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Slim Jesus Net Worth 2024

Slim Jesus Net Worth – $300,000

What is Slim Jesus’ net worth?


You’ll probably recognize Slim Jesus for his 2015 rap single, Drill Time.

The song, in which the petite Ohio boy talks about shooting people, buying designer clothing, and hanging out with his gang on Frank block, attracted more than 50 million views over a six-year period.

As for Slim Jesus, despite Drill Time’s success, he hasn’t managed to get his YouTube subscriber count past 280,000.

We’re digging into his past to find out everything there is to know about the diminutive rapper often mocked for looking like kids’ cartoon character Caillou—or Dewy from Malcolm in the Middle.

The Origin Story

Slim Jesus was born Clarence Smith on April 10, 1997.

He hails from Hamilton, Ohio, where he was raised by his mom.

Slim Jesus has always been an outgoing kid, and is described by people who know him as extroverted.

He has a strong relationship with his mom, and has referenced her multiple times in interviews for her resilience and grind.

His musical icon is Machine Gun Kelly. MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, is a rapper most famous for piggybacking off rap icon Eminem with the diss track Rap Devil, and dating former actress and early 2000s beauty, Megan Fox.

His other celebrity role models are NBA Youngboy, Chief Keef, and Logic.

Youngboy and Chief Keef both rose to prominence on YouTube, while Logic is signed to Def Jam Records.

Slim Jesus initially went by the moniker Swag Jesus, but changed it in 2015.

He was 18 at the time of the release of his first-ever rap single, Drill Time.

It’s Drill Time

what is the net worth of Slim Jesus


The song gained hundreds of thousands of views in its first few days.

Over the next five years, the official music video would be watched 58 million times.

While the video was only a partial success—many of the comments and publicity that followed was negative—it must have paid off in some form for Slim Jesus.

In a 2017 interview he claimed he hadn’t needed to work since the track’s release.

The claim was surprising, given the lukewarm reception the undersized teen received while on the road for his US tour that year.

Shows in Kentucky failed to attract more than 30 people—most of whom had left by the end of the set.

Another show, this time in Ottawa, Canada, was interrupted when a man snatched the mic from Slim Jesus—who failed to put up any kind of resistance—and stated, “Support real hip hop.”

Many listeners felt that Slim Jesus was living in a fantasy world when he dropped the track, specifically in his references to guns, crime, and women.

At the time, Slim Jesus claimed that he wasn’t involved in that life—but that he had friends who lived that life.

By 2017, he’d edited that stance a little—claiming that he was still not going to incriminate himself by admitting to anything.

After Drill Time’s release in August of 2015, Slim Jesus followed up with Traffic and Buck Buck—another track about guns and criminal activity.

Slim Jesus went out on the road with his Young & Ignorant tour to promote his music and build his US following in 2016.

The tour failed to get any traction with a rap fan base, and it appeared that Slim Jesus’s star had fizzled out as quickly as it had been born.

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Celebrity Endorsements…or Not

Slim Jesus Net Worth


Most of the rap community can’t come together to agree on anything—and what they think about Slim Jesus is no different.

Diplo gave him a shout-out on Twitter in 2015, saying, “just at home with my friends listening to Slim Jesus.”

French Montana teased fans with a co-sign, tweeting, “@TheSlimJesus feat. @Montanaof300 #comingsoon”

In the true style of rewarding mediocrity, even Sean Puffy Combs reached out via Twitter with a mouth-watering offer: “1 million waiting on Slim Jesus when he come to Bad Boy Records.”

Not all the celebrity feedback was good, though.

The Game offered some advice to the young wannabe hood, saying:

“You got people that are offended. Many rappers within the drill movement have lost their lives. This ain’t no game.”

Game referenced real players in the drill game, like Bobby Shmurda, and went on to call Slim Jesus corny.

The Compton rapper wound up his feedback with an ominous warning: “Be careful Slim Jesus.”

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Slim Jesus – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Slim Jesus worth? Clarence earned most of his wealth from selling his singles (especially online), ads on YouTube, and concerts. Therefore, rapper Slim Jesus has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

On YouTube, Clarence has over 75 million views–about $215K in revenue before taxes.


Is Slim Jesus Eminem’s son?

No. Slim Jesus is not related to Eminem. Eminem does not have a son in real life. 

Is Slim Jesus dead?

No. Slim Jesus, who is still alive, keeps on recording songs.

Got a morbid fascination with bad rap? Check out the official music video for Drill Time by Slim Jesus—it’s got 61 million views and 0 street cred.

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