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Crea Tyler Net Worth | Biography

Crea Tyler Net Worth – $1 million

What is Crea Tyler’s net worth?


Crea Tyler is an American model, director, and entrepreneur who is popular on Instagram with more than 174,000 followers.

Tyler also created the movement ”New Yewth” in the summer of 2016.

The Origin Story

Crea Tyler was born on August 18, 1997, in Hampton, New Hampshire, United States.

His legal name at birth was Tyler Johnson.

There is not a lot of information online regarding his childhood, aside from him graduating from high school.

Following his high school graduation, he attended Emerson College located in Boston, Massachusetts but quickly learned college was not for him.

As such, he dropped out less than one year after enrolling. However, before deciding to leave college, he had a clear plan in place. He was going to move across the nation to Los Angeles.

His ultimate goal was to find work in the film industry working behind the camera.

His artistic nature drove him to a path of telling stories through digital and performative art.

In one of his videos, he explained to his viewers how he decided to pursue an unconventional career outside of the traditional college-educated path:

Growing up in New Hampshire, it made me really bored, so I would spend all of my time on the internet dreaming of all the other things I could do. Any photo I saw online, I’d save it and put it on this hard drive. And over time, all these photos just piled up. All of the photos resemble a certain aesthetic, and for fun, I just started posting them on an account.”

Escape with Wolves

He acted on his desire for more, so he quickly packed his bags and left for Los Angeles.

Not too long after he arrived, he started working with a group of other filmmakers.

He was shooting low-budget indie films with a group that went by the name of “Escape with Wolves.”

One of the founding members of the group is Adam Horwitz, who is an incredibly established YouTuber who leveraged his online fame to create multiple business ventures.

This was only the beginning for Crea.

He quickly fell in love with creating content and being behind the scenes, so he made the leap into the obvious choice, which was social media.

On August 31, 2013, he started his personal YouTube channel. However, the channel only has three active videos, so it’s possible he utilized it in the past and removed a majority of his content.

Nevertheless, his next move was on Instagram, which made sense at the time since that was the up-and-coming media platform for all aspiring creators to be on.

His Instagram account is private, but he does use it to promote the films he works on.

The peculiar thing about Crea is that he often disappears from social media for long periods, and he leaves his followers hanging.

Due to this, he has lost his popularity steam to a degree, and as such, there is not a lot of content about him.

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Renting Problems

While he appeared to have his life on a positive trajectory, at least it was perceived as such, he got himself into some expensive hot water.

While he was residing in Los Angels, he was renting out a Hollywood Hills mansion from a prominent real estate landlord.

Crea was known for throwing massive parties, which didn’t stop in his new rental.

During one of his parties in 2018, things got far out of control, and the mansion was trashed. Railing glass was smashed entirely, marble kitchen islands were broken, furniture was destroyed, and the outside property was in shambles.

When the property owner was alerted by neighbors, he evicted Crea, and to his dismay, he posted a YouTube video documenting the over $200,000 worth of damages.

To no surprise, he sued Crea for damages and unpaid rent, but the result of the court case is not publicly available.

Following his eviction, he relocated to New York City, which is where he founded the New Youth Project.

He was promoting it as a movement for millennials to quit their 9-5 jobs to live their “dreams,” but it turns out it was only a merchandise company with a print-on-demand service.

Despite the fact that he was not an accomplished fashion designer, and he was using apparel print companies to print the apparel, he felt it justified to sell his logo sweaters for over $175.00, which is a hefty price tag.

When it comes to his entrepreneurial talent, there’s no doubt he’s gifted, particularly in the creative space.

He explained during a self-made interview who his inspiration is and what drives him creatively:

I look up to Steve Jobs and Kanye West because they are creating products that people obsess over. I want to do that with New Youth. I want to be sitting here in three months and see a billboard that says New Youth. And now that I just said that one came, I have to.”

While it appeared that Crea had all the inspiration and drive needed to pursue a business venture, it seems that New Youth did not go as planned.

He stopped all the marketing and promoting for it, and any original social media account created for it and inactive.

And since Crea often goes months without posting any content, there is no additional information about what he’s been up to or if he has any new business ventures in the making.

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Crea Tyler – Net Worth

So, how much is Crea Tyler wporth?

Tyler is a successful college dropout who’s following in the footsteps of other successful dropouts, like – Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. Crea is the owner of the Creative Production Company.

Tyler also has some success on Instagram (about 167,000 followers). A sponsored post on behalf of a brand is the best-known way of making money on Instagram as an influencer. But, you will require a sizeable following for brands to consider you viable.

Therefore, American entrepreneur Crea Tyler has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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