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Anthony Santos Net Worth | Girlfriend

Anthony Santos Net Worth – $10 million

What is Anthony Santos’ net worth? Is Anthony Santos married?


Anthony Santos—known to the Bachata world as Romeo Santos—is an American-born singer, songwriter, and former member of the hit bachata music group Aventura.

Santos is internationally recognized as a Latin music artist, and has helped uplift Latin music in the mainstream—especially as the CEO of Roc Nation Latin, which was launched by Jay-Z in 2016.

The ambitious musician may court the limelight for his music aspirations, but he is fiercely private about his personal and romantic life—and more so when it comes to his children.

So here’s what we know.

The Origin Story

Anthony Santos was born on July 21, 1981, in The Bronx, New York.

He comes from humble beginnings but was taught the value of hard work and perseverance by his Dominican father.

From his Puerto Rican mother, he got a love of music and a strong sense of culture.

The Santos family was religious, and the young Anthony got his start in public performance as a 12-year-old church choirboy.

But he caught the music bug early and was writing and composing his own songs before he was even a teenager.

He admits that he liked bachata even as a 6-year-old.

His first band was called The Tinellers—a play on the word Teenagers—when he was 14 years old.

Anthony now cringes when he thinks of the songs they sang back then.

The Tinellers fell apart not long after their first album, and Anthony—going by the name Romeo—formed a new band with his cousin and a couple of friends in 1996.

This band was called Aventura.


what is the net worth of Anthony Santos


Anthony Santos fashioned himself as the co-producer and lead singer of the new group.

His cousin Henry “Hustle Hard” Santos, and friends Lenny “Len Melody” Santos and Max “Mikey” Santos, rounded out the group, who released their first album in 1999.

Obsesión, their first mainstream offering, was the first single dropped in 2002, and it was a major critical success.

It hit the top of the music charts across Europe, and—capitalizing on this success—the band released a spate of top 10 international hits.

By 2005, the band was huge in Latin music.

They even performed for President Barack Obama at the White House in 2009.

By 2011, Romeo and his friends had called time on Aventura in order to focus on their solo careers.

Eventually, they would reunite to perform some sold-out reunion shows in 2014 and 2016.

Anthony Santos Net Worth

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In 2020, Santos announced that Aventura would be going on tour in the US in 2021, and releasing a reunion album.

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A Solo Career

Santos signed with Sony following the break-up of Aventura, and quickly released a series of single tracks that scored high on the Latin music charts.

In 2014, Santos became the first Latin artist to headline at Yankee Stadium—although Fania All-Stars had performed at the old Yankee Stadium back in 1973.

Following the success of his first solo album, Santos—now officially going by Romeo Santos—released Formula, Vol. 2.

It was the best-selling Latin album of the year, and featured major artists like Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana, and Drake.

Imitadora, from Santos’ Golden album, won Best Bachata Video in 2018, and the album itself was nominated for Billboard’s Best Latin Album award.

Anthony Santos girlfriend

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Utopia was released in April 2019, an album that Santos hoped would bring together the pioneers and icons of bachata.

The album also featured a track by Aventura.

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Anthony Santos is notoriously private about his personal life, and has even admitted in interviews that he’s never going to confirm a romantic rumor—even if it is true.

Santos has proved this point consistently over the years.

As a nineteen-year-old, it is believed he married Puerto Rican Samantha Medina after getting her pregnant.


Their son, Alex Damian Santos, was born later in 2000, and the pair stayed together for 5 years.

He is rumored to have dated Alexandra Cheron, Francelys, Amelia Vega, and Vicky Xipolitakis, although he entered into a much more committed relationship in 2019.

On March 19, 2019, Anthony Santos turned to social media to welcome his new baby to the world.

Although he didn’t announce any details about his pregnant partner, or about the baby, it is believed the little one is a second son for the Latin crooner.

Anthony Santos – Net Worth

So, how much is Anthony Santos worth? Santos earned most of his wealth from selling copies of his albums (Utopía Live from MetLife Stadium, Utopia, Formula, and more) and from concerts. Therefore, Anthony Santos has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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