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Brit Prawat Net Worth $1.5 Million

What Is Brit Prawat’s Net Worth?

Brit Prawat is an American social media personality who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Praway has received public recognition for her role as a true-crime podcaster. She is a co-host of the uber-successful podcast “Crime Junkie.”

Her first taste of the true-crime spaces was in her early career days working as a private investigator assistant.

She is also known for being the best friend of popular true-crime podcaster Ashley Flowers.

Through her career evolution, she became well-known to the public, mainly as a true crime enthusiast. ​​

The Origin Story

Brit Prawat was born on December 20, 1989, in Wakarusa, Indiana, US.

Her early start in life was slightly unconventional.

She was placed in an orphanage and eventually was adopted by her new parents, Diana Schrock and her father, whose name is not public.


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Nearly one decade after her adoption, her parents had two biological children, making Prawat a sister to Courtney and Zachary.

Although she was adopted and her two siblings were biological children, it never caused a strain on her relationship with them. In fact, she grew up close with her parents and siblings.

First Job

Brit Prawat net worth

Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers attend the 2024 iHeartPodcast Awards – @Getty

She always gravitated toward true crime, even as a child.

As a result, she sought employment working for a private investigator, which was one of her first real jobs.

In her leisure time, she could always be found with her childhood best friend, Ashley Flowers, whom she introduced to true crime and would eventually share a career together.

Prawat eventually became bored with her career and desired something much more hands-on where she could dig her feet into.

Crime Junkie

During the time of her career crisis, she was consulting with her bestie, Flowers, who had already made the transition into podcasts.


Since true-crime commentators were on the rise, the duo decided to launch their own.

As such, “Crime Junkie” was born. The Podcast debuted in October 2017. It has remained at the top of the charts and has acquired a staggering 500 million + downloads.

To date, the duo has covered over 630 stories, and with a portion of their earnings, they donate to charity.

The nature of the podcast was to draw in listeners from all over the globe who shared their passion for true crime.

Prawat was particularly interested in covering true crime cases that had gone cold, many of which dated back decades-long. Her vision for the podcast quickly became a reality; she earned a reputation as one of America’s top true-crime podcasters.

The podcast has evolved over the past five years, and as of the time of writing, it operates like a standard television network with structured times.

Every Monday, the duo uploads a recording of them discussing a new case.

The conversation includes the inner workings of it, including in-depth information they acquired that may not be accessible to the average person.

Deleted Episodes

During her journey navigating the digital media waters, she learned the hard way about copyright laws and how critical it is to credit other podcasters and journalists for their work.

In 2019, the due were publicly accused of using the work of others and not giving the original owners credit.

When the truth came to public light, Pawat and Flower quietly deleted the episodes that contained the uncredited work.

Indeed, this ordeal would be threatening Prawat’s career, so the right move was to delete all the content in question permanently.

When the dust blew over, it’s been reported that the podcast dropped from its No.1 spot. However, this didn’t prevent it from continuing to outperform most of its competitors.

Prawat’s ability to storytell is still a hot commodity in the true-crime space, and her career is progressing well.



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Brit Prawat is a married woman with children.

She married her long-term boyfriend, Justin Daniel, with her best friend, Flowers, in attendance.

Together they share a teenage son and a younger daughter.

In addition to her love for crime, she loves dogs and isn’t afraid to express it publicly.

Prawat and her family are the owners of two insta-famous furry friends. Niles Crane, a greyhound mix named, and a beagle mix named Roz Doyle.

The dogs are well-known to the fans of her podcast and have grown in popularity so much that they have their own duo Instagram page.


In 2022, Prawat “had to undergo multiple brain surgeries” due to a sudden brain bleed, according to Flowers.

Brit is currently recovering. Prawat also shared that she is in recovery from alcohol abuse.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Brit Prawat worth? Prawat earned most of her wealth from co-hosting the podcast “Crime Junkie.” Therefore, Brit Prawat has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

When the podcast became a national sensation, the duo found various ways to extend their revenue sources.

After a few years, they began to sell merchandise and hosted live shows and speaking engagements at sold-out shows around the United States.

And like all other digital media personalities, they created a fan club on Patreon. This is a platform that fans can go to and sign up for exclusive but paid content.

Her podcast also has its own Instagram account with over 1.1 million subscribers.

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