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April Wilkerson Net Worth $1 Million

What is April Wilkerson’s net worth?

April Wilkerson is a Texas-born YouTube influencer who has a net worth of $1 million. She is famous in the DIY sphere for all the things she makes—and teaches others to make alongside her.

Wilkerson’s content creation journey started a long time before her uber-successful blog—and helped to earn her the massive audience she engages with today.

Wilkerson—the energy behind—has stayed pretty firmly under the fame radar, more intent on helping people and saving money than on getting YouTube-famous as an influencer.

April Wilkerson was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1987. Her mom’s name is Rita, and her brother’s name is Aaron.

As a kid, she was a proud baton twirler—winning state, national, and world championship titles—but she switched to tennis in high school.

After high school in Corpus Christi, Wilkerson enrolled at the University of Texas Arlington.

She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in business management.

The proud Texan girl—who moved to Fort Worth in 2006 and was still there in 2020—said in the Call Me Mabie series that she’ll probably be in Texas forever.

She’s made her home in the Texas hills alongside her husband and a menagerie of rescue animals and chickens.

Wilkerson’s mom, who she’s very close to, has described her go-getter daughter as “Independent, hard-headed. (But) she has such a sweetness and an effervescence about her.”

By the time she graduated from UT, she had still never picked up a power tool. That would all change a year later, in 2013, when she started her blog.

Carving A Career Path


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Whether you want to call her a DIYer, a woodworker, a metalworker, a maker, or a creator, she hasn’t been doing this all that long.

In fact, when she started her blog in February 2013, she had no idea what she was doing.

But Wilkerson had drive, determination, and she really didn’t want to start paying for stuff if she could make it for herself.

She didn’t grow up working on DIY projects. In fact, she didn’t even take a shop class. But she had the stubbornness—and the financial necessity—to try her hand at building things.

And she had a video camera and internet access to go live with the journey on her own blog.

When she first started on her DIY blogging journey, she started with written tutorials on her blog.

She’d jot down the information she had and share it with her small—but growing—audience.

From there, her engagement grew, and within 12 months, she was making her first video tutorial on YouTube.

Her free tutorials quickly grew her following, and she admitted several years later that making videos and sharing the tutorials was almost as exciting as completing her projects in the first place.

April Wilkerson – Husband

On the 4th of June, 2010, April Wilkerson married her long-term boyfriend, Cody. Cody, who works as a mechanical engineer, prefers to stay hands-off on his wife’s DIY adventures.

When the pair needed a new pantry for the kitchen, April took it on.

That may seem to be unsupportive, but the reality might actually be the complete opposite.

When Cody had just finished his degree, and the pair were newly married, April approached her hubby with an idea.

She wanted a little breathing room to see where DIY could take her.

Her conversation went something like: “I’d like to quit my job and chase work that will make me happy. Is that OK?”

For Cody, it was definitely OK—as long as he didn’t need to be in the videos.

The pair understand their limitations as a couple, and Cody’s fast thought process was definitely something that wouldn’t gel with April’s slow approach to problem-solving.

“I enjoy the learning process,” said April. “Cody’s mind works completely different (…), and he can figure out problems way quicker than I can.”

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Starting From The Bottom


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When April set out to build her DIY empire, she did it one step at a time.

She borrowed a drill and a circular saw.

She bought tools from pawn shops, second-hand shops, and Craigslist.

She recycled, she reused, and she repurposed.

With that slow rise to the top, April learned a thing or two about herself.

For one, she found she enjoyed the teaching more than she enjoyed some of the building.

She confessed that she’d spend some of her hands-on DIY time brainstorming how she would word a tutorial or thinking about camera angles.

April Wilkerson’s takeaway from her DIY journey is simple: passion is power.

She admits that it’s easy to get motivated short-term by money, power, or making things easier on yourself—but without passion, you’ll never last through the bumps in life’s journey.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is April Wilkerson worth? Wilkerson earned most of her wealth from ads on her YouTube channel and from selling CNC products on her website ( Therefore, April Wilkerson has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

On YouTube, April has more than 241 million views, meaning about $720k in revenue before taxes.

Wilkerson was sponsored by DAP Products, Crescent Tools, and more.

Want to learn more about April Wilkerson? Check out her most popular video here (and check out her cute doggo)!

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Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

I watched her install a hip roof over a deck which I believe she said would be an outdoor kitchen. This lady is incredibly talented. I want to enclose the deck off of my garage as a screened in deck so my wife doesn’t get eaten alive my the mosquitoes.