her husband Marco Hall


Brooke Ashley Hall married boxer Marco Hall in approximately 2014.


The two have three children in total: Braylon (Hall’s son from a previous relationship), Mar’Cannon, and Caedon.

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Brooke Ashley Hall – Net Worth

Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth


So, how much is Brooke Ashley Hall worth?

Ashley earned most of her wealth from ads on the YoUTube channel The Beverly Halls, posting on TikTok, and brand deals.

The channel has over 6.8 billion views — about $20 million in revenue before state taxes.

In May 2023, Brooke and her husband announced, via YouTube, that they moved into a new house. The price of the house is undisclosed.

Let’s get to the actual meat of this video, which is the new location, yes we officially move,” Ashley said. “We were not expecting this, as our last home was our forever home… You never say forever because into that home, we put so much of our time and energy into trying to invest in it. We basically never really mentioned it because we don’t like to go into like finances and details.”

Therefore, Brooke Ashley Hall has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

Note – Ashley’s net worth is cumulated with her husband’s.

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