Tim Gillean Net Worth

What is Tim Gillean’s net worth?


Tim Gillean is the president of Dallas-based firm, Cross Equities—a private equity firm.

He’s a businessman, an adventurer, a hunter, a fisher, a husband, a world traveler, and a father of two.

He’s also pretty wealthy.

Here’s what we know about the charismatic co-founder who likes luxury private travel—and we’ll also tell you about some of his toys.

Let’s go.

The Origin Story

Timothy Gillean was born on September 15, 1966, in Plano, Texas.

Born and raised in the Lone Star State, Tim’s mom Linda had four kids—eldest daughter Debbie, and sons Danny and Tim.

Sadly, Tim’s mom passed away in 2013 in the family’s hometown—farewelled by her children and their spouses, plus 13 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

Tim attended the University of North Texas, enrolling in 1989.

He completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a major in Finance, graduating in 1991. From there, he headed home to launch his business.

He married Angela Gillean, and the pair have two children together—Gage and Tanner.

The family loves animals, and seems to always have at least one dog wandering around in the background of candid social media photos.

The Rise and Rise of Cross Equities

Cross Equities LLC aims to invest in and develop real estate assets across the US and Mexico.

Essentially, Gillean created the organization as a real estate development firm.

It was founded by Gillean and his business partners, Cory Emerson and McAlan Duncan.

The trio has a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory fundamentals that can trip up real estate investments—and they’ve so far navigated these with ease.

The Dallas-based firm has built up key relationships to support its vision across the US and Latin America and prides itself on being a lean firm that can pivot quickly to take advantage of the market.

Family Matters

Tim and Angela’s son, Gage, came under fire at the end of 2020 after posting a video to his struggling YouTube channel.

Gage, who started the GG Exotics YouTube channel to showcase cars—not his, his father’s—and do tours of luxury homes—not his, his father’s—seemed like he finally had something to say about himself.

Unfortunately, that something was that he had crashed his dad’s one-off 224mph Pagani Huayra car, valued at $3.5 million.

He also posted on his Instagram story, summing the crash up with a ridiculously entitled caption: “S**t happens.”

He went on to describe the crash, talk about his friend—who was injured in the accident—and talk about what went wrong to cause so much damage.

The post wasn’t all bad, with Gage sharing the sage insight that:

“Obviously he’s mad upset. [But] I couldn’t control anything—a car is replaceable. I’m not.”

The 17-year-old then went on to say his dad had another Pagani Huayra BC lined up for delivery.

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A Safe Haven

Even if you don’t know Tim Gillean’s name, you might know the name of his private luxury yacht: Safe Haven.

Safe Haven features on Instagram, YouTube, and across social media, and was once known as Jedi.

The 37.5m luxury liner can be chartered—and often is by discerning celebs.

Safe Haven features a long list of water toys (including Seabobs, jet-skis, a flyboard, and two tenders), five luxury cabins, VIP lounges, a Luca Dini design, and an outdoor cinema on deck.

It also has beautiful banquet areas, separate entertaining areas, a sauna, a bar, and an inflatable water slide.

Never one to limit himself to the land and sea, Gillean also co-owns a Cessna Citation 680 private jet with friend and investor Matthew Fleeger.

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Gillean is always supportive of his children, and it shows in the GG Exotics YouTube channel.

Tim is always willing to devote his time to helping his kids grow their careers and to offer advice that may guide them in the future.

In a 2021 Q&A with Gage, he shared that he plays 3 hours of tennis two days a week, does weights for an hour a day, and goes to bed early.

He began a quote:

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man….”

Gage finished, as if he’d heard it a million times before, “healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Gillean also shared that he usually only works from noon to six in the evening nowadays, and hasn’t visited any of the apartment buildings he owns in years.

He also went on to say that he will probably never retire, since he needs to keep his mind busy.

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Tim Gillean – Net Worth

Gillean earned most of his wealth from serving as president of Dallas-based firm, Cross Equities.

Therefore, businessman Tim Gillean has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Want to get to know Tim Gillean? Check out his 2021 Q&A with Gage.

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