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Andrew Huang Net Worth | Wife

What is Andrew Huang’s net worth? Who is Andrew Huang’s wife?


Andrew Huang is a multi-talented artist, producer, YouTuber, composer, and all-around innovator who is perhaps best known for his Song Challenge video series.


He was born on April 8, 1984, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, as Andrew Lewis Huang.

Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, Huang has a deep love of music.

In his younger years, Huang practiced classical piano, double bass, guitar, electric bass, and even dabbled with his brother’s drum set.

He attended school for classical composition but decided it was in his best interest to leave school.

“I didn’t think sitting in a classroom with a bunch of people was the best way to learn how to create music,” Huang said via KVR Audio.

Huang started a band and decided to open a shop on eBay to do music-based commission work.

He would post auctions on eBay, and the winning bid would get a piece of music composed and produced by Huang of their choosing.

For the auction winners, Andrew produced comedic songs, songs for weddings, and even songs for their dogs.

Andrew Huang Net Worth


The eBay experience put Huang on the map and led to him starting his own website where he would post the songs.

The website was a hit. People were sharing his songs around, and within a few years, Huang had a few thousand followers—and this was all before Facebook and social media, in general, were mainstream.

Huang was able to parlay his quirky and comedic musical endeavor into a profitable and stable career.

He began making music for car commercials, jingles for radio, and other avenues that presented themselves to him.


Then Huang discovered YouTube.

At first, he took a traditional approach to the platform by making music videos for his songs and posting them on his channel.

Over time, Huang realized that YouTube offered a new way to explore content creation.

Andrew shifted to making videos that mixed his music with talking about his process, creating music, and involving the audience.

Even though Huang had found success on YouTube, it wasn’t until he began meeting other creators that he truly understood the power and extent of the platform.

He had always figured YouTube would be another source for him but wouldn’t be his primary avenue.

For the most part, Huang posted his videos, and people found them.

He didn’t do much in the way of marketing himself or his creations.

Though he has said that he does follow trends, and there have been times when he would incorporate that into his videos—and success would follow.

what is the net worth of Andrew Huang


Now, Huang’s income is completely driven by his career of creating.

He makes music for movies, animation, requests such as weddings or a song for a friend, birthdays, commercial work, music for iPhone apps, and sound effects for podcasts.

He’s even dabbled in creating full soundtracks for short films and some voice-over work.

Huang has grown to garner between 20,000-30,000 hits a month on his website—an almost equal mixture of new and returning visitors—and still receives 20-30 emails daily about song ideas.

From 2009 to 2014, Huang released a four-album venture titled Your Heart.

Each album was inspired by a season, and all four were titled to represent that—Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring.

A hefty undertaking and an innovative project that saw Huang pour his heart into.

On his YouTube channel, Huang featured a series where he and other composers would take a sample, and each would produce their own spin on it.

The concept and series were a hit and led to Huang and the other composers taking the experiment to Loop—an event held by juggernaut music program Abelton.

Andrew has always had a creative mindset that pushed his drive to create and his affinity for music. From a young age, he was drawn to composing and creating music-related projects and learning instruments.

His experiences have helped him stay open to what comes his way and to be prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities he’s presented with.

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In September 2008, Andrew Huang married Essa Bowser.

Andrew Huang and wife Essa Bowser


Her Twitter profile says: ”you’re probably here because you’re stalking @andrewhuang, and I’m ok with that.”

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”There are fewer normal people than people who feel like they’re not normal.”

”This mission has just gotten a thousand times more complicated.”

”My goal is to make people go ‘wtf’ but in the happiest way.”


Huang has rapped 300 words in a minute.

He covered “99 Red Balloons” using only sounds made with red balloons.

Andrew Huang – Net Worth

Huang earned most of his wealth from releasing more than 2,000 songs, sponsors, ads on YouTube, and donations on Patreon. ”My main income is usually from people who find me through Songs To Wear Pants To,” Huang said in an interview

Some of Huang’s albums include Retrospective, Blue Dawn, and Lo-fi.

On YouTube, Andrew has over 309 million views, meaning about $900k in revenue before taxes. 

Therefore, Canadian musician Andrew Huang has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

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