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Will Cullen Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Will Cullen’s Net Worth?

Will Cullen is a highly diversified content creator and has a net worth of $1 million. Cullen has racked up millions of followers across his social media channels, and he has also released his original music and has booked venues for a series of live shows.

On YouTube, Cullen has over 235 million views — about $700K in revenue.

Cullen began gaining thousands of followers after posting videos of himself approaching members of the public and serenading them with songs.

Typically, Will approaches women who are seated in public spaces, such as cafes or benches, and asks them if he can play them a song.

Normally, the people he encounters will tell them a song that they like, and he will play it from memory.

On occasion, the people Will plays for will sing the song back to him while he plays guitar.

While some of these videos are completely spontaneous, others are constructed reality.

The Path To Achieve Fame


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Will has stated that he began learning guitar in 2018, self-teaching himself a number of songs.

He said that he has a “jukebox” of songs in his brain.

He said that downloading TikTok in 2019 changed his life, as his videos picked up a lot of attention after he posted them on the platform.

Will Cullen has posted hundreds of videos of him encountering strangers, playing for them, and trying to create a wholesome experience through the magic of music and spontaneity.

His clips are often well-filmed, capturing the moment when he connects with a stranger after first meeting them.

The wholesome nature of these videos is perhaps the reason why Cullen has achieved such viral fame.

Each of his most recent videos received hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram and TikTok, while his most popular viral video currently has over 100 million views on TikTok.

The Origin Story


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Will Cullen went to a small-town university in Whitewater, Wisconsin, but he now lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

He has said in interviews that Nashville has played a big role in his career.

Nashville is often the setting for his videos, including where he encounters members of the public so that he can begin singing to them.

Speaking about his love for the city, Will said: “Moving to Nashville has been the most influential and productive decision of my life so far.”

Social Media

Cullen’s most prominent social media platforms are Instagram and TikTok.

On Instagram, he currently has over 1.8 million followers, while on TikTok, he has a whopping 3.5 million followers.

Will also has three-quarters of a million followers on YouTube, as well as a Spotify profile (which we’ll cover later).


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Girlfriend or Partner

Due to the nature of Will Cullen’s viral videos – where he approaches beautiful women and sings songs for them – there has been a lot of speculation about his romantic life.

In fact, many of Will Cullen’s most popular videos feature dozens of comments, sometimes even hundreds of comments, with people speculating about whether or not a person featured in one of his clips is a true romantic interest.

Beyond this, Cullen’s fans have been quick to point out that his style of approaching people at random and asking to serenade them shows that he has “rizz.”

However, Will has been tight-lipped about whether or not he actually has a long-term girlfriend or partner.

This might be because the speculation plays a part in helping keep his fans excited about his content.


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In several of his videos from late in 2023, Will appears with a performing partner named Hannah, and he had previously been tied to another woman named Abi.

Despite this, he also attended a recent concert with a different woman named Caitlin Warren, setting off a new flurry of speculation about his current relationship status.

Cullen has often poked fun at his relationship status and the fact that people have told him he has “rizz.”

On a recent episode of Eligible Podcast, he said that he “doesn’t speak to a lot of women” and that his role as a public serenader sometimes “goes to his head.”

When asked by the podcast host what his “type” is, Will said: “Crazy blondes, spicy Latina girls, and the fish from Shark Tale.”


Most of Will Cullen’s videos feature the singer and content creator greeting people in public and convincing them to let him sing for them.

Due to this fact, he rarely posts details about his family life.

This means that it is not possible to know whether or not Will Cullen has kids.

What Else?


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Will Cullen began releasing his original music back in 2023, as he tried to expand his career beyond social media fame.

He released his debut EP, Promise I’m Trying, in November 2023. This was followed up with a debut album of the same name towards the end of 2023.

Cullen’s original music has achieved a lot of success.

His top two songs on Spotify, ‘How’d You Do It’ and ‘Just Miss You’ have over 4.5 million listens between them, while Will also has an average of 91,000 monthly listens at the time of writing.

Will has even begun playing live shows in recent months, with clips of his live performance of his original track ‘Just Miss You’ earning him renewed love from his fans.

The content creator also posts tutorials and instructional videos, where he helps his fans and followers learn the guitar and get better at playing music.


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