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Tyler Crispen Net Worth | Girlfriend

Tyler Crispen Net Worth – $1 million


What is Tyler Crispen’s net worth? Who is Tyler Crispen dating?


Reality television rarely reflects real life, but that doesn’t stop millions of people from being enthralled by shows like The Bachelor and Big Brother. 

Whether or not the show’s contents prove true, the paychecks of its showrunners never lie.

One such star has made a splash even beyond his origins in Big Brother.

With a wedding on the way and his face before the camera once more, Tyler Crispen is making waves in our world.

Never heard of him?

Allow us to enlighten you about America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Rossford’s Newest Resident

The Crispen family welcomed a new member into their ranks on February 17, 1995.

Named after his father, Tyler Crispen became the newest inhabitant of Rossford, Ohio.

Crispen remained in Rossford throughout his early education, graduating from its state high school in 2012.

According to Tyler, his childhood was the epitome of happiness.

what is the net worth of Tyler Crispen


That happiness came to a startling halt in 2013 when Tyler Crispen Sr. died suddenly.

The loss of their patriarch sent shockwaves rippling through the heart of the family. Heartbreak urged the family onward to new horizons.

With only his mother, Kattie Crispen, and younger sister left, Crispen and co. relocated to South Carolina.

There, they hoped to make a fresh start for themselves without the pain of the past.

Little did Crispen anticipate how one transfer would forever alter the course of his life.

From Lifeguard to Houseguest

tyler crispen dad death

Tyler Crispen from Big Brother Season 20 – @Getty

Once the Crispen family had settled into their new state of residence, Tyler needed to support his sister and widowed mother.

Without their father to provide an additional income, the responsibility fell to Tyler.

Crispen occupied his days as a lifeguard across the beaches of South Carolina.

It suited his personality and appearance well, providing him with a much-needed avenue for enjoyment.

The next five years drifted past in tandem with the waves.

All that changed when Crispen received an opportunity to appear on national television.

In 2017, Crispen applied to enter the next round of Big Brother.

Tyler Crispen Net Worth


The show forces contestants to cohabitate in a customized house and compete for a grand prize of $500,000.

To his surprise, CBS selected Crispen as one of the contenders for Big Brother Season 20.

Crispen competed in the television program that following year.

While he did not secure the victory, he scored a spot as runner-up and accrued $25,000 for his family. ”I wish I could have done more, of course,” Crispen told Parade.

His loss, however, had not dulled his appeal in the eyes of fans.

His charisma and smarts supplied him with the award for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Crispen capitalized on his newfound popularity along with his showmance-turned-fiancee, Angela Rummans.

The two created a brand of jewelry in 2019 named “Naut and Chain,” which specializes in nautical accessories for coastal souls.

In 2021, Crispen returned to grace the set of Big Brother once more.

In a season of all-star cast members, Crispen competed against former Houseguests for his chance at snagging the gold.

Without his girlfriend’s support, Crispen felt displaced and fell victim to the discord of the house.

He eagerly accepted his place in sixth, but became a different type of runner-up.

This time, he was America’s second-favorite Houseguest, losing only to Da’Vonne Rogers.

But 2021 had one last surprise in store for Crispen. In June, he posted a surprise announcement to his Instagram: he had transitioned from Big Brother to the big screen.

Crispen is officially set to debut as Beau, the leading role in The Queen’s Jewels.

This film, all about the Treasure Coast of Florida, has no set release date or production details.

No doubt fans will eagerly await a future update from their favorite former Houseguest.

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A Serious Showmance

Tyler Crispen is no stranger to attention.

According to Crispen, he had drawn the eye of many women throughout his years in the educational system.

No high school sweethearts have ever surfaced. Crispen remains notoriously tight-lipped about his prior romantic interests.

However, he could not hide the affection he cultivated for one of his fellow contestants: Angela Rummans.

Tyler Crispen and fiancée Angela Rummans


The two met while filming for Big Brother, and their budding attraction bloomed into something more than either expected.

Fans of the show had the privilege of experiencing their romance culminate right before their eyes. However, cynical viewers believed their love to be nothing but a publicity stunt.

The two have since disproven any such rumors, having stuck by one another in the years that followed their fraternizing.

In fact, Crispen claims the two have never spent more than ten days apart from one another.

And, soon enough, they never would.

On January 21, 2021, Crispen invited Rummans out to the shores of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

tyler crispen and angela rummans net worth

Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen attend the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Auto Club Speedway at Auto Club Speedway – @Getty

There, he popped one important question: would she marry him?

Rummans accepted without hesitation.

The two have since started their own YouTube channel together, cleverly titled “Tangla Inc.”

While their wedding is still in the works, the world awaits the matrimony date.

Update – Crispen and Rummans broke up in 2022.

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Tyler Crispen – Net Worth: Big Bucks from Big Brother

So, how much is Tyler Crispen worth?

His appearance on Big Brother skyrocketed his financial potential.

While on the show, every contestant earns at least $1,000 per week.

This is padded with extra rewards for winning specific competitions therein.

Considering Crispen’s track record of successes, he walked away with more than just the $25,000 runner-up prize in his pocket. However, his total earnings from the show have never been disclosed.

His appearance on this show also draws the eye of potential investors.

Brands pay stars like Crispen to continue endorsing products through social media in return for funding.

Crispen has supported companies like Brumate on his Instagram and beyond.

That does not disavow him from other business ventures. Both his Youtube channel, Tangela Inc., and his jewelry line, Naut and Chain, provide additional income streams.

Therefore, Tyler Crispen has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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