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Why Did Jess Leave In The Dark?

Why Did Jess Leave In The Dark?

If you are a fan of thriller TV, then it is likely that you have watched or at least heard of In The Dark.

This crime drama show managed to bring a stunning level of suspense during its creation, and it soon became one of the most popular TV shows of the late 2010s.

The show began in 2018 and ran for four seasons, finishing in 2022.

In that time, the show built up a massive audience thanks to the work of creator Corinne Kingsbury and star turns, including the likes of Matt Murray, Perry Mattfeld, Rich Sommer, and Thamela Mpumlwana.

Out of all of the most beloved characters, though, Jess was an absolute fan favorite. However, what happened to Jess in In The Dark is never fully understood.

If you happened to miss any episodes and missed the plot beat, it would be pretty easy to forget what took place.

With that in mind, we highly recommend that you read on to find out what happened to Jess in In The Dark.

What is In The Dark?

So, the show’s central premise involves a blind woman, Murphy, who is struggling to find her place in life.

Her small social circle consists of two people – Tyson, a teenager who deals drugs but saves Murphy from a mugging, and Jess, her roommate.

The basic premise builds around the fact that Tyson is most likely found dead, with Murphy coming across his body while walking with her dog, Pretzel.

The body vanishes before the police arrive, though, and they show little interest in taking the case further.

Murphy is not ready to give up, though, and between a challenging love life and a job at a training school for guide dogs, she sets out to solve the murder herself.

Quickly, she falls in love with a rogue called Max, who is associated with the drug barons who Tyson worked for.

She soon finds herself in a terrifying world of criminal activity and chaos.

It makes for a highly enjoyable series to watch, though there are parts where the four-season-long show can become confusing.

Who is Jess?

What happened to Jess on In The Dark


Jess is one of the main characters of In The Dark.

Her full name is Jess Damon (played by Brooke Markham), and she is a very close friend of Murphy.

More understanding of her challenges in life and the way she feels than most, she is an emotional crutch for the protagonist of the show.

Jess is a veterinarian at the guide dog school, Guiding Hope, and she becomes a confidant and friend of Murphy.

As a childhood friend of Murphy, she plays a key role in keeping her friend on the rails.

Given Murphy’s penchant for casual sex and binge drinking, she needs someone there who can help her avoid too much trouble.

She is one of the most important characters in the show and is involved in the show from its pilot episode right up until the episode The Truth Hurts.

So, what happened to Jess in In The Dark?

When does Jess Damon stop appearing? Why did Brooke Markham leave In The Dark?

Why did Brooke Markham leave In The Dark


As mentioned, she stops appearing as of the episode The Truth Hurts.

Having watched her close friend make mistake after mistake, and get involved in everything from money laundering to blackmail and various other illegal activity, things come to a head.

Part of the plot, though, is the fact that Jess simply disappears at a point in the show – she is presumed dead by all, apart from, of course, Murphy.

Murphy never gives up on the fact that Jess is, in fact, alive.

She goes to extreme lengths to find some way to prove her friend is still alive, including fighting against a drug dealer to get more information.

The twelfth episode of Season 3 finally confirms what Murphy thinks is true – Jess is alive.

Given that much of the show involves Murphy coming up with complete ‘galaxy brain’ conclusions that are based on little more than a hunch, it is easy to see why most disassociate themselves with her mania.

Murphy, though, is certain that Jess is alive.

So, when she finally proves that she is, she assumes they will have a wonderful reunion. Not so.

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What happened to Jess from In The Dark?

does jess die in in the dark


Jess is found alive, yes, but not exactly well.

Considering her status as a fugitive, she has faked her death to try and escape the law.

She had faked her death before taking on a job at a pet store and was happy to help Murphy finally move on without her – and, to be honest, keep her out of her chaotic life.

Murphy is broken to find out that Jess was happy to simply move on and leave Murphy to it, not giving her closure that her closest friend was, in fact, alive.

The two of them have a pretty major argument in the episode, and the argument goes on to the point where a major incident kicks off.

To cut a long story short, Jess is the one who killed an individual called Nia in a bid to protect Murphy.

Darnell, another individual involved in the incident, is convinced by his lover, police officer Sarah Barnes, to spill the beans on who killed Nia.

He does not correct her when she assumed it is Murphy, and before long, Darnell away gives her location. The police soon arrive on the scene.

Murphy is getting help from a depraved individual, the uncle of a character called Jennifer Walker, who has been kept locked up in her uncle’s basement as a love slave. Jennifer’s uncle is supposed to be taking Murphy and Jess to Canada, but when the police show up, he assumes the duo has called the cops on him.

He pulls a gun on Murphy, but luckily Sarah and others turn up and shoot the depraved gunman.

Murphy tells Jess to get out of there and run, which she duly obliges.

Murphy gets taken away to jail, and Jess is not seen again after this point – she escapes, and this is the last that we hear of her at that point in the show.

So, Jess managed to escape without being killed.

Unlike most people who are around Murphy in the show, she manages to survive.

After a dramatic final scene with Murphy, she at least gets to escape and enjoy a new life away from the chaos that Murphy seems to just naturally allow to gravitate around her.

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