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Malia White Net Worth 2024

Malia White Net Worth – $500,000

What is Malia White’s net worth? Is Malia White dating anyone now?


Malia White is an American reality TV personality.

Malia gained fame for her appearance on the reality TV show Below Deck Mediterranean.

The Origin Story

White was born on July 2nd, 1990, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Though relatively little is known about her parents, it is known that White comes from a big family, with five older brothers.

White’s father reportedly worked in a boatyard, which has led some sources to speculate is the source of her love for the sea.

White purportedly assisted her father during his duties at the boatyard a great deal, which is often cited as further evidence for the idea that her passion for maritime activities started in her childhood.

Below Deck Mediterranean


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White joined the crew of Below Deck Mediterranean in season 2, working on the yacht Sirocco as a deckhand.

The yacht was, at that time, largely sailed in waters just off the coast of Croatia.

Malia received a promotion to Senior Deckhand later on in the same season.

She was not present for seasons 3 and 4 of the show, but returned for season 5.

At this time, she received a further promotion – this time to bosun, which is a senior unlicensed officer who is responsible for the maintenance of all non-engineering systems on the ship (e.g., the deck, painting, hull repairs, etc.).

White was the first woman in the history of the show to have received this position. 

After she left the show, she received her license as Officer of the Watch, making her qualified to be responsible for overseeing all operations of a ship from the bridge.

Below Deck Mediterranean Controversy


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Upon her return to Below Deck Mediterranean in season 5 of the popular Bravo reality show, White proved an unpopular contestant among audiences.

This can largely be attributed to the fact that she ‘snitched’ on fellow contestant and Chief Steward Hannah Ferrier, who had smuggled a vape and Valium onboard in contravention of the standing orders on the ship.

White, who’d taken photographic evidence of this, reported Ferrier to the captain, who immediately fired her. 

Malia became hugely unpopular as a result of her choice to report Ferrier – so much so that, despite returning in season 6, she ultimately left the show as a result of the backlash.

“I do have regrets with how everything went down last season, but I don’t have a regret with having to do my job,” Malia said in 2021. “As a bosun, you’re in a tricky spot because you don’t want to get involved with crew things, but you also you’re in that spot where you are directly under the captain.”


White was also noted on Below Deck Mediterranean for her romantic entanglements with several of her fellow crewmates.

White was involved in a love triangle between herself, the ship’s chef Adam Glick, and bosun Wesley Walton.

White had met Glick prior to their charter onboard the ship, and initiated a romance with him while at sea.

White then became involved with Walton later, which eventually sparked extreme hostility between the two men.

White eventually chose to be involved with neither man.

Malia went on to have romances with two other crew members: chef Tom Checketts in season 5, and engineer Jake Baker in season 6.

Neither romance lasted, and at the time of writing, Malia White is again single.



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Other co-stars from Below Deck are Lexi Wilson and Chef Ben Robinson.

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Malia White – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Malia White worth? White earned most of her wealth from appearing in 55 episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean. It is unknown how much Malia made per episode, however, according to online reports, crew members from Below Deck make around $10k per month. Therefore, Malia White has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

White also makes money from brand deals and sponsorships via her Instagram account. One of Malia’s main sponsors is CELSIUS Energy Drink.

She is represented by Stars Marketing Group LLC.

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