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BigDawsTV Net Worth $5 Million

What Is BigDawsTV’s Net Worth?

BigDawsTV—who is most well-known as Big Daws—is the owner of two ultra-successful YouTube channels: BigDawsTV and BigDawsVlogs, and has a net worth of $5 million.

If you search his name, you might find yourself joining the ranks of the 10+ million fans that subscribe to his channel.

His following is so big that the charismatic Kansas boy has his own corporate office and staff to help him get his content out there to the masses.

That content is mostly stunts and pranks designed to get views and entertain his followers with his crazy antics.

Big Daws admits that he always thought he’d be successful on YouTube: “I just believed it!”

While his first viral video came early in his career, Big Daws wasn’t derailed by online fame—he stuck with his education and made sure he’d have something to fall back on in later life.

So how did he get to the lofty heights of online fame he’s achieved? And what do we know about his backstory?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story

Dawson “Big Daws” Gurley was born on the 19th of May, 1993, in Olathe, Kansas.

The Johnson County country seat is also home to former NFL great Jonathan Quinn.


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Gurley attended Olathe East High School, but by that time he’d already been inspired to do something with his life—Jackass style.

After watching the movie that made Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, and Steve-O famous, he knew that stunts and pranks were where his future lay.

Dawson got a video camera as a gift from his parents one Christmas and started creating Jackass-inspired stunt videos. It was around that time, in 2012, that would become the launching point of his early YouTube career.

He finished high school—even securing an offer to play college basketball—and headed to Mesa Community College to earn an associate degree.


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In February 2020, Gurley got surgery on his arm.

For 10 months he’d been dealing with limited mobility in his arm—claiming on video that he had only 50% motion—and he explained to his following that the issue had come up after he’d injured himself in a hydraulic pogo stick accident.


BigDaws has been in a long-term relationship with Kelly Cecil, and the pair tied the knot in Tempe, Arizona, on the 22nd of April, 2017. The pair welcomed their first child, a son, on the 16th of July, 2019. In total, the couple has three children.

In April 2020, Dawson and Kelly celebrated the acquisition of their new home.

In keeping with the social media influencer status quo, Big Daws posted the obligatory house tour video on YouTube.

Basketball On The Brain

Big Daws has been a basketball fan his whole life.

Growing up, he counted Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and Vince Carter as his idols.

He carried his love of the game into adult life—more on that after the jump—and his uncle Greg played for Kansas in the 1990s.

As a kid, Daws got to shoot hoops with 7-foot tall NBA great, Scot Pollard.


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In high school, Gurley earned the Big Daws nickname when he played for the Olathe East Hawks. He also became a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder—who had recently made the move from Seattle as the SuperSonics.

Tracy McGrady got ousted from Dawson’s idols list in the last few years.

After the Hall of Fame, the baller talked smack about the YouTuber on a SportsCenter broadcast—implying that “Fake Klay” couldn’t get a girlfriend.

Big Daws joked that he would drop a diss track against McGrady as Klay.

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Almost The Real Thing


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Big Daws may have been inspired by Jackass, but he had something they didn’t—and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

You see, Dawson Gurley is almost the spitting image of NBA champion and Golden State Warriors shooting guard, Klay Thompson.

With a good haircut and a #11 Golden State Warriors jersey, Gurley polishes up as a great doppelganger.

So good, in fact, that when he switched out his kicks for a pair of Klay’s Anta KT3s and set out on a mission to prank NBA fans, it worked to perfection.

As Gurley pointed out, “After thousands of comments, I went around and played people in public pretending to be Klay (Thompson).”

The video went viral, racking up 15 million views by 2021.

Klay Thompson Plays Basketball with Strangers gained a whopping number of views, and the series that followed became one of Big Daws’ most popular drawcards.

To maximize on the success of his Klay Thompson imitation, Big Daws even attended game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals…in full Klay-ness.

He also attended the Golden State Warriors’ ring ceremony.



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Gurley is good friends with Juan ‘ThatWasEpic’ Gonzelez.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is BigDawsTV worth? Dawson earned most of his wealth from sponsors, selling merch, and ads on his YouTube channels. Therefore, Dawson ‘BigDawsTV’ Gurley has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

On YouTube (two channels — BigDawsTv and BigDawsVlogs), Gurley has more than 2.7 billion views, meaning about $8 million in revenue before taxes.

In 2021, Dawson bought a Lamborghini Huracan STO only with $1 bills.

Dawson bought a new home in 2020.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Here’s BigDawsTV in his most viewed video.

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