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Brandon Fugal Net Worth 2024

Brandon Fugal Net Worth – $400 million

What is Brandon Fugal’s net worth? Also, who is Brandon Fugal’s wife?


Brandon Fugal is an American real estate genius turned extra-terrestrial enthusiast.

He spent the early years of his life passionately buying and selling real estate.

Later in life, he purchased Skinwalker Ranch, where he studies UFOs and alien life possibilities.

The Origin Story

Brandon Daniel Fugal was born on April 1, 1973, in Utah.

He was raised by his parents in the Church of the Latter-Day Saints.

He spent his younger days absolutely enamored with business and would continue to focus on that for the rest of his life.

It was not uncommon to find Brandon studying business in his younger years.

He would read autobiographies of successful business people, and that would inspire him to be one himself.

He laughs as he says that he was probably the only 16-year-old with a subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

After graduating high school, Brandon immediately got his real estate license at the young age of 18.

Right away, he started on his journey buying and selling property before graduating from Utah Valley University.

After gain experience as a successful real estate investor, Brandon worked his way up to VP of Utah Realty Group.


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Through his efforts, Brandon Daniel Fugal helped also co-found the Salt Lake City office of Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) in 1998.

This led to Brandon being one of the top real estate salespeople in the country.

This is no easy task to achieve,

Brandon was also highlighted by Real Estate Forum as one of the top 40 Under Forty and was noted by Utah Business as one of the 100 Most Influential People.

This was due to him leasing over five million square feet of office space and closing over a thousand deals in five years.

Aside from his real estate success, a little-known fact about Brandon is that he loves music.

He has his own band, Supplicant, that signed with StarPointe Records.

In 2010, Brandon started his journey into research surrounding UFOs.

Surprisingly, if you research Brandon, you will find that his paranormal research and real estate life are very separated.

You will not find one bit of information on Brandon’s extra-terrestrial research on his professional sites.

It is as if they are two different people.

His research didn’t start as a hunt for UFOs.

Brandon was initially interested in investing in tech companies for the sake of developing renewable energy.

He started his journey, trying his luck at advanced physics.

His goal was to use gravitational pull to attempt to create perpetual energy.

These attempts ended in failure in 2014.

His goals were more so grounded in Sci-Fi ideas than the actual reality of physics.

Skinwalker Ranch


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In his attempts to make this happen, Brandon became connected with other Sci-Fi fans, which led to the purchase of Skinwalker Ranch.

Because of his experience in real estate, it only took him a few months to secure the property.

At first, Brandon wanted to remain silent about his ownership of the property.

He would anonymously report his findings and share them with local groups to get them out there.

The reason behind his secrecy was that he didn’t want to hurt his business partnerships.

He expressed in interviews that he lost sleep over it.

That is likely why you cannot find any information about either part of his life on the same website.

It is his way of keeping work and play separated.

On the Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon researches UFOs and extra-terrestrial life. ”I see purchasing Skinwalker Ranch as a scientific endeavor,” Fugal told History.

It has been an area of great curiosity of otherworldly enthusiasts as it has been thought to be the site of many UFO sightings.

To some, it is like the other Area 51.

Brandon continues to search for paranormal activity while still seeking out more ways to create renewable energy.

If aliens are the key to renewable energy, Skinwalker Ranch is where Brandon will find it.

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Brandon is married to Lacey Anne Fugal.


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Together, they have four beautiful children.

Brandon has been exceptionally quiet about his family life and prefers to leave them out of the public eye.

It has been speculated that the woman he brings along with him and says is his wife is actually someone else entirely, leading the world to believe he may not even have a family.

It is likely due to his desire to remain secretive about them, but one can never be too sure.

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Brandon Fugal – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Brandon Fugal worth? Fugal earned most of his wealth through his arduous work as a real estate investor. Therefore, American real estate developer Brandon Fugal has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

He spent decades of his life perfecting his craft as an investor and has bought and sold hundred-million-dollar properties throughout his career.

Brandon’s net worth also stems from tech investments he has made throughout his life.

He has a particular interest in renewable green energy. He wants to preserve this world for future generations.

With his purchase of Skinwalker Ranch in 2016, Brandon became the direct owner of a large amount of property.

His documentary on the History Channel contributed to his estimated net worth allowing him to further his investments and green energy research.

The Future

Since Brandon is still young and passionate about green energy and real estate, it is safe to assume that he will remain active in his attempts to make a better world.

He continues to raise funds and invest in green renewable energy.

His love for Sci-Fi and his dedication towards otherworldly beings, and his ability to fund it, tells us that Brandon is likely not done trying to find extra-terrestrial life.

He is excited to keep on looking.

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Richard Rayburn

Sunday 9th of January 2022

Interesting Ranch.Wouldn’t want to visit.Glad he can afford the best personnel to figure out what’s going. Personally I would put geese out there to for an early warning. He’s got two major projects a crazy ranch and an Aviation Business.The Aviation would be enough by itself. In episode 7 It looked a Bell Helicopter observing your ranch. You should be on your knees praying everyday.


Saturday 23rd of September 2023

@Richard Rayburn, Gilsonite has been mined in that area since 1800's, which is why the landscape is littered with it. Utah is one of the biggest suppliers of this ancient carbon (coal) which is used in various industries. There are huge unmined seams of it beneath that land and nearby seams being currently mined. Not to mention the possible layer of iridium found in clay layer in the rocks dating back 66mill years in important geological sites like this. Maybe answers why two real estate millionaires interested in that land!


Saturday 1st of January 2022

I hear he's been looking for a red dragon. I know what's going on. its okay. The sign of the knot on the head is good dog. Spoken by Poseidon. The dragons are rolling because of the buried plagues from the bones in the catacombs. And there's water that is good for drinking.

Blessings to Utah. From your Friend in Florida.