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ThatWasEpic (Juan Gonzalez) Net Worth $2.5 Million

What Is ThatWasEpic’s Net Worth?

ThatWasEpic, real name – Juan Gonzalez, is a YouTuber who has a net worth of $2.5 million. He uploads vlogs, pranks, and social experiments on his YouTube channel for over 6.9 million subscribers.

Juan was born on July 13, 1993, in Cancun, Mexico.

His mother is Natalia Gonzalez.

When he was only four years old, his family moved to Kansas, USA. However, the Gonzalez family’s stay in the USA was short, as they moved back to San Buenaventura when Juan was in the 9th grade.

Not much is known about Juan’s childhood because he prefers to keep his childhood memories private, choosing to only reveal little snippets every now and then.


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On one rare occasion, when he spoke about his family in an interview, Juan revealed that he has a good relationship with his sisters.

He went on to say that they are very supportive of his craft.

After obtaining his high school diploma from his Mexican high school, Juan moved to North Dakota to find his footing and create a life for himself.

While in North Dakota, he ventured into Drywall construction, a type of construction in which the interior wall of a building is applied in a dry condition without the use of mortar.

Aside from working in construction, Juan revealed in an interview that he worked in oil fields for a while before his Youtube channel kicked off.



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On the 17th of June 2014, Juan created his Youtube channel under the name, “ThatWasEpic11” and with the help of his sister Shania he recorded and uploaded his first video, which was titled “Dropping 100$ In Public!”

The video, as the name implies was recorded to capture the reactions of different unsuspecting strangers to Juan “unknowingly” dropping a 100 dollar bill right before their eyes.

In the video, which showed Juan in a number of locations, including a mall and a parking lot, people reacted differently; while some alerted him to the fact that he had dropped something; others devised different means to keep the money for themselves.

Following the success of his first video, Juan went on to upload several more, with each one receiving more recognition than the last.

After he quit his job, Juan moved to Tempe, Arizona, the location of the main campus of Arizona State University, where he has filmed many of his videos.

”ASU is a giant campus, and there’s tons of people who are genuinely nice and give good reactions,” Juan said.

Seeing how the University is crawling with youths and teenagers, it is easy to see how it is the perfect filming location for “ThatWasEpic.”

As the years passed, Juan earned himself a place among the ranks of top Youtubers who create content by playing very extravagant pranks on unsuspecting strangers.

Now, his content can be classified into three niches; giveaways, social experiments, and pranks.


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His current most-watched video titled “Cutting People’s Headphones, Then Giving Them Airpods” is a typical example of the kind of content he regularly puts out. As of now, Juan’s videos are raking in millions of views and making him thousands of dollars.


Juan only dated one girl from his pranks videos. He said in an interview:

”There is one time I had an experience with a woman from my videos, but I learned very fast that this is inappropriate and unprofessional, and I never get out with one again.”

He continued:

”I dont date the girls from my videos … I don’t date … I am not a w##re.”

Currently, Juan is dating Nora.

She is Arabic, and her family is from Jordan.

In April 2020, Gonzalez took Nora to his hometown in Mexico. Here is a photo of the two.

In 2022, Juan is single. He mentioned it on a podcast.



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Juan is 6 ft 3 in (190 cm) tall.


”Life gets really weird sometimes. But you gotta keep going.”

”Just be good to people. It’s not that hard.”

”Don’t confuse movement with progress. Realize when you’re running in place.”

”Money can’t buy real friends.”

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He wants to invest in a pecans ranch in his hometown in Mexico.

Gonzales said in his q&a that he had social anxiety, and he is an introvert.

In 2017, Juan was invited for an interview by Fox 10 News.

He is good friends with Dawson ‘BigDawsTV’ Gurley.

He once dreamed of becoming an actor.

Juan was once arrested after fighting in a bar.

One of his cousins got kidnapped in Mexico.

Other famous YouTubers are xQc, RiceGum, and Valkyrae.

Juan Gonzalez – Net Worth


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So, how much is ThatWasEpic worth?

Juan earns most of his wealth from advertisements on his YouTube channels.

All his views (over 1.25 billion from two channels – ThatWasEpic and AlmostEpic) earned him around $3.75 million, before state taxes.

In 2019, it was reported that Juan signed up with BroadbandTV, a Vancouver-based multi-platform network that provides monetization services and content creation for digital influencers.

Gonzales also makes money from selling merch on his website ( and sponsors (Amazon, Apple, and more).

In addition, Juan has over 1 million on Instagram.

Therefore, Juan Gonzalez aka ThatWasEpic has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

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Ronnie Rogers

Sunday 20th of August 2023

Who is the mother of Juan's son, Cameron?

Freda Mae Younger

Saturday 12th of August 2023

I love what he does for people . I know those people are so thankful. And he does it from his heart which makes it all that much better. Thank you Juan for just being the person you are. You are a God send

Jaime Casillas

Wednesday 31st of May 2023

Simply put, his productions are interesting and uni que and, in some situations, they have a lot to say about the human nature - the reactions he gets. P.S. I believe my son went to the same high school in San Buenaventura, CA though at a different time.

Brenda Striker

Friday 19th of May 2023

I love watching your videos. You are such an incredible person. I would love to meet you one day. It makes me cry when I watch your videos, especially the one where you pay people's rent. I pray that you would come to my neck of the woods here in Rock Hill, South Carolina, or somewhere nearby, but that's probably a long shot, huh? Anyway, I love what you do and your generosity towards people. I've never seen anyone nicer.

Paul Allen Abadier

Sunday 5th of March 2023

That was Epic the great one how i love your videos and how you help others is what important happy for you you deserve it......more power to the one and only Juan Gonzalez hoping you'll be here in the Philippines soon.