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Are Ava And Olivia In The Hershey Commercial Sisters?

Ava and Olivia from the Hershey commercial – who are they?


Actors and actresses have an innate ability to connect with people on-screen in a way ‘normal’ people can with their families.

In the right circumstance, it can be easy to believe that two people on-screen are actually sisters.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise when we find out that two people on-screen are, in fact, siblings.

Commercials are good at this – we only get a brief glimpse of the people and their personalities.

When done well enough, it can appear as if they are, in fact, family.

A fine example of this probably comes back to the Hershey’s Candy commercials.

They tend to find comical ways to get their products advertised, and one of the most effective tactics they tend to use revolves around children.

Among their most recognizable adverts, though, is the ‘Ava vs Olivia’ advert, which went viral.

When you look at the two girls involved, though, it could be easy to believe that they are sisters in real life.

So, what’s the story?

Are Ava and Olivia in the Hershey commercial sisters?

Are Hershey commercials popular?

Given that Hershey’s is one of the most recognized chocolate brands in the USA, their advertisements and campaigns tend to be very popular indeed.

A large part of this comes from the fact that they take everyday scenarios and turn them into adorable, loveable scripts.

The chocolate brand itself is absolutely massive worldwide, and adverts like this go a long way to show why.

Hershey commercials tend to touch on various topics, though not every Hershey advert land quite the way that the company wanted.

Indeed, in early 2023 a new advertisement that introduced Fae Johnstone, who was part of the Women’s Day advert, was the target of a horrible negative campaign.

For the most part, though, these adverts tend to go down as positive as they tend to be wholesome and welcoming.

For the most part, then, Hershey adverts tend to work out well and are a big commercial boon for the company.

Hershey has been around for years and is one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate anywhere in the world.

The company first opened its doors in 1894, and since then, it has become every bit as major a player in the chocolate world as the likes of Cadbury and Kinder.

Their adverts, though, are definitely one of the biggest drivers of their popularity, alongside their willingness to think outside the box and make creative, entertaining ads that say something a little bit different.

What is the Ava and Olivia commercial?

Like most Hershey commercials, this advertisement follows a pretty cheery and friendly concept.

The commercial is about two little girls who are in a bedroom together playing a game.

The game is simple – if something is true, they are allowed a piece of Hershey’s candy.

They bicker over simple things, such as who is taller out of the two and who is the ‘best’ at eating vegetables.

The two girls then are asked a tricky question – who is better at sharing their chocolate with one another?

They both pause for a moment, pondering the query.

Then, one of the girls picks up a piece of chocolate and gifts it to the other.

It’s a very sweet and endearing advert, and it was one of those simple but effective adverts that garnered quite a lot of interest from people.

The tagline of the advert was important, too, as it stated: Break It Apart, Bring People Together!

That’s a pretty clear explanation of the advert, and of course, of the power of chocolate itself.

For many who found the advert sweet and endearing, the message and the tagline only helped to further emphasize how nice and charming this advert actually is.

But with all of that out of the way, what is the script with the two stars of the show?

Are Ava and Olivia in the Hershey commercial sisters?

Are Ava and Olivia in the Hershey commercial sisters?

The challenge here is the fact that both girls are tiny children, so there is absolutely no information out there on them.

This is often the case with minor actors and actresses – their parents do not want the world to know who they are.

Sure, appear in commercials and build a decent little portfolio for the future. But as far as sharing information about the children online or with the media?

That is a no-go.

So, we know very little about either of the girls in this commercial.

Given how much they look like one another, it would be safe to assume that both girls are related in some way. However, it was eventually announced that the two girls are indeed family – not only that, but they are identical twins.

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In Conclusion

So, as far as we know, both Ava and Olivia are indeed sisters.

The fact they look so much alike is not a casting coincidence – they are indeed part of the same family.

While many commercials look to use family members in the commercial together, this is another fine example of quality marketing that gets people talking.

Nothing is more effective than two adorable children sharing chocolate – showing that even when we really want that last piece of chocolate goodness, it is better to share.

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