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Scott Swerland Net Worth | Wife

What is Scott Swerland’s net worth? Is Scott Swerland married?


An entrepreneur from a young age, Swerland started his first business at twelve and incorporated it at only fifteen years old.

He’s the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Urban Float, the Founder and CEO of Seattle Sun Tan, and the CEO of TruFusion Washington.

The Origin Story

Growing up with ADD, Scott got into a lot of trouble at school.

He’d been told by many principals and teachers that he would never amount to anything and dedicated his time to prove them wrong.

Scott’s parents were very supportive and nurturing of him as he grew up.

Swerland claimed that his father taught him about business and the importance of hard work.

His parents were also heavily involved in nonprofit work while he was growing up, and this influenced him in his philanthropic endeavors today.

When Scott attended high school, he decided to put a lot of focus on business and accounting.

He was able to achieve a 4.0 GPA and went on to the University of Southern California and received a B.A. in Entrepreneurship.

Scott prefers to live his personal life away from the public eye and has not shared a lot of information about his family online.

He’s shared that he has a sister, Shauna Swerland, the CEO of Fuel Talent, which she launched in 2013.


Scott Swerland is currently engaged with Brooke Catano, at least according to Catano’s FB page. It is unclear if the two are married.


He is the father of four boys.

Business Ventures

Seattle Sun Tan

Scott Swerland founded Seattle Sun Tan in January 2004.

Seattle Sun Tan Group is the umbrella organization for Seattle Sun Tan, Dessert Sun Tan (acquired in 2012), and Seattle Sun Light Spa. 

The company has just under 100 locations.

Urban Float

In March 2012, Scott was approached by a gentleman who was seeking funding for Urban Float, a sensory deprivation tank business.

By 2013, they partnered together and launched their first location with three pods in it.

The purpose of the tank is to allow the user to decompress.

The tank is filled with body-temperature water and Epsom salts.

The salt allows you to float in total darkness and with no sound.

The first location, known as a salon, had the pods filled 22 hours a day.

Urban Float went on to open two more locations, then opened its first franchise unit in 2016.

TruFusion Washington

In February 2018, Scott Swerland became the CEO of TruFusion.

This organization is a group fitness franchise with four to five studios in one location, 230+ classes per week, and 65 different styles of classes.

Shark Tank

In 2017, Scott Swerland received a call from Matt Higgins from Shark Tank asking him to fill in an application to be on the show.

He was told that he’d been seen on Entrepreneur Magazine, and they were interested in having him on the show.

His episode aired on March 19, 2019.

After explaining what their business is about and the franchise concept, Scott Swerland and Joe Beaudry requested $500,000 for 5% of the business.

After some discussion, they accepted an offer from Matt Higgins for $500,000 for 12.5%.

After the show aired, however, they decided to walk away from the deal with Matt Higgins.

Urban Float has been able to open two franchises, one in Ohio and another in Delaware.

At the time of writing, the company has six locations.

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Scott Swerland – Net Worth

Swerland earned most of his wealth from founding and managing Seattle Sun Tan.

Scott is also the CEO of TruFusion Washington and Desert Sun Tanning.

Therefore, Scott Swerland has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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