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Big Body Bes Net Worth 2024

Big Body Bes Net Worth – $1 million

What is Big Body Bes’ net worth? Also, what is Big Body Bes’ height?


Big Body Bes is an American rapper who got his name from being 6’ 3” and close to 340 pounds.

He is known mainly for his close association with the rapper Action Bronson, who bailed him out of prison to bring him along with him to perform.

His joy comes from working on his own terms, and he is known as a very carefree person.

The Origin Story

Besnik E. Sadikaj was born in New York on August 26, 1984, to Albanian parents.

He grew up extremely poor, and his parents moved him around multiple times as a kid before finally settling down in Brooklyn when he was 16 years old.

Growing up in poverty and moving around didn’t do Big Body Bes any favors.

He started running around with bad crowds at the age of 11, earning him his first juvenile conviction at the early age of 13 for assault and robbery.

He personally refers to this as when he started “thugg’n.”

This lifestyle didn’t soon change. He continued to sell drugs and even became part of a drug cartel, Dominican & Colombian, just before he was arrested for Grand Larceny in the third degree.

He spent almost four months in jail before he was bailed out by his friend, Action Bronson. He was eventually convicted and sentenced to 18 months.

This was when Big Body Bes’ life began to turn around.

Still into the party and drug scene, he joined Action Bronson, who refers to him as his “Albanian Cousin,” since they essentially grew up together in similar situations.

Big Body Bes height


He began to make music and joined him on his tour.

He debuted for the first time, featured on Action Bronson’s track, “Dr. Lector.”

He was given a lot of grief during this time from others in the business.

They called Big Body Bes Bronson’s weed man or hype man. Both of them quickly refuted this. Big Body Bes sees himself as a boss.

He clapped back with, “I’ve got a lady that holds my weed,” suggesting that he’s too big to be anyone’s lackey.

Big Body Bes first debuted on TV on the show, “F*ck, That’s Delicious,” with Action Bronson.

The show followed former chef Bronson around the world, where he tried local cuisine.

Big Body Bes was a frequent guest with him where he would participate and try the food with him. This led to him guest starring in other programs.

Traveling the Stars

what is the net worth of Big Body Bes


Big Body Bes also joined Bronson on “Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’.”

He joined Bronson in getting high while watching historical shows about ancient aliens while providing a commentary for the audience.

Since 2011, Big Body Bes has also featured in dozens of songs from multiple artists.

His closest association is with Action Bronson but also worked with Meyhem Lauren, Hologram, The Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Budgie, Jay Worthy, Polo 100, Roc Marciano, Party Supplies, and many more.

More notably, he has collaborated with Mac Miller and Chance the Rapper.

Despite his close affiliation with these artists, it doesn’t appear that Big Body Bes has released any of his own albums and only has one single, “Homicide,” which is not part of any label. His success is widely attributed to his connection to other artists.

This doesn’t stop him from being a boss.

Since he doesn’t see himself as belonging to any one group, Big Body Bes believes himself to be an independent artist that works on his own terms.

He is best known by his friends as someone good with his words, as loving life, and being exceptionally carefree.

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Romantic Life

With his checkered past, you would assume there would be some stories of his exploits with women or relationships with women.

Still, there is no information documented about current or past relationships. However, this doesn’t mean he wasn’t interested in women, nor does it mean his sex life didn’t exist.

In an interview in 2015, Big Body Bes mentioned how he partied on tour with Action Bronson.

He was open about drug use and the women that were present at these parties.

He indicated that there was definitely a sexual element involved, but he didn’t go into any details because of his private nature regarding this area of his life. ”

”I’m always about the women, but at times they get a misconception,” he said.

Big Body Bes Net Worth


Big Body Bes – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Big Body Bes worth? Big Body Bes has been making a name for himself within the rap community and has participated in creating several songs. Therefore, American rapper Big Body Bes has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Because he hasn’t actually released any of his own albums, Big Body Bes has a lower estimate for his net worth.

His income derives solely from his participation with other artists. ”I’m more behind the scenes boss,” Besnik told Complex. ”I’m up there. I’ve got a mixtape man.”

He doesn’t have any real sponsors or connections that are directly aimed at himself.

This allows him to be exactly what he already wanted to be, free from obligation.

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The Future

Unfortunately, Action Bronson said that his friends, including Big Body Bes, will not be returning as a guest on, “F*ck, That’s Delicious.”

There is no reason given behind this programming decision, but due to their history together, it is unlikely from any sort of falling out they may have had.

Big Body Bes is working on some of his own music and plans to put out a few singles of his own and hopefully an album.

It is not far off to assume he will also be joining more artists on their albums.

As his name grows in notoriety, we expect to see him join more mainstream artists.

This will give him a more apparent trajectory into being a name that the entire world is familiar with.

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