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Alex Stanbury Net Worth | Wife

Alex Stanbury Net Worth – $20 million

What is Alex Stanbury’s net worth? Who was Alex Stanbury married to?


Alexander George Basil Stanbury, professionally known as Alex Stanbury, is an English entrepreneur and reality TV star.

He is best known for his role on the reality show Ladies of London as the former husband of Sophie Stanbury

The Origin Story

Alex Stanbury was born on September 30, 1978, in England, United Kingdom.

He grew up in a very affluent family and learned about entrepreneurship from a young age. Moreover, he is heir to the ultra-wealthy Vestey family fortune.

He was raised by his father, Anthony Stanbury, a venture capitalist, and his mother, Elizabeth Stanbury.

In addition to his financially affluent upbringing, he also grew up rubbing shoulders with England’s most upper-class families. In fact, his sister Caroline dated Prince Harry, the Duke of York.

According to Stanbury’s LinkedIn profile, he attended Ludgrove Boarding School between 1987-1991 and continued post-secondary at Eton College, graduating in 1996.

Upon graduating from university, he found employment with American Copper Corp, where he held the titles of President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Director.

In this broad capacity, he specialized in providing financial advisory services and equity capital markets.

He was also employed as the Associate Director of Dawnay, Day Corporate Finance Limited, a London-based investment bank. 

Early in Stanbury’s career, he worked at Lindemann Capital Partners LLP. He received additional training from the New York Institute of Finance.


sophie and alex stanbury divorce

Sophie Stanbury – @Getty

While he was employed in his junior years, Alex Stanbury was introduced to his now ex-wife Sophie Stanbury. She was employed as an Interior Decorator at the time and has since shifted from employee status to entrepreneurial status.

She currently runs Sophie Stanbury Interiors.

They got married not too long after dating, and together they share two children, Harry and Finn.

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Ladies of London

In 2015, Stanbury and Sophie were approached by the casting directors of Ladies of London to be a part of their up-and-coming reality TV show.

It was no surprise that the couple would be chosen, considering their socialite status and lavish lifestyle.

Moreover, Stanbury’s sister, Caroline, was also invited to start on the show. Of course, the couple accepted the offer and soon after began filming.

The premised of the show was to follow British and American socialites in London, England, to capture their lifestyles which included chaos and drama.

alex stanbury new wife


The series premiered on June 2, 2014, on Bravo and lasted three seasons.

While the show was filled with fun and entertainment, it quickly went downhill as the couple went through a messy divorce while filming.

They finalized their divorce in 2016 and currently co-parenting their two children.

Despite their split, Sophie is still very close with his family and currently hosts a podcast called “Keeping It Real By Caroline & Sophie.” Moreover, they still vacation together and parent cordially.

On May 31, 2017, Bravo announced that the show would be canceled for numerous reasons, namely that it struggled to rank in reality TV ratings.

It only accumulated a 5.5 IMDb rating throughout the show’s time on-air and received mixed reviews. This was due to the lack of drama and entertainment among the cast members, including Stanbury and his then-wife, Sophie.

In addition to his life as a short-lived reality star, Stanbury has built an impressive resume where he held various top-tier positions at high-end corporations.

Following his time with Dawnay, he accepted a position with Prosdocimi Ltd as their Corporate Finance Director.

This lasted two years before founding HASS Advisors Limited, where he served as the CEO and a Director.

As the head of the company, he managed everything from operations to finance and all major decision-making. He left the role in 2020.

Next in line was another Director position with African Rail Ghana Ltd.

alex stanbury net worth

Alex Stanbury and Chelsy Davy – @Getty

In September 2017, he took on the role of CEO for Century Cobalt, Corp, a California-based exploration stage company.

As it would appear Stanbury already carried a larger than average professional workload, he took on many more titles in tandem with his current ones.

In January 2020, he was hired as the Director of London’s Recycles Group Ltd and still holds that position. Further to this, in March 2021, he was hired as the Director of Roodind Ltd, out of London, England. 

To add to his experience and expertise, he is also the active CEO of Technology Minerals, a green energy supplier based out of London, England.

Stanbury leads this oil & gas company to find alternative ways to explore, extract, and refine oil for a greener tomorrow. In addition, he focuses on utilizing renewable energy to replace oil & gas, which he believes is what the future of energy looks like on a global scale.

As it appears, this sector of work is where he will be residing for the remainder of his career.

Stanbury is also a philanthropist who spends his time speaking for non-profits and donates a significant amount of money to initiatives he is passionate about.

Aside from his carousel of work-life, Stanbury is a parent to his two sons, Harry and Finn. 

Alex Stanbury – Net Worth

So, how much is Alex Stanbury worth?

Alex Stanbury has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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