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Moncef Slaoui Net Worth | Wife

What is Moncef Slaoui’s net worth? Who is Moncef Slaoui’s wife?


Everyone seeks a cure for their sickness.

Advil could treat an everyday headache, but ibuprofen won’t always provide an answer.

When greater relief is required, we can entrust our conditions to physicians – physicians like Moncef Slaoui.

Slaoui’s forty years in the industry have provided patients with a tangible means of healing.

While you may be familiar with his work, allow us to introduce you to the man behind the medicine.

Moncef Slaoui Net Worth: $10 million

Slaoui earned most of his wealth from working for GSK and other companies.

For instance, he made $490k alone from his salary as the Independent Director at Moderna Inc in 2019.

In 2020, Slaoui had $12.4 million worth of stock options in Moderna.

In March 2022, it was revealed that Moncef will return $3.86 million to GlaxoSmithKline after his dismissal.

Therefore, Moncef Slaoui has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

A Smart Start

Moncef Mohamed Slaoui entered the world on July 22, 1959, to a family of two parents and four children.

While he made his debut in Agadir, Morocco, he has no memory of his birthplace.

An earthquake ensured that his infancy would be spent in nearby Casablanca instead.

Slaoui stayed in his newfound hometown until he graduated from Mohamed V High School in 1976.

Finding the allure of Europe irresistible, he relocated to France.

While he had hoped to study medicine during his residency, Slaoui missed the enrollment deadline due to his mother falling ill.

Undeterred, Slaoui opted to enroll at the Free University of Brussels in nearby Belgium.

His efforts therein afforded him both an MS and a BS in Biology.

Now enchanted by the country and invested in his education, Slaoui continued his studies for three additional years.

He graduated once and for all with a Ph.D. in molecular biology and immunology in 1983.

Despite his newfound degree, Slaoui could not yet conclude his education.

what is the net worth of Moncef Slaoui


His enthusiasm led him to take classes at both Harvard Medical School and The Tufts University for Medicine. However, these studies elicited no degrees – they simply deepened his understanding of the medical world.

His final piece of education came not from Belgium but from elsewhere in Europe.

Slaoui received an accelerated MBA from the International Institute for Management Development (better known as “IMD”) in Switzerland.

This extensive interest in education eased him out of his role as a student and into the position of a teacher.

A History of Healing

With his studies finally having ceased, Slaoui now sought employment.

He would not move far, however, as the University of Mons in Belgium accepted him not as a student but as a teacher.

Slaoui accepted a position to impart his passion for Immunology to his eager students.

In 1988, Slaoui left the education field behind to enter the medical world himself.


His then-wife helped him to secure a position with her employer, SmithKline-RIT.

Given his spouse’s sparkling recommendation, SmithKline-RIT offered Slaoui a role in developing treatments.

For almost twenty years, Slaoui’s career remained unremarkable.

One career change in 2006 changed everything.

In 2006, his company – now renamed GlaxoSmithKline (or “GSK” for short) – promoted Slaoui to a directorial position.

He would now work as the Head of Research and Development with a department of people at his command.

His promotion made Slaoui eager to establish himself in history.

The year after, he began a neurosciences research group in Shanghai.

That group persisted in its pursuits for an entire decade before concluding operations in August 2017.

With his business in Shanghai underway, Slaoui sought to increase the company’s profits.

His plan of action?

To adopt other businesses going under and merge them into GSK.

Two significant acquisitions came in the form of Sitris Pharmaceuticals and Human Genome Sciences alike.

After acquiring the Human Genome Sciences, Slaoui bid goodbye to GSK forever.

The following year provided two avenues for Slaoui to invest his time.

First, Slaoui joined the board of Moderna Inc. to oversee the company’s operations.

He also extended his expertise to Medicxi, a firm specializing in Life Sciences.

His stint with Moderna Inc., however, proved short-lived. Slaoui left the company in order to pursue a number of governmental ventures.

In March 2021, Slaoui departed the Galvani Bioelectronics Board of Directors.

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Despite his public prominence, Slaoui preferred to remain private about his personal life throughout the early years of his career.

His first wife had shared a number of his interests and enrolled at Harvard alongside Slaoui.

The two produced two baby boys together. However, Slaoui has never revealed the identity of his former wife nor their children.

The couple parted ways prior to 2011.

That temporary split led him to discover a permanent partner.

On March 30, 2011, Slaoui vowed to spend the rest of his life with a special someone.

He and his newfound wife, Kristen Belmonte, were wed at the Lippincott House Bed and Breakfast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Belmonte embraced the marriage by changing her legal name to Kristen Slaoui thereafter.

Like Slaoui’s first wife, Kristen has a long-lasting career as a doctor and worked alongside Slaoui at GSK.

Unlike her husband, she has remained with her original employer, now functioning as the Vice President and Head of Business Development at GSK since 2016.

However, Kristen is no stranger to separation either. She, too, had been wed once before, to an entrepreneur known as Greg Hoy.

Her union with Hoy ended prior to her relationship with Slaoui.

Once the wedding festivities had ended, the Slaouis still had one more celebration to look forward to: the birth of their baby boy.

Ryan Slaoui continues to grow and mature under the combined care of his loving parents.

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Who is Moncef Slaoui’s wife?

He is married to Kristen Slaoui.

What’s Moncef Slaoui’s net worth? 

He has a net worth of $10 million.

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