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FlightReacts Net Worth | Real Name

FlightReacts Net Worth – $3 million

What is FlightReacts’ net worth? What is FlightReacts’ real name?


In a world where shows like GoggleBox—where people tune in to watch other people tune in to watch their favorite shows—can rake in millions of viewers, it was only a matter of time before someone got famous for watching other people’s videos and reacting to them online.

And that someone is FlightReacts—AKA Flight.

Flight is nearing 5 million subscribers on YouTube, and most of those subscribers are there to watch how he reacts to basketball videos.

Flight isn’t a baller himself—he just watches and critiques actual ballers.

But surely that’s not enough to make someone social media famous, right?

Here’s what else the young entertainer gets up to.

The Origin Story

Kimani Tariq Kamiru-White was born in Washington, D.C., on the 7th of August, 1995.

When he was still a baby, his family packed up and moved down to West Palm Beach, Florida. He has one sister.

Before Kamiru-White made the move to California to pursue his dreams of fame and fortune, he attended Okeeheelee Community Middle School in West Palm Beach.

For a short while in high school, Flight was focused on becoming a basketball player—but sadly, he wasn’t allowed to play because of his poor grades.

Basketball—and sports in general—were a big part of Kamiru-White’s life.

He still collects baseball, football, basketball, and hockey jerseys.


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College wasn’t on the life path of the young wannabe rapper, although he enrolled at Palm Beach State College.

After dropping out, he worked in the fast-food industry while he hustled to get his YouTube channel off the ground.

Meet The Baby Mama

Flight’s dating history reads like a who’s who of the young social media crowd.

He was linked to Ariel Diaz and Taylor Girlz’s rapper Ti Taylor.

He dated Danielle McQueen for a short time, and then Fortnite gamer Andrea “Dreyahh” Gonzalez.

After cutting ties with Dreyahh, the young, free, and single social media celebrity met a young stunner who he referred to in videos as “his crush,” Ms. Janet.

Janet was introduced to Flight’s 4+ million followers in September 2020, where he said, “She can’t leave me alone, I can’t leave her alone.”

The following month, Flight posted another video—this one titled The Sad Truth.

In it, he talks about how he tried to build a relationship with Janet but that she was putting him “through nothing but hell.”

This may have been linked to rumors she cheated on him with teenager Dior Johnson during her pregnancy.

Janet posted an Instagram Live video, reacting to Flight’s accusations, and shrugging him off as being bitter that she dumped him.

In her video, she claimed he was hurt because she moved on and didn’t want to be around him. “Why he wait till I told him I’m going to move on to make a video? He is hurt. Anyone will say anything when they are hurt.”

Whatever the truth may be behind the scenes of the pair’s tumultuous relationship, they appeared to put that aside when they welcomed a baby girl—Jae June—to the world on 2nd March 2021.

In a video posted to his channel a couple of days later, Flight said he and Janet were committed to co-parenting the baby but that they were not seeing each other.

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Movin’ On


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After cutting ties with Ms. Janet, Flight reunited with another of his ladies, Fortnite streamer Andrea “Dreyahh” Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, who was steadily growing her following on Twitch, was quick to link up with Flight following his much-publicized relationship dramas on Instagram.

Then in March 2021, she found herself in the thick of relationship dramas of her own.

During a live stream on Flight’s Twitch account, Gonzalez interrupted the stream to ask him to come and talk to her.

He said he’d do it after the stream ended, which seemed reasonable considering it’s his job, but that wasn’t acceptable to Gonzalez.

After arguing with him for about 20 seconds, the recording of the stream captures her in the frame as he asks, “What the h—l are you doing?”

She says that Flight is embarrassing her, the pair argue briefly, and then she reaches over to disconnect the stream.

As a Twitch streamer herself, Gonzalez surely knew that the reaction wasn’t going to be positive—and she’d be right.

Although she posted a strange message at the time, claiming, “Told y’all we’d end up together,” alongside some laughing emojis, Flight’s take was a lot different.

The social media celebrity claimed that it took him 5 hours to get her out of his house and for his fans not to believe what she was posting.

He stated that he was definitely single and would post a video explainer soon.

Sure enough, Flight posted a video calling Gonzalez “really crazy and psycho.”

He accused her of being manipulative and controlling and that he saw himself as “too much of a king, too much of a boss” to be controlled by someone like that.



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FlightReacts is about 6 ft 3 in  (190 cm) tall.

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FlightReacts – Net Worth

So, how much is FlightReacts worth? Kamiru-White earned most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch, sponsors, and ads on his YouTube channels. Therefore, American streamer FlightReacts has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

On Twitch, Kimani has over 2.4k subs, meaning about $6k in revenue per month.

On his YouTube channels (FlightReacts and NotYourAverageFlight), Kamiru-White has more than 1.45 billion views, meaning about $4.5 million in revenue before taxes.

In 2020, Flight signed with UTA.

Want to get to know FlightReacts better? Here’s his most popular reaction video.

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