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Dee Simmons Net Worth | Husband

Dee Simmons Net Worth – $10 million

What is Dee Simmons’ net worth? Who is Dee Simmons’ husband?


Fans of the show “Real Housewives of Dallas” may disagree on their favorite official housewife, but one thing is clear.

The real star of the show may have been a woman who wasn’t listed as part of the main cast: D’Andra Simmons’s mom: “Mama Dee” Simmons.

The Origin Story

Dee Simmons is a businesswoman based in Dallas, Texas.

She took reality TV by storm shortly after her daughter D’Andra first appeared on the Bravo reality series “Real Housewives of Dallas” back in 2017.

With her no-nonsense, devil-may-care attitude and nearly flawless appearance and poise, fans instantly found a woman they could admire, respect, and maybe even relate to.

But, who is this woman with a larger-than-life presence and almost ageless appearance?

How did this girl of humble beginnings rise to being the heart (and possibly unsung heroine) of a reality show about some of the wealthiest women in Texas?

And how wealthy is she?

Early Life

In order to understand how “Mama Dee” came to be the force of nature she is today, we need to know where she came from.

Unlike a lot of wealthy celebrities, Dee was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Dee was born in late February 1941.

She grew up in Oak Cliff, a community in Dallas, Texas that has a long reputation for being, let’s say, a bit “rough around the edges.” (For some context: during the Great Depression, it was estimated that about half of the unemployed people in Dallas lived in Oak Cliff.)

On the rare occasions, she has spoken about her early life, Dee gives the impression of financial hardship.

Her family apparently never had an air conditioner, even though the summers in Dallas could get unbearably hot.

Despite, in her words, having grown up with “no money, no nothing,”

Dee decided to live up to the American Dream and work her way from the bottom all the way to the top.

She had one goal in mind: become rich. And she set out to do exactly that.

First Marriage

From a young age, Dee understood the importance of developing “people skills,” and she worked hard to cultivate that in herself.

And her efforts began paying off early on: she married her first husband, an eligible bachelor who was also from Dallas.

Although it was from this marriage that her daughter D’Andra was born, that relationship began to turn sour.

Dee Simmons

Dee Simmons & D’Andra Simmons – @Getty

Dee divorced her first husband soon after her daughter was born.

Being a woman who behaves with grace and dignity, she has never spoken much about the reasons for the divorce.

Some have speculated that her first husband’s alcoholism may have contributed to the decline of the relationship.

However, in spite of their divorce, Dee has implied that she and her first husband remained friendly up until his death, years later.

Second Marriage

Not to be deterred from her goal to secure lasting riches, Dee wasted little time moving on from her first marriage.

After her divorce was finalized, Dee supposedly sat down and wrote out a list of the top ten most wealthy men in Dallas.

Because of her reputation as a Christian woman of elegance, grace, and beauty, she was able to rub elbows with the most elite of the elites in her beloved hometown.

Her attention quickly turned to Glenn Simmons, a prominent financier and veteran of the United States Army.

Dee took great care in wooing her intended lifelong partner.

A habit she maintains to this day was apparently developed in earnest during this period of her life: Dee always appeared polished and presentable when she went out in public, with a full face of tasteful makeup.

She made herself present in every facet of Glenn’s life, tracking down the places he frequented and taking the same classes he did.

In this way, she gradually inserted herself into Glenn’s life, and he fell head over heels in love with her.

The two were married in early December of 1975, and Dee’s place among the wealthy in Dallas was solidified.


Building a Fortune

In spite of what some people have seen as “being a gold digger,” Dee Simmons had no intentions of becoming a pampered trophy wife.

In fact, she helped expand the profits that Glenn’s business had already been seeing, proving that she had more than the determination to secure riches.

Her world changed forever, though, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987.

Throughout her treatment, Dee marveled at how healthy she had thought she was, and how much she had taken for granted.

She spent the next two decades traveling with her daughter D’Andra, building connections (as only a socialite can do), and learning as much as she could about building a healthier, more natural, holistic lifestyle.

She founded the natural supplement company Ultimate Living as an answer to the questions she had following her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Ultimate Living was a profound commercial success, undoubtedly helping bolster Dee’s already substantial financial portfolio.

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Dee Simmons – Net Worth

So, how much is Dee Simmons worth?

In the years since her beloved Glenn’s death (when he left her an undisclosed sum of money), Dee has continued to reveal her ruthlessness, generosity, and sense of propriety when it comes to her assets.

When she retired as CEO and transferred the reins of Ultimate Living to D’Andra in 2018, the company was nearly bankrupt, causing some to speculate that Dee Simmons’s net worth is lower than her lavish mansion might suggest.

However, others have speculated that, because Dee has routinely dropped six-figure checks to help friends and loved ones without batting an eye, her finances are likely more secure than the recent troubled history of Ultimate Living would imply.

Therefore, Dee Simmons has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

What to know more about Dee Simmons? Check up her opulent Dallas mansion.

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