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Rob Scallon Net Worth | Wife

Rob Scallon Net Worth – $2 million

What is Rob Scallon’s net worth? Who is Rob Scallon’s wife?


The rise of the YouTuber culture led to many people being able to share their talents with the world through the online video-sharing platform.

Among them was Robert Scallon, a musician and multi-instrumentalist whose rise to fame came in 2008 after he had started posting videos on YouTube in 2007.

His prominence came in the early years of YouTube, and it helped propel Scallon’s music career for the following years.

Before his rise on YouTube, Scallon was raised in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Throughout his childhood, he would spend hours at the Guitar Center with his friends playing the instruments there, but he never had the opportunity to purchase any of them.

This was because of the economic situation in his family, which lacked the funds to spend on the purchase of instruments.

His first guitar was a gift from his friend’s father, and it was a nylon-string acoustic that Scallon used to write some of his first solo songs.


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His older brother, John, also used to play music as a teenager, and when he left for college, he left his instruments behind to Rob.

As a teenager, he also played the drums for a metal band known as Gas Mask Catalogue for a time.

During one of his videos, Rob said he had no formal education in music.

He said: ”I started playing when I was nine or 10, I got a drum set for Christmas.” Scallon continued: ”I never really had an interest in getting a guitar teacher or especially going to a music school.”


At the age of 16, he posted his first YouTube video in February 2007, and his channel became extremely popular in the following year.

His unique content, which included covering metal songs using non-metal folk and country instruments, helped make many of his early videos viral.

Notable renditions of popular songs made by Scallon include Metallica’s classic “Master of Puppets” and Slipknot’s “Psychosocial,” the latter of which featured in the video Corey Taylor, the vocalist and lyricist of the band.


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His covers were not only attracting subscribers, but they were also getting him attention in the mainstream music scene.

While covers were what brought on his popularity, he continued to write and release solo music.

While many of his tracks are self-released, he has also sold his music through DFTBA Records, which at the time was a company focused on music releases.

Throughout his YouTube and music career, Scallon has collaborated with a number of different YouTubers, including Andrew Huang, Sarah Longfield, and Mary Spender.

Perhaps his most notable and well-known collaboration is with Hank Green, as he is the drummer of the band Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers.

The band has become a staple in the comedic music scene, and their debut album Incongruent peaked at number three on the Billboard Comedy Albums chart.



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Apart from his music and YouTube career, Scallon has also expanded his revenue streams to include merchandise.

In collaboration with Chapman Guitars, he released a signature guitar series, which in 2020 had three more guitar additions added to it.

His collaboration with brands and musical instrument brands has also led to a number of his own personal instruments being custom-made.

Perhaps one of the most interesting projects that he has taken on was in partnership with Sweetwater Sound, as they created the largest guitar effect pedalboard in 2019.

The rig has 319 individual pedals, 34 pedalboards and required over 500 feet of cables for its completion.

According to the Guinness World Records, it holds the record for largest guitar effect pedalboard.

In 2016 a list by MetalSucks called “The 25 Most Important People in Metal” placed Scallon on number 23.

This is not the only list that Scallon has been featured on, notably in 2020, Ultimate Guitar, placed him on spot 11 of their list “25 Best Guitarists Who Broke Out On the Scene After 2010.”

His career and ability to play multiple instruments alongside the guitar, has helped launch him into worldwide success and has helped him establish a household name in the music and metal music scenes.

Online Course


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His most recent project included the launch of a paid online course that can be used by people who wish to learn how to play the guitar.

The course was launched in 2021, through GuitarQuest, and it features sections for aspiring performing guitarists as well as sections about recording music and shooting music videos.

This course and the teaching of Scallon is the amalgamation of knowledge that he has gathered over the past decades of recording music, playing instruments, and collaborating with different brands.

It is also one more revenue stream in his already extensive arsenal of revenue-building tools.


In November 2020, Rob Scallon married Tamara Chambers, whom he had previously collaborated with on the 2012 Good Mythical Morning episode introduction and on his cover music video in 2014 for the track “Happy.”


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Chambers also appeared on the comedy web series Channel Awesome’s Nostalgia Critic alongside Doug Walker.

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Rob Scallon – Net Worth

So, how much is Rob Scallon worth?

Scallon earned most of his wealth from his extensive music career, which includes a YouTube channel that has over 2.48 million subscribers, alongside his collaborations with notable names in the music scene, YouTube scene, and musical instrument construction scene has led to Scallon having multiple different sources of revenue.

On YouTube, Scallon has over 525 million views — about $1.57 million in revenue before taxes.

Rob also makes money from selling copies of his EPs (Anchor, A Purple Cello EP, and Sunday Uke Group ) and studio albums (The Scene Is Dead, Aldine, Rob Scallon, The Winter’s Months, The Ride Home, and Summer).

His collaboration with the guitar company Chapman Guitars also increased his net worth.

Therefore, Rob Scallon has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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